Zero Turn Mowers for Sale South Africa: Zero Turn Mowers Q&A




While every homeowner enjoys having a perfectly cut lawn, it does not mean that you love having to spend your time on the weekends cutting it to keep it maintained. If you are looking for an easier and faster way to cut your grass, zero turn mowers are the best solution to keeping your lawn trimmed. If you are interested in a zero turn mower but want to know more, we have answered all the common questions about zero turn mowers in this quick guide. When you are ready to make cutting the lawn fast and fun, you can find zero turn mowers for sale South Africa at B&S Commercial Power.


Answers to Common Questions About Zero Turn Mowers:


Whether you are looking for a zero turn mower to reduce your time spent on cutting your lawn or you own a landscaping company and are looking to offer efficient lawn cutting services, a zero turn mower is the perfect solution to any grass cutting needs. Zero turn mowers are fairly new to the market, which makes it understandable if you have a few queries about these types of lawn mowers. To assist, we have answered the common questions about zero turn mowers.


1) What is a Zero Turn Mower?


A zero turn mower is an advanced ride on mower with the cutting deck in front of the mower, rather than underneath it like an ordinary ride on mower, and has a turning radius of zero. A turning radius of zero means that the zero turn mower can turn more sharply by pivoting on its back wheels. Zero turn mowers have four wheels, and the front and back wheels are able to turn independently from one another, enabling the zero turn mower to spin in one place. Other distinctive characteristics of zero turn mowers are that they are fuel-powered and will most commonly have lever handles instead of a driving wheel.


2) How Do I Operate a Zero Turn Mower?


Operating a zero turn mower is slightly different from operating an ordinary ride on mower. To assist you in mastering using your new zero turn mower, we have briefly outlined the basics for a beginner using a zero turn mower. There will be slight variations in the operation of specific zero turn mower brands and models, so it is important to also refer to the operation manual before you start using your zero turn mower.


Before You Start: Safety is always important when operating a lawn mower of any kind. Zero turn mowers have an engine, and thus can be quite noisy. To protect your hearing, you should always wear noise-cancelling headphones. Another step to take before you start is to clear any large debris, such as fallen tree branches, from the lawn to prevent any damage to your zero turn mower.


Starting Your Zero Turn Mower: Sit yourself in a comfortable position on the driver’s seat of your zero turn mower. Firstly, you need to pull the zero turn mower brake handle up, push the lever handles outwards to the side, and pull the mower deck up before your zero turn mower will start. Next, turn on the throttle, push up the choke, and then turn the ignition key on your zero turn mower. Once your engine is running, push down the mower brake and mower deck and pull the levers together in front of you.


Moving Your Zero Turn Mower Forward and Backward: The movement of the zero turn mower is controlled by the lever handles. To move forward, simply move each handle together in a forward direction. To move backward, you can then pull the levers towards your body.


Turning Your Zero Turn Mower: To turn left, push the right handle forward and pull the left handle back towards you slowly. To turn right, you will do the opposite by pushing the left handle forward and pulling the right handle backward.


Put Zero Turn Mower into Neutral: To put your zero turn mower into neutral, simply keep the levers aligned with each other directly in front of you. Additionally, you can push the lever handles outwards to separate them and the zero turn mower will not move.


Controlling the Speed: The speed of the zero turn mower is controlled by you. How far you push or pull the lever handles will determine the speed at which you move forward or backward. Start by pushing them gently forward or backward to get a feel for the speed of your zero turn mower.




3) Can Zero Turn Mowers be Used for Residential Purposes?


Zero turn mowers are predominantly used for large stretches of lawns found on huge properties, such as at businesses, hotels, and farms, but this does not mean that they cannot be used for residential purposes. If your property is expansive and you have swathes of lawn that need regular maintenance, a zero turn mower can be a highly beneficial mower to own to make the cutting job faster and easier. Zero turn mowers are a first-choice mower for keeping any lawn expertly maintained.




4) What Are the Benefits of a Zero Turn Mower?


If you are on the fence about whether or not a zero turn mower is for you, we have highlighted the benefits of zero turn mowers to demonstrate that a zero turn mower is an excellent choice for lawn maintenance.


Increase Manoeuvrability:  Zero turn mowers have revolutionised easy movement for mowers. The zero turn radius allows you to make sharp turns and easily move your zero turn mower around obstacles or reach previously difficult-to-access spaces on your lawn. The simple steering levers offer you absolute control over the movement of the zero turn mower, allowing you to navigate the zero turn mower in the exact direction you need to get your lawn cutting job done effortlessly.


Speedy Cutting: The zero turn mower was essentially designed for people who love a maintained lawn but hate spending hours of their time achieving the perfect cut. Based on this, zero turn mowers are speedy grass-cutting machines. As zero turn mowers can move around obstacles more easily, this can drastically reduce the time that you spend on cutting your lawn. You can also control the speed by pushing or pulling the levers, therefore controlling how much time you spend on cutting your lawn.


Comfortable: Zero turn mowers take the effort and time out of mowing your lawn. All you simply need to do is hop into the specifically designed seat and start moving your zero turn mower around your lawn. As they are designed to be sat in like a ride on mower, they are assured to be comfortable and will reduce any stress placed on your body whilst operating the zero turn mower.


Easily Achieve Lawn Patterns: If you have a large property and are interested in creating lawn patterns, zero turn mowers are the way to go. Lawn patterns can elevate the grandeur of your garden, create a point of intrigue, and elevate your entire home. With the manoeuvrability of zero turn mowers, you can effortlessly achieve a striped, diamond, or any desired pattern in your lawn.


Cost-Saving: One major upside to the speed and manoeuvrability of zero turn mowers is that because you are spending less time cutting your grass or working your mower around obstacles, you are using less fuel. Less fuel used per cutting session allows you to save money in the long run when you use zero turn mowers to maintain your lawn.


Numerous Accessories: Zero turn mowers have a wide range of accessories available that can increase the versatility of this cutting machine. These accessories include lighting kits so that you can mow your lawn in the dark, bags to collect the cut grass to later use for mulch or compost, blade blockers to prevent grass clippings from spraying onto your flowerbeds, and more. All these accessories can increase the usability and enjoyment of your zero turn mower. The accessories that you can use on your zero turn mower will depend on the specific brand and model that you own.


5) Are There Any Downsides to a Zero Turn Mower?


The major downside to purchasing a zero turn mower is that, when compared to an ordinary ride on mower, zero turn mowers are more expensive. The cost can almost be double that of a ride on mower. Luckily, you can find stores that have zero turn mowers for sale South Africa that are more suited to your budget. With the numerous benefits of a zero turn mower, this cutting machine will ultimately be a worthwhile investment.


An additional downside to a zero turn mower is that it is more advanced than a ride on mower. The advancements are what ensure that you can benefit from increased speed, manoeuvrability, and versatility, but these advancements can make it difficult to initially use the zero turn mower. With time and practice, you should easily grasp how to work your zero turn mower and achieve a perfectly cut lawn in a short time frame.




Zero Turn Mowers for Sale South Africa at B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power is a proud supplier of zero turn mowers for sale South Africa. We pride ourselves on providing easy access to high-quality zero turn mowers. If you are looking for both exceptional cutting performance and affordability in zero turn mowers, B&S Commercial Power is here to help.


The zero turn mowers for sale South Africa that we supply is the Husqvarna Z248F Zero Turn Mower. This zero turn mower is elite in its class with exceptional performance and design. This is one of the zero turn mowers for sale South Africa that has additional features which take the speed, manoeuvrability, and comfort to the next level.




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