What Is a Good Size Chainsaw for Cutting down Trees?

Chainsaws are a powerful tool for cutting down trees quickly and efficiently. When used properly, a chainsaw can be an invaluable asset for any job that requires cutting down trees. However, it’s important to use caution and take the necessary safety precautions before operating a chainsaw.


Before beginning the job, do a quick check of the saw to make sure it’s in good working condition. Be sure to check the chain tension and replace any worn or damaged parts. If you are looking to cut down trees, it is important to choose the right size chainsaw. A general rule of thumb is that the size of your chainsaw should be no less than one-third of the size of the tree you intend to cut. For example, if you want to cut a tree that is 30cm in diameter, then you should choose a chainsaw with a minimum of 20cm in bar length.


When cutting wet wood, you need to be careful not to overwork your chainsaw. Wet wood is heavier and takes more effort to cut, so your chainsaw’s motor can easily become overworked if you are not careful. If your motor does become overworked, it can cause the chainsaw chain to become dull and it may need to be replaced.

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