Use Concrete Mixers to Give Your Home the Update it Deserves


Now that the colder months of the year are starting to move past us, it is time to get your home ready for the summer season. To give your home a complete makeover in a manner that is cost-efficient as well as convenient to those completing the job, you just simply cannot go wrong with high-quality concrete mixers. Within just a few minutes of reading, you can start to see why so many South Africans now instinctively turn towards BS Power for concrete and cement mixers, as well as general construction needs.




How BS Power Became Popular Amongst Builders and Construction Workers


While BS Power may be a high-performance construction tools manufacturer that is based within Cape Town, founded in 2003, this company has been able to make a name for itself that has quickly become renowned and applauded by small to large scale construction teams throughout the entire country. This is partly because of the fact that BS Power is able to import and manufacture a wide-ranging list of robust, high-quality power tools and equipment that is professionally used in forestry, agriculture, construction as well as a variety of other industries and applications too.


What allows BS Power to stand apart from other power tool importers and manufacturers is that no piece of equipment is out of your reach, no matter how niche it may be. This is seen through the number of different products that are on offer at any given moment, ranging from brush cutters, generators, concrete and cement mixers, plate compactors, to even just a simple trimmer, for starters. This is made possible not only through BS Power’s own manufacturing capabilities but also through the number of brands that are offered on store shelves, which includes but is not limited to Stihl, Husqvarna, Brigs, Baumax, Honda and Stratton, etc.




While it is immensely useful and convenient to have a one-stop construction tool shop for all your building needs, it truly does come down to the staff that runs the whole operation for the quality service that clients are often thankful for receiving. With over 100 years of combined experience across all Sales and Technical staff, our fully trained employees still regularly attend training workshops that are conducted by Stihl, Husqvarna, Honda, Stratton, and Briggs. By attending such training courses on a regular basis, our staff all gain the extensive experience needed to service diesel and petrol engines, the electrical wiring of single as well as three-phase alternators, and far more.


What Goes into Choosing the Perfect Concrete Mixers for Your Specific Job?


Some companies seem to believe that it is almost unnecessary to have all staff members be so well-versed in every minute detail of construction. While not all staff members would need to use such knowledge within their specific roles at work, it does allow the client to receive the answers that they may be looking for, no matter who they decide to ask. When buying mixers such as this, or practically any other form of power tool that is used during construction, it is vitally crucial that you are given the proper information regarding the tool in question as well as in which situations it would be able to provide you with the most use.


By not having any experience in construction, or by being given the wrong information regarding the use and utilities of concrete mixers, you may end up purchasing the wrong one for the job, making things far more difficult and costly than it would need to be. This is precisely why BS Power places the knowledge that its employees need to know, as well as the convenience that you experience in-store and on the construction site, on the highest of priorities.




There are many things that need to first be considered before you start looking at concrete mixers. One of the biggest factors to look at would be how often you would be making use of your concrete and cement mixers. The last thing you want to do is accidentally buy a low-profile concrete mixer that would then be used on practically every single day of the week or vice versa. This waste of time and money can be avoided with just a bit of research into the amount of construction that you would be doing, whether it be only for a single job that is to be done in your backyard or for multiple jobs that are done via your career as a construction worker.


If you only intend to make use of concrete mixers on the occasional basis, just to do a few renovations around your home for instance, then it is often recommended that you seek out an electric concrete mixer. While you may only need a mixer with a capacity of 60L, the price difference between that option and a 120L mixer is negligible while still providing you with some breathing room if you decide to pursue bigger projects in the future. Electric mixers come with a number of advantages that their petrol counterparts could only dream of having.


For instance, electric concrete mixers are far cheaper and more efficient in the long run as petrol and regular oil changes are not necessary. You would instead only need a compatible electrical outlet, which would allow you to start your mixer up almost instantly, no matter how cold or hot it may be within your working environment. These mixers are often small enough to be used in any cramped indoor and outdoor environment.


If you instead plan on using your concrete mixers on a more frequent basis, however, then it is recommended that you instead consider seeking out electrical concrete mixers with capacities ranging from 120L to 190L. At such a size, these mixers are lighter and easier to transport than your more heavy-duty mixers, but will still provide you with the power that you are looking for.




If you are an industry professional that ends up mixing cement up to 5 days per week, then you may want to turn your attention to petrol-powered concrete mixers with a bare minimum capacity of 250L. Mixers that are this large tend to come with their own engine, not having to rely on any electrical power source.


Petrol-powered mixers even come with their own set of advantages that cannot be experienced when using electrical-based alternatives. For instance, these mixers do not need any form of an external source of power, which means that they can be used in practically any environment, provided that these environments are spacious enough. Due to their often-bulkier sizes, such mixers are capable of producing larger quantities of cement in shorter periods of time. The size and weight that these concrete and cement mixers possess are mitigated almost entirely thanks to the addition of a towbar in the front as well as pneumatic wheels that are attached on either side, allowing for quick and easy transportation without the need for trailers.


The Different Components that Make Up a Well-Designed Mixer


While a concrete mixer is generally seen as a large machine used to mix concrete in large quantities, it is only thanks to the individual components that can be found within the machine itself that allows it to complete its job. One of the first components to take note of would be the concrete mixer’s engine, which connects to a ring gear and allows movement to be transmitted to the drum. This ring gear is attached to the drum on the one side, and to a pinion on the other side. Engines are not the only way in which power can be given to concrete and cement mixers, as other alternatives often come with belt drives instead, which tends to be far quieter and requires far less greasing and general maintenance. This does come at the cost of a higher price, however.


Moving from belt drives and engines, we come on to mixer blades. Without these, you may have a troubling time trying to mix your cement. When making a purchase for your concrete mixer, it is crucial that you take the time to figure out which blades you’d like as well as the quantity thereof. The more blades you have within your mixer, the more uniform you can expect your mix to be overall. Surrounding the concrete mixer, we have its frame. By doing yourself a favour by purchasing a mixer with a sturdy frame, you will be preventing yourself from having to experience an unbalanced mixer, one that is likely to tip over when placed on any ground that is wet or unstable.


When it comes to your crank wheels, you can choose between two different flavours, round or square. While both come with their own advantages, like the round wheels offering more manoeuvrability while the square wheels offer more stability when stood still, neither will ultimately affect the quality of the mixing itself. If you are unsure as to which wheels would work for you, why not consider the rounded wheels, due to their popularity amongst rookie and professional mixers alike.


You may be surprised to find out that one of the most important components of any concrete mixer is a wheelbarrow. Without a wheelbarrow, you may struggle to move your newly mixed cement and concrete over to the designated area without causing a mess in the process. This useful piece of equipment tends to have a carrying volume of 90L to 100L, allowing for a minimal number of trips to and from your concrete mixer, even if it has a capacity of up to 250L.


Get Your Cement Mixers and Other Equipment from BS Power Today!


When it comes to making purchases revolving around cement mixers and other construction-related tools, it is far more beneficial for you, in the long run, to take your time and be safe than sorry. By rushing into making a purchase, you may end up buying the wrong tools, buying tools that are incompatible with each other, spending far more money than is necessary, etc.




For more information regarding the specific equipment that you are looking for, do not hesitate to browse through our extensive catalogue of widely coveted construction-related tools that can be found across this very website. If you are still unsure as to which tools would be best suited towards your specific project, then you can either read through the many entries that we have under the “Blogs” section of our website, or you can make contact with us via our telephone number, email, FAX or even by visiting us in person at our many different locations across the country. Once you have set your eyes upon the tools you desire, you can then expect large savings to be met with a high degree of quality in terms of our equipment as well as the results they are capable of!