The Power Of The Concrete Mixer

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The concrete mixer is one of the most pivotal players that, behind the scenes, have truly shaped contemporary architecture. These machines are the secret ingredient that has revolutionised the building industry, enabling the construction of many iconic structures. That is why BS Power has been doing this for over 20 years. We understand the concrete mixer’s role in making construction dreams come true.


Concrete mixers have enabled architects to explore the full potential of this building material and, in doing so, have used their versatility and strength to produce the most impressive structures. From cloud-breaking skyscrapers to epic stadiums, concrete has become the ultimate canvas that architects use to make their dream buildings into a reality.


The ability to correctly and perfectly mix your concrete is paramount to the structural integrity of any building, however big or small it may be. Whether it is pouring concrete for a mere garden path or a concrete foundation for a massive office space – the perfect concrete mix makes sure that your project is absolutely solid from the beginning of the Build so that everything is sound and there is no risk of any expensive reworks or construction issues down the line.




The Vital Importance Of Mixing Concrete


To produce top-quality concrete, it is vital that you mix your concrete ingredients perfectly. Without a doubt, the best way to do so is by utilising a concrete mixer. A mixer will give you the required expertly mixed concrete and enable you to reach your desired performance and workability required on site. If the concrete is mixed incorrectly, you will find it has segregated and will bleed – a bit like a cooking sauce that has curdled – and it will not work well.


So how does one tell if your concrete mix has turned out correctly? Let us look at the essential characteristics of a well-mixed concrete batch:


  • All your concrete materials, which include fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, cement, and water must all be mixed homogeneously.
  • The concrete should have uniformity in its colour.
  • The cement paste should cover the entire surface of the aggregate.
  • If the cement mixer is used correctly, there should be no bleeding or segregation.


At BS Power, we understand that a high-quality portable concrete mixer is designed to handle concrete effectively. This will enable you to effectively mix, pour, and set concrete so that you can prevent any structural issues from occurring. With a concrete mixer, the concrete ingredients include cement, water, and aggregates. After these all get added to the unit’s revolving drum, a powered crankshaft rotates the drum to mix the concrete ingredients perfectly.


The speed of a mixer enables more concrete to be processed in less time and as it is portable it means it can be directly set up at the worksite for far more convenient access. Automatic mixing also eliminates the need for manual mixing with a shovel or drill.


A mobile concrete mixer is also perfect for spot pouring and smaller projects that do not require a large concrete truck, which can be very costly and require a large amount of logistical planning and preparation.


Mixing concrete in a mixer is always the preferred and best way to deal with the job of mixing cement. More importantly, because concrete mixers automate the whole process, you save a great deal of manpower and time. On top of this, mixers also provide you with the exact same quality batch after batch, which is a smooth, wet product that can cure into any solid surface or foundation.


A concrete mixer is an ideal tool for a short-term or long-term need on a construction project, a mixing mechanism that we at BS Power believe stands above all the rest.


Why Concrete Mixers Are The Best Tools For The Job


At BS Power, we not only have the utmost faith in the power of our concrete mixers but we also understand that our mixers face much competition.


To achieve high-quality results, contractors are required to have the correct tools so that the job can get done effectively. One of the most important tools that is almost always needed is a good quality concrete mixer. On any construction site, the perfect tools help create the perfect result and make the job more efficient and cost-effective. This helps to minimise manual labour and helps to streamline the mixing process.


Hiring A Concrete Mixer


Home renovations have become incredibly popular which allows you to save money whilst it allows you to have full control over the whole process. With this in mind, BS Power aims to meet this demand by supplying not only construction companies but private individuals with the equipment and tools you may require to tackle jobs on all different types and scales.


Not only can you hire a mixer of your desired size from BS Power, you can hire a range of other essential equipment, and purchase any materials you need for your home construction project.




Can To Use A Concrete Mixer


Many people think that using a mixer requires a certain set of skills beyond their grasp, but this simply is not true. Operating a mixer is a fairly simple process, however, a certain amount of precautions still need to be followed when using any kind of equipment. These are the steps that must be ticked off without fault:


The Setup


First and foremost, you need to make sure you have chosen a suitable location that offers a completely flat and even surface to set up the concrete mixer. Mixing concrete can be an untidy or messy task if you do not make sure to place temporary barriers around the mixer if you wish to protect the surrounding areas and surfaces in the nearby vicinity.


When this is all setup, then you merely need to grab and follow the instructions and operations manual. Make sure you seriously take your time reading everything so that you can rest assured that you have covered all of the controls as well as methods of operation before you start.


Safety Gear Is Key


It is paramount that when you have set up the mixer, you have adhered to all of the safety gear protocols. This includes gloves, safety glasses or goggles and always make sure you have closed solid footwear for your own protection.


Preparing The Mix


Now that you have the mixer on solid ground and are geared up safely, you can check that you have all the required materials for your concrete mix ready to add to the cement mixer. The concrete mix consists of cement, water, aggregates, and in some cases, other materials might be included depending on the type of concrete you have planned.


You must also always check inside the barrel before adding your materials to make sure no debris or dirt could affect the outcome of the concrete mix. Use a bucket or another measuring tool to add your materials into the drum as per the instructions given with the material mixture. Water is typically the last thing added to the mix, in careful quantities.


Turning The Mixer On


This is when you can finally turn the mixer on, but continue adding water as instructed and be careful not to put too much in and cause the mixture to become too runny.


Consistently then monitor the mixing concrete, ensuring that the consistency looks good as well as checking that the quantity you require is maintained. Concrete should have a workable homogeneous consistency, meaning it should not be runny, and it should never be dry.


Pouring – The Final Touch


Now comes the time to pour the finished product into the area you are working on. It does not matter what that might be, you must make sure that you take your time in the final steps, and very importantly, allow adequate time for it to set and dry.


BS Power: We Are Your Concrete Experts


Even if you spend a load of time and energy doing research online, we can assure you that nothing will be as valuable as what an expert can teach you, or show you. With years of experience and knowledge, the BS Power experts are the perfect team to assist and guide you through the process and the required steps to take plus the exact materials you will need for the perfectly required and expected outcome.


BS Power has no doubt we can recommend the perfect-sized mixer for your particular project and depending on that outcome, you can choose to hire or purchase a concrete mixer. Many people are under the illusion that it is only construction companies and their crews that purchase mixers, but this is completely incorrect.


With multiple options of mixers available in so many different sizes and types, the average consumer is more than able to purchase one as an investment for future projects that will stand the test of time as a handy piece of equipment that makes any job involving concrete much easier, cheaper and more efficient in the long term.


At BS Power, we have a large variety of concrete mixers at great prices. The exceptional brands we stock include mixers from Husqvarna, Briggs & Stratton, Baumax, Honda and Stihl.


On top of this, if you require a specific type of concrete mixer, look through our range. We have mixers that include the 360L concrete mixer with a Baumax engine, a 400L mixer with Baumax engine, a 400L mixer with a Honda engine, a 500L mixer with a Baumax engine and a 500L mixer with a Honda engine.




The size of the mixing drum depends on the amount of concrete you need to produce at any given time. If you only require a concrete mixer for small construction projects, you won’t need a large mixing drum. You will find the perfect concrete mixer from us. We will make sure you buy the best one possible for your construction needs.


BS Power also cares about the environment, so reducing waste and using environmentally friendly products is at the heart of our company. If you want to know more about construction products and tools such as buckets, Trowels and concrete mixers, visit us today!


No matter what your dreams and visions are for your home office or other spaces in your home, BS Power is here to equip you with the tools and equipment you need to get started on your big home renovation or alteration journey, or your next small project. We look forward to helping make your construction dreams come true.