The best Stihl Cape Town equipment at BS Power


Stihl is a leading, trendsetting yet traditional brand that has blossomed in the industrial equipment realm, and their products are endorsed by many workers and small business owners within the construction and gardening market. Stihl Cape Town have many different products offered at many different dealers, but BS Power is your go-to option, providing incomparable customer service, competitive prices and a knowledgeable team of professionals waiting to showcase the latest equipment. Read our comprehensive guide to find our top choices and best showcased Stihl Cape Town products that you could find at BS Power, hand-picked for you.




Stihl Cape Town blower


One of the most common machines found in gardening equipment is a leaf blower, colloquially referred to as a blower. Gone are the days of breaking your back in the garden dragging a rake along the ground in a desperate attempt to gather all of the stray leaves. Leaf blowers are used to effortlessly gather large batches of leaves together, which can then be picked up and removed in a large pile.


Leaf blowers make use of a blowing feature (of air) to move the leaves around, with a long angular pipe of sorts attached to a motor. The motor has a handle so that you can carry the machine around the garden and pile up leaves as you go, making it quite the handy tool. Stihl Cape Town Leaf blowers are far more efficient than rakes and can tidy a garden in a matter of seconds, but there’s no guarantee that they will be able to gather every single leaf on your lawn, so do a quick check afterwards.


Stihl B50 Blower


The Stihl B50 Blower is a great entry level machine and is incredibly lightweight which makes it easy to use. This machine is popular with those who own a small home and/or garden but are looking for a machine that still packs the reputable Stihl power punch. This blower has a manual fuel gun, a one-piece blowgun, a choke lever and stepless speed regulation. Here are some of the specs for this Stihl Cape Town mower:


-Weight: 3,6 kg.

-Capacity: 27,2 cm3

-Performance: 0,7 kw

-Blowing force: 13 N

-Sound pressure level: dB (A) 92

-Sound power level: dB(A) 105

-Max air speed: 71m/s

-Fuel consumption (EPA certified): 0.555 l/h



Stihl BG65 Blower


-Weight: 4,1 kg.

-Capacity: 27,2 cm3

-Performance: 0,7 kw

-Blowing force: 13 N

-Sound pressure level: dB (A) 90

-Sound power level: dB(A) 104

-Max air speed: 71m/s

-Fuel consumption (EPA certified): 0,46 l/h




Stihl BGA45 Battery Cordless Blower


-Weight: 2,2 kg.

-Capacity: 27,2 cm3

-Rated voltage: 18v

-Blowing force: 5 N

-Sound pressure level: dB (A) 76

-Sound power level: dB(A) 87

-Max air speed: 44 m/s




Leaf blower safety tips:


When it comes to using a leaf blower, the machine is fairly easy to use and is generally considered a safe machine, but here are a few tips to ensure that you and the machine are safe at all times:


-Do not let children or inexperienced adults use the leaf blower. The individual using it should always have a thorough grasp of its power, features, safety and guidelines.


-Only use the machine while standing on solid and steady ground, do not use it while standing on a roof, ladder or slippery surface as you may fall. If you need to reach a higher area then use the nozzle attachments, you can choose your desired extension length.


-If you have low blood pressure, are under the weather, are taking medication that impairs your abilities, or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then you should definitely not be using a leaf blower.


-Only use a leaf blower to clean designated materials, and not substances such as plaster dust, cement powder, dirt from construction or larger gravel.


-Ensure that you are equipped in the correct safety gear which includes sturdy gloves to grip the machine, eye goggles to protect your eyes from stray debris, and hearing protection such as earmuffs to protect your ears from the loud sound of the motor. It would also be ideal to wear a dust mask to protect your respiratory system, as well as ensure that all hair is tightly tied back and there are no stray strands. You should also avoid jewellery, scarves, loose-fitting clothing and flared pants.


Stihl Cape Town brushcutter


A brushcutter is a revolutionary piece of garden equipment that enables one to easily whack through grass, shrubbery, weeds or varied vegetation, without having to strain your knees or back in the process. A brushcutter has a long metal rod with a motor and handlebars at the top end, which you will hold level with your torso, while the other end has the cutting system of sharp blades protected by a cover. A brushcutter is seen as an investment because of how much easier it is than manual brush clearing, and because of how much time it saves in the long run, so you want to ensure that you are investing in a good quality brushcutter that will serve you well for years to come.


When looking at which brushcutter to buy, consider checking out the many options that Stihl Cape Town has to offer, with varying weight options as well as performance options available. Stihl is a reputable supplier of these products and make the user experience that much more effective by providing free resources on their website, such as a starting guide for the brushcutters they offer. Stihl Cape Town brushcutters are also incredibly easy to service and repair (on the odd occasion that you will need to) and if you only need to replace the blades, you can either purchase a fresh set from BS Power and have them equip the blades for you, or you could equip the blades yourself following a strict set of safety instructions.


Stihl Cape Town chainsaw


A chainsaw is a unique tool that is used to cut down larger fauna and flora, such as trees. Chainsaws vary in strength, speed and user friendliness and can cut through smaller branches and trees, as well as some models being able to seamlessly bring down an entire 10-metre-tall tree. The unique mechanism that enables a chainsaw to easily cut through dense wood, is seen by many as something out of a horror movie, and should be approached with immense caution.


Essentially, a chainsaw has a motor with a shaft attached to it, which is covered in a chain of blades, usually equipped with metal teeth, which then rotate around the shaft, cutting through anything in its path. This means that although they are highly effective at their job, they have the potential to be incredibly dangerous if you are not using them in the correct and safe manner, with experience to back it up.




The Stihl MS661 C-M’s standard features:


The Stihl MS661-C-M is one of the best chainsaws out there and is a popular pick for those who work in forestry because of its power and level of performance. This machine is incredibly easy to start, equipped with a single start position and stop button function, and also completes the job using the M-Tronic optimum engine. This chainsaw also has a controlled-delivery-high performance oil pump which means that it is able to convey considerably high quantities of oil.


-Stihl 2-MIX-Motor


-HD2 Filter: This filter keeps dust away from the engine and lengthens the lifespan of the product. It is also incredibly easy to clean, using a Stihl Varioclean and some warm water.


-Stihl M Tronic (M): This enables you to immediately reach full speed after starting from a cold start.


-Carburettor heating (V): This feature is great if you will be working in a harsh winter where it gets icy, and carburettors tend to freeze up. You can change the chainsaw from the summer operation to the winter operation which will pre-heat the air intake.


-Stihl elastoStart: This absorbs any shock and movement from starting the machine and allows you to start without any hurdles.


-Stihl Anti-vibration system: This provides a buffer between the vibrations and the user and allows one to use and hold the machine with ease.


-Tool free fuel caps: Unlike some other machinery, this chainsaw has tool free caps that are easy to open and close.


-Compensator: This ensures that the air does not get dirtier as the filer does, and therefore maintains a constant fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture.


-Decompression valve: The decompression valve should be pushed before starting the machine, which releases any compression pressure. You only need to push the valve to start the machine, it will close itself automatically.


-Stihl Ematic System: This effective system can reduce the amount of chain lubricant needed for a chainsaw by up to 50% (in comparison to conventional chainsaws without Ematic), this is depending on the blade being used as well as the material that you are cutting through. The Stihl Ematic consists of a Stihl Oilomatic saw chain, an Ematic S guide bar and a reduced flow oil pump, which ensures that the lubricant is thoroughly distributed to the appropriate parts of the machine.


-QuickStop Chain Brake: The QuickStop chain break ensures that you can stop or slow down the chainsaw at your own pace, because the break offers both automatic and manual options. The break will kick in automatically if the chainsaw encounters something that causes a strong kickback, and can be applied manually by pressing the front hand guard in a forwards direction.


-Side-mounted chain tensioning: Ensures that you can tension the chain in a safe and easy manner.


-Controlled-delivery oil pump: The controlled-delivery oil pump is designed to adapt to your sawing needs, recognising that different types of materials at different densities are going to need differing amounts of oil. The user is able to adjust how much oil they require for the specific sawing task using the pump.




Stihl Cape Town Smart Connector


Another reason that Stihl Cape Town should be your first choice in industrial equipment, is because they understand that your money should be spent wisely, and that you need a reliable product. This is why Stihl’s innovative Smart Connector is such a brilliant idea, allowing you to monitor your device at your leisure. The Stihl Smart Connector can be attached to many differing tools and machines, including electric, petrol-driven and even cordless Stihl products.


This unique device uses Bluetooth 4.2 and sends information about your device directly to you. The device will monitor and assess the machine or tool it is attached to, and will then relay that information to you via the Stihl app or the Stihl connected Portal. This means that you can monitor your device from the comfort of your home and phone, and if someone else is using the machine, such as a worker, you can ensure that the device is working seamlessly.