The Advantages Of A Ride On Mower: How They Revolutionised Garden Care



Owning a ride on mower can transform your garden into a beautiful landscape. In addition, a ride on mower will make it easy to cut your grass, making it quick and easy. There are countless advantages to using these machines.


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The Advantages Of a Ride On Mower For Your Garden


Ride on mowers has changed the game regarding garden maintenance and keeping your backyard in great shape. These machines have changed how we care for our gardens and provided people with various advantages compared to traditional push mowers. There are multiple advantages to giving up your old push mower for a ride on mower. These advantages include:


Improved Efficiency and Time Saving


One of the main advantages of a ride on mower is that it can cut large grass areas efficiently and quickly. It also has a broader cutting desk and a powerful engine. As a result, these machines can cut large grass areas in a fraction of the time compared to the older push lawn mower models. Therefore, these machines are ideal for landscaping businesses or people with expansive gardens. This will allow for increased productivity as well as reduced labour costs.


Enhanced Comfort and Reduced Physical Strain


One thing that you will not get from a lawn mower is comfort. You can be seated while cleaning up your garden with a ride on mower. There will be no need for you to exert any physical energy. These machines are beneficial for people who have limited mobility or people who struggle with physical tasks. These machines have been designed to reduce body strain and provide an enjoyable and less time-consuming experience. By minimising physical fatigue, landscape enthusiasts can maintain their gardens without any hassles and spend more time appreciating the beauty they have helped to create.


Versatility and Adaptability


Ride on mowers are not limited to only cutting grass. Many of these machines come with additional attachments and accessories. This expands their functionality beyond cutting grass. These attachments usually include mulching kits, leaf collection systems, and aerators.


The versatility of these machines makes it easy for people to adapt them to various seasonal changes, making these ride on mowers an all-in-one gardening solution. When you invest in one of these machines, you can effectively tackle various gardening tasks without using multiple tools.


Enhanced Precision and Professional Results


These mowers will provide you will precision and consistent grass-cutting results. This will ensure that your garden always looks professional. In addition, ride on mowers have advanced cutting systems and adjustable cutting heights, allowing for customised cutting patterns and precise trimming around various obstacles.


This type of precision is almost impossible to achieve with a push mower. Ride on mowers usually offer superior handling, allowing the operator to work around tight corners and intricate landscapes effortlessly. The combination of agility and accuracy will give you exceptional results. Your garden will be well taken care of, and the garden aesthetics will be enhanced.




The advent of these machines has changed the way gardening is done. It offers unparalleled efficiency, versatility, comfort, and precision. Ride on mowers has revolutionised how gardens are maintained, providing homeowners and professionals with a time-saving solution.


A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Perfect Ride On Mower


Buying a ride on mower is an investment, as they are generally more expensive than your usual push lawn mower, that is why careful consideration should be taken before making a purchase. There are so many options. Therefore, finding the perfect one for your garden care needs can be overwhelming. Continue reading for a comprehensive walk-through of the essential factors to consider when selecting a ride on mower. This will ensure that you make an informed decision that will suit your needs.


Garden Size and Terrain


The first factor to consider is the size and terrain of your garden. A mower with a more expansive cutting deck and higher horsepower would be the best option for a large garden. This will ensure efficient ground cover. Also, buy a mower with a sturdy frame, adjustable cutting heights, and exceptional traction for uneven or hilly terrain. This will make sure you get a smooth and even cut.


Cutting Width and Deck Type


The cutting width of a mower will determine the width of the area it mows in a single motion. Consider the size of your garden and available storage space when considering the cutting width you want.


Furthermore, whether mulching, bagging, or side discharge, the deck type should align with your preferences and garden care needs. For example, a mulching deck chops grass clippings finely to return nutrients to the soil, while bagging collects grass clippings for a clean appearance.


Engine Power and Fuel Type


The engine power influences the performance of these machines and the ability to handle specific challenges. Therefore, when considering the right option, you should determine whether you would like a gas-powered or electric ride on mower. Gas-powered mowers will provide more horsepower and longer runs, but this machine will need regular maintenance, while electric mowers are quiet, require less maintenance, and they emit zero emissions.


Comfort and Ergonomics


Cutting grass can be very time-consuming. This is why you should prioritise comfort and ergonomics when choosing ride on mowers. For extra convenience, look for adjustable seating positions, cushioned seats, and controls that are easy to reach. In addition, ride on mowers that have comfortable operating positions and good visibility will help reduce operator fatigue and provide an overall positive mowing experience.


Durability and Warranty


Investing in a durable and reliable ride on mowers is extremely important for long-term user satisfaction. Therefore, before purchasing one of these handy machines, it is crucial to research the different reputable brands known to manufacture high-quality machines.


Moreover, look for warranties that cover the mower and all its components. Knowing precisely what the warranty will cover provides users with peace of mind in case there are manufacturing failures or defects. A good warranty will cover these issues. If you are looking for a reputable business to buy your ride on mowers, B&S Commercial Power is the perfect place to look. We only sell products from brands that manufacture high-quality and efficient machines.




Maximising Efficiency: Tips For Maintaining And Optimising Your Ride On Mower


Ride on mowers play a vital role in maintaining the beauty of extensive gardens. However, to ensure optimal performance and longevity, regular maintenance is crucial. Here are a few ways to keep your ride-on mowers at optimal performance and give your machines the required longevity.


Regular Cleaning and Inspection


Regularly cleaning your mower will help with proper functioning. After each use, remove grass clippings, dirt, and debris from the cutting deck, undercarriage, and blades. Inspect the blades, belts, and pulleys regularly for wear or damage. Replace these mechanisms whenever necessary.


Clean the air filter, and inspect spark plugs for any signs of damage. A clean and well-maintained machine can operate optimally and more efficiently for longer.


Sharpening and Balancing Blades


If your mower has dull blades, this will diminish the cutting efficiency of the mower and leave your garden looking very uneven and with a ragged appearance. Instead, inspect the blades regularly for signs of damage or bluntness and sharpen or replace them when necessary. Additionally, ensure that the blades are balanced. This will prevent vibrations that will damage the engine and components of the mower. Balanced blades provide smoother operation and enhance fuel efficiency.


Adjusting Cutting Height


Adjusting the cutting height of your mower is essential for maintaining healthy grass. The cutting height should be adjusted according to the season, grass type, and weather conditions. During hot and dry seasons, increase the cutting height to allow the grass to retain moisture and develop deeper root systems. In colder seasons, decrease the cutting height to ensure the grass is cut correctly. This also discourages weed growth. Adjusting the cutting height of your mower will help you achieve an even and uniform grass cutting. Doing this will also prevent stress on the engine of the mower.


Regular Oil Changes and Maintenance


Regular oil changes are essential for the longevity and efficiency of your machine. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, as this gives you knowledge on what oil type to use and when to change the oil. Moreover, regularly check the engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and fuel levels. It is also essential to clean and inspect the cooling fins to avoid overheating. Also, check the tire pressure and lubricate all the moving parts. It is also beneficial to stick to a maintenance schedule. This will keep your mower in the best possible condition and reduce any risk of unexpected breakdowns.




Essential Precautions When Operating A Ride On Mower


Using a ride on mower makes garden care easy and efficient. However, it is essential to prioritise safety to avoid injuries and accidents. Here are a few precautions to follow while using a ride on mower. This will ensure a safe working environment and reduce potential risks.


Read and Understand the Operator’s Manual


Before you hop on your mower, read through the operator’s manual. Become familiar with the mower’s features, controls, and safety guidelines. Then, go through the starting and stopping procedures and learn how to operate on slopes.


Dress Appropriately and Use Personal Protective Equipment


Wear long pants, eye protection, and sturdy footwear while using your mower. Do not wear loose-fitting clothing or jewellery, as it can get stuck in the mower’s moving parts.


Necessary safety equipment should always include hearing protection to reduce exposure to high noise levels generated by ride on mowers. Gloves can also be worn for extra grip and protection.


Clear the Work Area and Remove Obstacles


Before cutting your grass, inspect the work area and remove any debris or potential hazards like toys, rocks, or branches. A clear workspace will reduce the risk of being thrown by the mower or causing damage.


Be Cautious on Slopes and Uneven Terrain


Be extra cautious while using these machines on slopes and uneven terrain. Follow the tips provided by the manufacturer. There is usually a slop angle limit that a mower can handle. Avoid exceeding this limit. If you need to mow a slope, avoid going up and down it. Instead, go across it.




If you are looking at investing in ride on mowers, make your way to B&S Commercial Power. We will guide you through finding the best mower for your needs. We will also be available to answer any questions regarding your new investment.