Storage Sheds for Your Ride on Mower



Your garden lawn is the space where you and your family spend lazy Sundays in the sunshine or have friends over for garden cricket. Make your lawn a point of pride in your home with easy-to-use ride on mowers. Keep your ride on mower in excellent condition so that your lawn stays ideal for any activity with these great ideas for a storage shed.




BS Commercial Power:


BS Commercial Power is a powerhouse of power tools to suit all your needs. Our high-performance equipment ranges from professional use in agriculture, forestry, and construction to being used in your home. We are based in Cape Town but can get you the equipment you need anywhere in Southern Africa. Our favourite power tools for at-home use are ride on mowers.


Ride on Mowers:


BS Commercial Power hosts a wide range of Husqvarna ride on mowers. When it comes to choosing ride on mowers of the highest quality and durability, Husqvarna is top of the list. Husqvarna offers ride on mowers which provide you with perfectly cut grass every time.


Husqvarna ride on mowers are easy to use, versatile, and smooth driving. The wide range of Husqvarna mowers available at BS Commercial Power makes it easy to find ride on mowers perfectly suited to your grass cutting needs.


Benefits of Using Ride on Mowers:


A ride on mower is ideal for large garden spaces, gardeners looking for a perfectly cut lawn, or those who just need to get their grass cut as quickly as possible. Although ride on mowers are more expensive, they have greater advantages than other lawnmowers. Once you own a ride on mower, you will not look back on the days you spent hours using a push mower. Use a ride on mower to cut your lawn and enjoy these benefits.


Time-saving: The Husqvarna ride on mowers come with a front mounted cutting deck. This allows greater accessibility to spaces that were previously difficult to cut, such as under your lawn furniture. This saves you both time and effort. Ride on mowers make cutting your grass quick and snappy, meaning you can get the grass cut before anyone nags you about it.


Makes Lawn Cutting Enjoyable: Cutting the grass is a chore until mow your lawn with one of Husqvarna’s ride on mowers designed with you in mind. The Husqvarna ride on mowers put you first with a comfortable driver’s position and easy access to all the controls. Investing in a ride on mower makes your grass cutting experience enjoyable and comfortable.


Extreme Precision: The Husqvarna ride on mowers all promise extreme precision for your lawn cutting. The unique articulated steering allows you to easily manoeuvre around any trees or shrubbery in your lawn whilst still obtaining perfectly cut grass.


Tricky Terrain is Not a Problem: The four-wheel drive of the Husqvarna ride on mowers means that you have full traction when driving your ride on mower. This allows you to cut grass on tricky terrain giving you perfectly cut grass on your entire property.


Mulch: Would you like to have your grass cut and your own mulch made at the same time? The Husqvarna ride on mowers are built with a mulching technology so that your grass clippings are refined into mulch. Mulch enriches and insulated soil, so both you and your plants will be happy when you use ride on mowers to cut your grass.





Storing your Ride on Mower:


A great machine deserves great storage. Correctly storing your ride on mower allows your mower to stay in excellent condition so that you can always enjoy an easy experience of cutting your grass. Ride on mowers can become damaged if exposed excessively to natural elements.


Extensive exposure to the sun can affect your mower both aesthetically and can lead to mechanical defects. The sun will cause any plastic parts in your ride on mower to crack, your paint to chip and flake, and your seat to become cracked and uncomfortable. Cracks in the plastic covering can be detrimental especially if the engine cover is plastic. Moisture has far worse effects on ride on mowers.


Function: Ride on mowers are made for outdoor use and are able to get wet without any concern. Excessive exposure to rain or moisture can cause serious problems with the functioning of your ride on mower. The spark plug, air filter, fuel tank, and carburettor will cease to function if exposed to water and will then need to be repaired or replaced.


Rust: Blades exposed to excessive moisture or damp can become rusted and cease to cut your grass effectively. Moisture can also come from grass clippings left to rot on the blades. These rotting grass clippings become acidic which will rust your ride on mower’s blades. Keep your ride on mowers out of the rain and keep the blades clean to prevent rusting.


Expenses: Neglecting to store your ride on mowers can impact how the mowers will work. You may then need to spend money replacing or repairing any parts which have been damaged by the weather. This can become expensive. Storing your ride on mowers in a storage unit ultimately saves you money in the long run.





Storage Requirements:


When you invest in a ride on mower you want to ensure that it continues to be an excellent grass cutting machine. Storage is a necessity for ride on mowers and is often overlooked. Keep these storage requirements in mind when planning your storage unit for your ride on mower.


Size: The last thing you want is to proudly demonstrate to your family your new storage unit and then struggle to fit your ride on mower through the shed door. Ensure that the storage unit you buy is sized correctly to comfortably fit your ride on mowers.


Safe from Weather: The natural elements have far-reaching effects on ride on mowers. Ensure that the storage you use for your mower is an adequate barrier between the mower and any sun or moisture.


Easily Accessed: Where you place your storage is essential for the use of your ride on mower. Most storage units are not exactly the décor item you were looking for in your garden. This can result in the erecting of the storage unit in a space that is out of sight. This is perfectly acceptable as longs as you can still easily access your ride on mowers.


Ramp: Most storage units have a slight elevation, making getting your ride on mowers in and out difficult. Erect a ramp leading up into your storage unit so that you can zip in and out easily.


Storage Shed:


The best storage option for your ride on mower is a garden shed. Using a specific shed designed perfectly for your ride on mower will prevent you from having to store it in your house or garage and risk making these areas dirty. Garden sheds are easy to either organise with a company to install or get the family involved in a DIY project.


Your storage shed should ultimately keep your ride on mower safe and secure, but that does not mean it does not have to be aesthetically appealing too. Peruse our storage shed materials list and find one which suits your garden as well as keeps your ride on mower safe.


Materials for Your Storage Shed:


Your ride on mower is an investment for your lawn. This means that it deserves a shed made from the best materials suited to keeping it protected and in excellent condition. There are a variety of materials available to create the perfect storage for ride on mowers.




Besides being aesthetically pleasing, wood is a great material to use for a storage shed. Sheds made from wood are customisable which makes building the shed to the specific sizing of your ride on mower easy. You can use a company that will build your specific wooden shed for you or you can turn it into a fun DIY project if you are savvy with working with wood.


There are downsides to choosing wood as your storage unit material. Wooden sheds are prone to rot or termites. The damp and damaged wood which allows in weather can affect the performance of ride on mowers. This can be avoided by ensuring the wood is treated and by maintaining your wooden shed.






Metal sheds are increasing in popularity and have a special charm to their appearance. Metal is generally a cheaper alternative to use as the material to build your storage unit. This makes building your metal storage unit feasible in your budget.


Metal storage units can be customised to snuggly fit your ride on mowers and keep them protected from the weather. Metal storage units built specifically for storing your ride on mower will be easy to move due to their smaller size. This is ideal if you end up moving homes at a later stage.




The downside to a metal storage unit is that metal can be prone to rusting or corrosion. This can then allow rain or sun into your ride on mower’s storage shed which can damage it. To avoid these problems, choose a galvanised metal that will be able to withstand exposure to weather.




If you are looking for a storage shed with minimal maintenance and complete weather-proofing, then a plastic shed is ideal. Plastic sheds are also being found in more and more homes due to their low cost and high value for money.


Plastic sheds can be purchased fully assembled or in separate parts for you to put together at home. This can possibly limit your ability to customise your shed depending on the plastic shed parts you purchase. Creating an entirely custom plastic shed can be costly.


If you live in areas particularly prone to high wind, like Cape Town, then a plastic shed can be risky. Their light weight makes them highly susceptible to being blown away or damaged in wind. Keep your plastic shed a firm part of your garden by fastening it to the ground if your area is highly affected by wind.







Fabric sheds are typically tent-like structures made from either a canvas or polyester material. This shed material is by far the cheapest, quickest, and easiest to assemble, and does not require a foundation.


While these are great positives, a fabric shed should only be used as a temporary storage unit for your ride on mower. They are susceptible to being torn in the wind, their weatherproofing is minimal, and can make a noise in the wind which can become a disturbance.





Be a proud ride on mower owner by storing it correctly in a storage shed of your choice.