Stihl Chainsaw: Why You Should Turn to BS Power for Construction Tools



Home improvements, while allowing you and your family to spice your lives up without the burden of having to move to a whole new house altogether, can be an incredibly strenuous, lengthy, and expensive endeavour. This is especially true when you find yourself working without the necessary tools alongside the knowledge that is needed in order to utilize these tools in their intended and most efficient manner. The tools and knowledge needed to bring your home improvement dreams to life can be found with ease and without excessive paywalls when visiting BS Power, South Africa’s most trusted construction tool importer, and manufacturer.




BS Power’s Guide to Their Range of Stihl and Husqvarna Chainsaws


Are you looking to start renovating your home or work environment but have a number of trees and shrubs exactly where you want to start building, or are you looking to neaten up the greenery that surrounds you and your property? Either way, BS Power has a Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaw range alongside a number of different brands and tools at your selection to help you and your specific needs. No matter what your specific situation and requirements may be, South African home improvers across the country can all attest to and guarantee that BS Power will always be able to provide you with a Stihl chainsaw or other any other tool that could not be more perfect for your particular job.


When turning towards BS Power to attain your very own chainsaw, it is first recommended that you become fully aware of what kind of work you will be doing around the house and work environment, as well as the quantity thereof. Choosing the wrong chainsaw for the job, while being in possession of a high-quality and reliable power tool, can still see you suffering on-site unnecessarily due to being under or over-equipped for the job. As the Stihl chainsaw range, alongside other options, are all used by many different people in many different situations, ranging from homeowners, farmers, contractors, and general professionals that are all supplied by BS Power, it is not a matter of how long it would take to get you the right product, but rather which product provided by BS Power would provide you with the most benefits.


While everyone may have the classic image of a chainsaw engrained in their memory whenever the topic is brought up, Stihl chainsaw and other brands all supply a variety of different options, each differing in their overall designs to accompany the different tasks that are required of them. The Stihl chainsaw alongside products seen with other brands, such as Husqvarna and Murray, all fit into their own classes, ranging from:


  • Hobbyist and Homeowner Chainsaws
  • Farmer Chainsaws
  • Professional Chainsaws
  • Arborists or Top Handle Chainsaws


Hobbyist and Homeowner Chainsaws


If you are looking to get your hands on a Stihl chainsaw of some kind, but find that all you will be using this tool for is to maintain your garden on the occasional basis, or to help gather enough wood blocks for a fire, then you may want to look towards any one of the homeowner’s range of chainsaws that BS Power has on offer. While these chainsaws are all far lighter, cheaper, and easier to handle than your more heavy-duty chainsaws, they remain just as dependable when used to tackle the right job.


Your average Stihl chainsaw that fits in this range of products, alongside a number of other available options, can be found using either a two-cycle petrol engine, electricity, or even a battery in order to gain power. Usually fitting in between the 30cc to 45cc class of chainsaws, these products come equipped with an outboard clutch with a front tensioning chain system too, working together in tandem to help you make quick work of any shrubs, branches, or small trees standing in your way.


However, if you are looking for an MS170 Stihl chainsaw, or any other option for that matter, that provides additional benefits such as an even further reduced weight and output of noise pollution, increased mobility along with a complete reduction in emissions, then perhaps the electric and battery-powered alternatives may be right up your alley. As a result of this range of chainsaw’s slim and ergonomically designed body, these products are able to sustain a high level of practicality in almost all environments and situations, allowing you to remain hard at work while doing carpentry or gardening, etc. in any outdoor or indoor setting.


While you may be thinking that petrol engine-powered chainsaws would provide you with far greater results than can be expected from the battery or electricity-powered range of chainsaws, this is simply not the case. Either of these chainsaw variants are capable of sustaining comparable performance and results, allowing you to adjust the requirements of the product you are looking for alongside keeping an eye on a price you can afford, all without having to worry about receiving an inferior product that is incapable of the results you need to achieve.


Farmer Chainsaws


Above your homeowner and hobbyist selection of chainsaws, we have what would usually be used by those in agriculture and other closely related industries. Products such as this, including the MS250 Stihl chainsaw, can be found in the 40cc to 50cc class. Alongside this upgrade in power, these chainsaws are far more robust and professional in the features they provide while also sustaining a much greater and wider range of power in order to suit any number of needs when on the job.




A Husqvarna or Stihl chainsaw such as this also features a number of incredibly useful benefits over their smaller alternatives, which range from increased efficiency and ease of use, an improved ergonomic design as well as reduced maintenance too. They remain light and robust enough to be used in almost all situations, including firewood cutting and tree felling just for starters.


Professional Chainsaws


The average professional level Husqvarna or Stihl chainsaw has features and improvements that see them being used all over the world by some of the most skilled and proficient experts available. Due to their increased sizes, these chainsaws provide their users with far more power than can otherwise be expected, while also remaining easier to maintain and durable for much greater stretches of time. To help you remain in full control over your Husqvarna or Stihl chainsaw during intensive situations and rough conditions, the following features have been implemented:


  • Inboard clutch
  • Quick release air filter
  • Reduced vibration
  • Decompression valve
  • Sidechain tensioner
  • Adjustable oil pump
  • Dust control and debris management system
  • Further improved ergonomic design
  • High power to rate ratio
  • Easier starting functions
  • A front handle made of aluminium
  • Magnesium crankcase


Due to the large number of tweaks and improvements that have been made to many of the individual parts that can be seen within these professional-grade chainsaws, it is difficult to not immediately notice the difference in handling and performance when picking one up for the first time.




One of the biggest improvements made to these products would be the addition of a magnesium crankcase, which drastically reduces the weight of your Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaw while also fulfilling its main function, which is to dissipate heat wherever possible. This, in turn, also allows your now cooler engine to enjoy an increased service life.


Due to the sheer size and power that is seen within these chainsaws, ranging from 70cc and above, a decompression valve is required and engaged from the moment that the chainsaw itself starts up. The addition of a decompression valve allows the pressure within the cylinder to be reduced dramatically, also reducing the amount of effort that is required when pulling the recoil starter. Once any one of these chainsaws have been started up, the cylinder pressure is normalized while the valve returns to its usual position.


Another incredibly important addition that cannot otherwise be experienced with other chainsaws would be the newly added anti-vibration rubbers. Due to how long many professionals are forced to utilize their chainsaws for over prolonged and continuous stretches of time, an excessive amount of vibration can lead to a series of negative side effects in the hands of any chainsaw operator. Depending on which professional Husqvarna or Stihl chainsaw you turn towards, you can either expect anti-vibration rubbers or springs, or even a combination of the two.


Arborist or Top Handle Chainsaws


As the name suggests, this range of chainsaws all come with their handles fitted to the top of the unit, as opposed to alternative products that come with their handles fitted to the back and sides of the unit. As a result of their slim and lightweight design, these chainsaws have proven to be immensely useful when utilized by professional tree surgeons, pruners, and other arborists around the globe too, especially when in even the roughest and toughest working conditions.


The Benefits of Contacting BS Power for All of Your Chainsaw Needs


One of the biggest problems that people face when on the hunt for their choice of chainsaws would either have to be the price and availability thereof. There are not many stores in and around South Africa that are able to provide their clients with the products that they need at a moment’s notice and at prices that are easily affordable, apart from BS Power of course!


While this high-power construction tool importer and manufacturer may only be based within the Brackenfell area situated in Cape Town, Western Cape, BS Power has become widely applauded and sought after by still providing a quality service throughout the country, as well as surrounding countries that include but are not limited to:


  • Swaziland
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Botswana
  • Namibia
  • Mozambique
  • Etc.


This widely spread admiration over BS Power is not exclusive to the sheer variety of brands and products that they are able to provide to their clients, but is also due to the quality of their service that has been able to remain unmatched since their founding in 2003. Quality service such as this is made possible due to the care and attention that goes into hiring each and every single employee, gathering a combined level of experience in the industry, adding up to, and even surpassing, 100 years in total.




In order for you to become personally acquainted with such a high level of quality while still being asked to pay far lower prices for your purchases in the process, there is no other place for you to venture towards other than BS Power. To get into contact for all of your construction needs, you simply need to fill in the contact form that can be found on BS Power’s “Contact Us” page, located in the top right corner of the homepage. While our response times may be incredibly quick across all clients, you can still receive immediate help by either giving us a phone call or by visiting us directly in the Brackenfell, Cape Town area too.