Stihl Chainsaw: Maintaining Your Chainsaw to Increase its Lifespan



Chainsaws are magnificent tools that are capable of generating a great deal of power. It is a tool that should be respected and cared for in order for it to provide you with the best results while on the job, results that may have otherwise seen you suffering from shoddy workmanship or even a serious injury. With the help of this article, you may learn a thing or two about how your Stihl chainsaw, now sold and provided by BS Power, should be looked after to provide you with years of extra and high-quality service.




The Importance of Keeping a Well Maintain Stihl Chainsaw by Your Side


If you are looking to become a first-time chainsaw owner, then it is first crucial that you identify an option that is best suited to your needs and how you plan on using it. Many newcomers tend to over or underestimate themselves by purchasing a chainsaw that is either far too big or too small, something that could lead to a myriad of problems down the line. Picking a chainsaw for your own personal use should be done with careful consideration and forethought on how you intend and expect to be making use of it yourself.


If you are already a professional in your field with years of experience and are looking to bring down large trees or structures over long working hours, then a professional, farmer, or chainsaw would be best for you. If you find yourself pruning trees or hedges on a regular basis, then you should consider taking a look at any one of our arborist-grade chainsaws instead. If you are a homeowner looking to cut down small trees for your own firewood or to clear out space in your backyard, then a hobbyist or homeowner’s chainsaw may be your best bet.


The results that you should expect from your chainsaw can only be as good as the care that you put back into it. Time and time again we have seen or heard stories of folks suffering from chainsaw accidents that were of no fault of their own, but rather the outcome of the chainsaw itself not being maintained frequently enough or even in the correct manner. This is something that you should take great care in ensuring does not happen to you from the moment that you come to possess your very own Stihl chainsaw.




Without the proper maintenance to back you and your chainsaw up when need it the most, there is plenty that could go wrong once the chainsaw has been turned on. Aside from the various injuries that may occur, this power tool can become greatly damaged or even irreparable due to a chain snapping or even kickback that may occur on a regular basis, among many more when being used by an untrained hand.


Everything You Would Need for Proper Chainsaw Maintenance and Handling


For the near-perfect maintenance of your chainsaw, there are a number of different tools that you will need in order to get the job done as consistently as possible. These would include:


  • Flat file
  • Round file with a guide or holder
  • Depth gauge
  • Stump vise
  • Scrunch
  • Toothbrush and old cloth
  • Screwdrivers


While making use of your chainsaw, there are a number of items that can help make your job significantly easier and more convenient while in the heat of the moment. Such items can include:


  • Engine oil (depending on the type of chainsaw you are using e.g., electric or petrol-powered chainsaws, etc.)
  • Bar and chain oil
  • Wedges
  • Felling axe
  • Log roller
  • Pole pruner


We cannot forget about the safety apparel we would be needing while on the job. With this gear, you are not only at less risk of harming yourself with the chainsaw in use but are also completely protected from any debris that is being emitted while cutting down trees. This gear would include, but is not limited to:


  • Helmet
  • Protective goggles
  • Face shield
  • Ear protectors
  • Non-slip gloves
  • Protective pants / chaps / overalls.
  • Steel capped boots
  • Ankle protection
  • Body vest
  • Kevlar arm sleeves


By having all of these items and protective gear by your side when maintaining or simply using your chainsaw, you are guaranteed not only a smoother and far easier time while using your chainsaw but are also at significantly less risk of injury to yourself as well as those around you. If you are a first-time buyer of your very own Stihl chainsaw, it is best to order some of the above-mentioned protective gear within the same purchase.




Getting Started with Your Chainsaw Maintenance the Right Way


The best time to do a maintenance check on your chainsaw is just before you intend to use it, and then again soon after, with the idea being that there is at least a minimum of one check being conducted in between each use for optimal safety in the field. To start this process off, we will need to remove the bar and chain, as the inside of the side cover is where your chainsaw collects the most dirt and debris while in use. To remove the bar and chain, simply detach the side cover as well as the powerhead of the chainsaw first. This is when you will see a build-up of lubricant that is used on your chainsaw, which tends to create a greasy mix with the debris that has collected, so should be cleaned off and replaced after every use.


Once the inside of your side cover has been wiped down and inspected for any missing or broken pieces, you can then move on to wiping down the bar of your chainsaw soon after. This process is best done with gloves, as the bar itself can become sharper over time through general use and maintenance. Once you have wiped down your bar, take either your round or flat file and run it through the grooves along the edges and holes found across your bar, as this will remove any extra dirt that has been collected over time.


At the end of most bare chainsaw bars, you will be able to find two holes at the top and bottom of the bar where the adjustment pins fit in when reassembling your chainsaw. After each use, it can greatly increase the longevity of your chainsaw if you make sure to flip your bar using these two holes, as it allows each side of your bar to experience equal stress as opposed to keeping all stress focused to a single side. These grooves and holes are also where your chainsaw’s automatic oiler will deliver oil through to the rest of the chainsaw for optimal lubrication, making it imperative that these channels remain clear of dirt and debris.


Once this side of your chainsaw has been properly cleaned and attended to, it is best to move on to your air or fuel filter, which can often be found right underneath your handle. It is recommended to clean your air or fuel filter according to your specific chainsaw’s instruction manual or to replace it entirely based on a quick visual inspection. Once this has been completed, you can then give your start-up rope or chain a quick check for any wear and tear before reattaching your chainsaw’s bar and chain.


How to Treat Your Chainsaw During General Use


As is the case with every single chainsaw, it should remain clear as to how you should be using and treating your tool. Through improper use, or by not following certain precautions while having the chainsaw in hand, you run the risk of experiencing serious problems in the form of uneven cuts in your wood or even a serious injury to yourself or to those around you. By respecting your chainsaw through its proper use and regular maintenance, you can expect your tool to respect you back through pristine cuts and carvings along with minimal malfunctions too.


Here are a few extra tips that can help you treat your chainsaw with proper care and attention:


  • Always make sure to wear any and all of the required protective gear before handling your chainsaw.
  • Never run with a chainsaw in your hands, no matter if it is on or off.
  • Always ensure that your chainsaw is in a case and that the protective guard has been placed on the chain and bar before transporting your tool.
  • Make sure that you turn your chainsaw off when moving from one cutting position or piece of wood to the next.
  • Ensure that you are sawing through your wood with the correct part of your chainsaw, as using the tip will only make your chain blunter and even cause some serious kickback.
  • Before carving into your wood, it is safest to have your logs positioned to your side and out of line with your body.
  • Similarly, it is best to position yourself so that you remain out of line with the chain on your chainsaw, as this will prevent you from being hit if the chain itself were to break in rare instances.
  • While doing so, holding the chainsaw lower than your shoulders will also keep your neck, shoulders, and face protected in the event of kickback occurring.
  • To ensure that kickback occurs as little as possible, ensure that the wood that you are cutting is secured into place and not situated on any uneven ground while cutting.


Why You Should Consider Ordering Your Stihl Chainsaw from BS Power


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