STIHL Cape Town: The Many Wonderful Uses Of Chainsaws

STIHL Provides Quality Power Tools Worldwide


STIHL is a household name and a quality brand that many of us recognise immediately. Having been around for more than 85 years, STIHL is acclaimed for its distribution of quality machines and power tools that are available in more than 160 countries. Proudly distributed by BS Power, STIHL Cape Town has some of the highest quality chainsaws available in South Africa. Read this article if you’re interested in what the powerful STIHL machines can do.




Chainsaws Are A Handy Tool For Any Outdoor Projects


From landscaping to agriculture to tree felling, the STIHL chainsaw is a must-have for anybody who likes to have effective equipment on hand for any do-it-yourself project in the great outdoors. Although the machinery can seem threatening at times with its sharp edges and loud engine, the operating system is convenient and easy to use if the manual instructions are followed correctly. For those who don’t know, there are three kinds of chainsaws: cordless electric chainsaws, electric chainsaws without cords, and gas-powered chainsaws.


Different Types Of Chainsaws


Cordless electric chainsaws are powered by rechargeable batteries. They can be very expensive but they are much quieter than chainsaws with gas engines, and they can be moved and manoeuvred easily without the limitations of the cord. Gas chainsaws make a roaring sound when they start up, so they can be slightly difficult to work with in noise-sensitive environments, and their power source can pose problems for those concerned with the emissions from a burning exhaust. Although, gas-powered chainsaws are incredibly strong and high-powered.


Corded electric chainsaws plug into outlets and they have the advantage of being extremely quiet. They are also lightweight, making the experience for handlers more comfortable. Corded chainsaws are arguably the most affordable options and the easiest to use since they don’t require you to change or restock the gas, or constantly recharge the battery.


BS Power Stocks STIHL Cape Town Products Such As The Electric Chainsaw


At the moment, BS Power is stocking some incredible chainsaws from STIHL Cape Town, all of which are corded electronic chainsaws. The MSE 141, MS170 and MS250 are lightweight tools that do not roar during use. They are quiet machines that are comfortable to operate and incredibly affordable. These tools are environmentally clean to use, as they do not require gas for power – simply plug the machine in, put your personal protective equipment on, and get busy working on your next project!




STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw


This machine is extremely powerful. It’s great for industrious labourers who need to cut down large trees regularly. However, it still works perfectly for smaller landscaping tasks too.


Technical Data:


  • Displacement cm³ 45,4
  • Performance kW 2,3
  • Weight kg 1) 4,6
  • Power-to-weight ratio kg/kW 2
  • Chain pitch .325″
  • Oil tank volume cm3 200


STIHL MS170 Chainsaw


This power tool is great for those who are still learning the ropes. If you need a chainsaw to cut the firewood or thin out the overreaching trees in your backyard, then this is a great lightweight option that costs only R2 895. Comparable with STIHL MSE 141, this is a cheaper option, but still a great tool for beginners who are looking to accumulate a toolbox.


Technical Data:


  • Displacement cm³ 30,1
  • Performance kW 1,3
  • Weight kg 1) 3,9
  • Power-to-weight ratio kg/kW 3
  • Chain pitch 3/8″P
  • Oil tank volume cm3 145


STIHL MSE 141 Chainsaw


This model is great for amateurs or homeowners who would like to try using power tools in their day-to-day. The machine is easily manoeuvrable and light, making it easy to carry and lift throughout the day. This is a cost-effective machine that costs only R3000, and it is perfectly suited for landscaping, limbing and pruning, as well as other DIY projects such as carpentry.


Technical data:


  • Weight kg 4,06
  • Cable length 0,4 m
  • Cable length m 0,3
  • Power output kW 1,4
  • Rollomatic E, cutting length cm 35
  • Oil tank volume cm3 215


Where Can The Corded Electric Chainsaw Be Used?




Depending on the project at hand, you’ll have to use your discretion to decide what kind of chainsaw you need. If you’re simply trimming the low-hanging edges of the trees in your garden, then a small corded electric chainsaw will suffice. However, if you’re in the industry of tree felling and you’re working with extensive quantities of large, heavy trees, then a gas-powered engine or the STIHL MS250 will likely be more effective for you. All in all, your choice should be based on the type of cutting you’re doing and the density of the material you’ll be working with since certain types of timber are more durable than others.


Although there isn’t as much portability as with a gas-powered chainsaw and a cordless electric chainsaw, the corded electric chainsaw remains extremely versatile in its functions and uses. Don’t be sceptical about the corded electric chainsaw, because if you have access to electricity and an extension cord, then the STIHL Cape Town corded electric chainsaws are useful in both indoor and outdoor spaces. While they are particularly useful for smaller indoor renovation projects, they can also be great for landscaping and gardening. Thanks to their muted engine sounds, they don’t cause too much noise pollution.


STIHL Cape Town Chainsaws can be used in the following ways:




Tree Felling


Tree felling is an operation whereby people are tasked with cutting a tree at the base of its trunk. This is usually done to prepare a landscape for further development, rid a tree of disease, harvest the wood for production and manufacturing purposes or simple aesthetic renovations. Tree felling is a technical process that requires multiple hands on-site to prepare the area, arrange a loading point, haul the tree and cut the branches down to sizeable, portable proportions.


Christmas Tree Felling


Tree felling is particularly important during December and the celebration of the Christmas season. Whether you’re religious or not, you’ll notice that everywhere trees are being showcased with bright baubles, tinsel, stars, lights and angels. The spirit of the Christmas season is embodied in the evergreen conifer trees, which vary between fir, pine and spruce trees. These real trees create a cosy atmosphere and a traditional ambience compared to the plastic alternative.


Even in South Africa, you’ll see pop-up markets and stands with real Christmas trees grown especially for the holiday season. Offering an alternative option to the storeable plastic trees, local small businesses cultivate Christmas trees on their farms and fell them just in time for Christmas. Since fir trees aren’t as easy to grow in South African climates, you’ll often find traditional Cedrus deodar trees, giant baobab trees, European cedars, yellowwoods and Podocarpus henkeliis.


These smaller trees are generally cultivated so that they can fit in your house. Hence, their small stature is agreeable with the lightweight mechanics of the electric corded chainsaws that are available at BS Power at the moment. The STIHL chainsaws are very useful tools for small business owners who need to fell their plots for the festive season.




Harvesting Fire Wood


In most European countries, the fireplace is essential during the cooler seasons and especially during Christmas. December is a perfect time of year to roast chestnuts and get cosy with some eggnog in front of the fireplace. However, for most people in South Africa, the only wood being chopped at this time of year is the wood going into the braai. Rather than buying expensive pre-cut wood from your local gas station, you can chop some smaller trees down yourself with STIHL chainsaws for a large supply of firewood for the braai.


It’s also extremely useful to have a chainsaw if you’d like to harvest wood for other recreational activities besides barbecuing wors and garlic bread. For example, it is helpful to have an electric chainsaw on hand if you want to cut down some smaller trees and chuck some wood in your fireplace during the cool evenings of June, July and August. Another ideal scenario to put your chainsaw to use is when preparing for a celebratory or ceremonial bonfire, or harvesting wood for a new renovation project that requires lumber.


Landscaping, Limbing, Bucking and Pruning


Limbing is the process of removing branches from downed or standing trees, and bucking is the process of cutting a downed tree into smaller proportions for firewood or lumber. This can be a gruelling process, and for those people with extensive plots to maintain, gardening can become a hugely daunting chore. For example, farm residents are often tasked with mammoth upkeep obligations that require them to limb, buck and prune their trees, hedges and shrubs, while still maintaining their cultivars and keeping the grounds mowed and watered.


Landscaping with a chainsaw turns a difficult day job into an easy side quest. The electric chainsaw smoothes out the edges of your hedges and shrubs with precision and efficiency, preventing you from pruning manually with handheld sheers over multiple hours. Using an electric chainsaw in the garden or the farm is a must if you’re looking to achieve a polished aesthetic where every hedge is pruned to perfection.


Farmers can remove dead plant debris, limb low-lying trees, prune messy edges on their shrubs and buck fallen trees for firewood using STIHL chainsaws. This will prevent the landscaper from getting scratched in the thick of the bush while working manually. It will also save landscapers a huge amount of time, helping them to create a cleaner, sleeker outdoor space with much less hassle in a shorter space of time.


Complement Your Chainsaw With A STIHL Blower And A Brushcutter




BS Power also offers some state-of-the-art STIHL brush cutters to complement any handyman’s tool shed. This equipment is great to have if you’re constantly working in outdoor spaces that require constant maintenance. After you cut down, limb, buck and prune your trees then you can clear the debris with a STIHL blower. BS Power currently stocks the STIHL BG50, BG56 and the cordless BG A45 brush cutters – all of these products are incredibly useful for the quick clearance of grass cuttings and plant litter.


The FS160 and FS120 brush cutters are great for the areas of your outdoor space that cannot be reached with a mower. If you want to trim weeds, foliage and grass, then this handheld power unit is an excellent choice. A brushcutter is a powerful tool that trims undergrowth, tall vegetation, brushwood, saplings, high grass and thick foliage with ease.


FS120 Brushcutter:


  • Capacity cm3 30,8
  • Performance kW 1,3
  • Weight kg 1) 6,3
  • Tank volume l 0,64
  • Vibration value ahv 1 tool AUTOCUT 25-2
  • FS160 Brushcutter:
  • Capacity cm3 29,8
  • Performance kW 1,4
  • Weight kg 1) 7,4
  • Tank volume l 0,58
  • Vibration value ahv 1 tool AUTOCUT 40-2


BG50 Blower:


  • Capacity cm3 27,2
  • Weight kg 1) 3,6
  • Blowing force N 2) 13
  • Performance kW 0,7
  • Sound power level dB(A) 3) 105
  • Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 92
  • Max. air speed m/s 71
  • EPA Certified fuel consumption l/h 0.555


BG56 Blower:


  • Capacity cm3 27,2
  • Performance kW 0,7
  • Weight kg 1) 4,1
  • Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 90
  • Sound power level dB(A) 2) 104
  • Blowing force N 3) 13
  • Max. air throughput m3/h 4) 730
  • Max. air speed m/s 71
  • EPA Certified fuel consumption l/h 0,46


BGA45 Blower:


  • Rated voltage V 18
  • Weight kg 1) 2,2
  • Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 76
  • Sound power level dB(A) 2) 87
  • Blowing force N 3) 5
  • Max. air throughput m³/h 4) 500
  • Max. airspeed m/s 44
  • Battery lifetime min 5) up to 10




Choose STIHL Cape Town


Choosing to do your landscaping and outdoor maintenance manually can be extremely time-consuming. It can also be incredibly tricky to use smaller, manual tools for large projects like tree felling. Rather than overexerting yourself, choose to invest your money into STIHL’s power tools. These machines are affordable, long-lasting tools that use innovative technology to simplify your work and enhance your efficacy.