Stihl Cape Town gifting guide


If you are looking to find the perfect gift for a garden lover, or are even looking to spoil yourself just because, then check out our handy gifting guide for our top Stihl Cape Town products. When it comes to things such as machinery and tools, you simply cannot skimp on quality and you need to make sure you choose a reputable and reliable brand, such as Stihl Cape Town. If you’re looking to spoil your husband, father or friend but you’re just not quite sure what to get them that you know they will actually use, then keep reading!


Stihl Cape Town brushcutters:


If the person you are looking at gifts for is into gardening and landscaping, and frequently busies themselves with manicuring their lawn, then look no further than a Stihl Cape Town brushcutter. A brushcutter, sometimes called a clearing saw, is essentially a machine designed to cut through dense shrubbery and vegetation, and can reach the places that a lawn mower, especially a ride on mower, cannot reach. These are the machines that you see city maintenance workers using along grass patches on the sides of the road.




A brushcutter has handlebars and an engine at the top, which usually stands to about the height of your waist, and then has a long rod covering cables and electric systems that run all the way down to the blades, which seamlessly rotate and whack through any vegetation in front of them. Brushcutters trump lawn mowers not only because they can reach the nitty gritty places of the garden, but also because they can generally cut through vegetation that a lawnmower would battle with, this includes smaller branches, stumps and shrubs. Brushcutters can also be fitted with various attachments that can be used to tackle more specific things, but reminder that if you are using a Stihl brushcutter then you need to use Stihl blades and cutting attachments, not another brand.


If a brushcutter is your Stihl Cape Town gift of choice, then you may also want to look into a few additions to really spoil the person. And what a better spoil than safety? Safety is a huge aspect of using a brushcutter and there are a few garments which should be worn to protect the user, which you can include in your gift:


-Steel toe boots: These are to protect their feet from any flying debris that has been kicked up by the brushcutter, and will also provide stability for the user so that they do not lose their balance while using the machine.


-Gloves: The next item is gloves, which are necessary for two reasons. First, to protect the hands from any bits of grass or stones flying up and damaging the hands, but also to ensure that the user has a sturdy grip on the handlebars of the machine and won’t slip due to sweaty palms. It would be best if you could find a pair of gloves that come with a rubber grip strip sewn into the fabric, along the palm section, which will add an extra level of grip security.




-Eye-goggles: Eye goggles are such a cheap yet effective safety tool and can be bought at almost all hardware stores. You do not need to get a fancy pair, just any pair that wraps around the head and that is made from strong enough material to protect against any debris, shrapnel or fine grass that is being flung into the air near your eyes.


-Earmuffs: This is not as important as the other safety garments but if the person you are shopping for has sensitive hearing and is not a fan of loud noises, then earmuffs are a must and will be incredibly beneficial at blocking out the loud roar of the engine while the blades cut through fauna and flora.


-Overalls: Overalls are something that most garden-oriented people will already have, but if not then they are a must when it comes to using brushcutters because they protect your legs and torso from any debris flinging up into the air and from any grass stains. If the person doesn’t have overalls they should at the very least be wearing very thick trousers and a thick long sleeved pullover, alongside the other safety garments.


Stihl Cape Town ride on mower


The ultimate gift you can give a man who is just utterly obsessed with his lawn is a ride on mower. If the person already has a regular lawn mower which needs to be pushed from behind, then this is the perfect step up. Using an old-fashioned lawn mower is a massive inconvenience and waste of time and can actually have a few damaging health effects, such as strain on your lower back muscles, strain on your shoulders, risk of damage from debris, and risk of sunstroke from doing manual labour in the blasting sun.


On the contrary, a ride on mower eliminates all of these issues and provides comfort as well as efficiency. A ride on mower is essentially the same as lawnmower, except it has a seat and steering mechanism attached to it, giving it the appearance of a quadbike. This machine has blades that rotate underneath the device and seamlessly whack through lawn vegetation, while you simply steer it in the direction of your choosing.




Using a Stihl Cape Town ride on mower means that you can sit comfortably back on your mower while it moves across the garden in record time, saving you energy and time. When it comes to choosing which ride on mower is the best for you, Stihl Cape Town takes the cake in terms of comfort and capacity. They also come with the option to add various attachments, which is not possible with an old-school lawn mower. These attachments and features can seriously impact your grass-cutting methods and can speed up the whole process, but be sure that you fit brand specific attachments, so if you are using a Stihl Cape Town ride on mower, then you will need to buy and attach Stihl attachments, and not another brand.


The only potential disadvantage of getting a ride on mower is that it is a bit pricier than an old-school manual lawnmower, but it is oh so worth it! If you are planning a gift for someone who works in professional landscaping and if you have the cash to spare, then this is the perfect investment and gift for them. Because ride on mowers allow you to get through significantly more space than a regular mower, you are getting a much higher return on investment and are really saving money for the landscaper.


Stihl Cape Town concrete mixers:


The next gift idea is ideal if you are shopping for someone in the construction industry who manages a building site and is usually working with industrial materials. A concrete mixer is perfect for this type of person, and can save so much time mixing concrete if they have previously been mixing cement by hand using a bucket or a wheelbarrow. Using a concrete mixer means you can simply add the correct aggregates and ingredients to the mixer and let the machine do all of the work, while you sit back and watch or keep busy with other projects.


If the person is frequently building or runs a building company, chances are they will be going through a lot of cement. Using a concrete mixer for this lets them mix larger batches of concrete at a time which enables them to build more and at a faster speed, which is a huge benefit for business. Another reason why gifting someone who runs a construction company a concrete mixer is a brilliant idea, is because it will also make their business appear more professional and put together from a customer’s point of view, which is also great for business.


Stihl Cape Town chainsaw:


A chainsaw is something that you usually associate with burley men and a risky job, but are actually an incredibly practical tool for someone who works with wood a lot and can make a fantastic gift. If the person is frequently chopping up wood and cutting down trees for firewood or for sale, then they could seriously benefit from a chainsaw, and aren’t likely to go out and buy it themselves. Although a chainsaw may seem dangerous, and in reality it can be, chainsaws are still a significantly safer method of cutting wood than using a manual saw, where you have less grip, balance and control.




Using a chainsaw means that you have control over the speed and ferocity of the wood cutting process and the person using it will be able to saw through large trees and chunks of wood, much faster than a manual saw would be able to. Although, if you do decide to gift someone a chainsaw, you should make sure they’re aware of basic safety guidelines such as:


-Make sure there is nothing loosely hanging off of you such as jewellery or hair, as it can get caught in the blade of the chainsaw and lead to disaster!


-Make sure that you only ever use the chainsaw while you are standing to the side of it, and never directly behind it.


-Make sure that you are wearing sturdy boots that you have a great grip, so that your feet are secure and that you will not slip as you move the machine.


-Make sure that you are wearing eye protection as chunks of wood and sawdust may snap back and get into your eyes.


-It is strongly advised that you are wearing gloves to ensure damage-free hands and a storgn grip on the handle.


Stihl Cape Town leaf blower:


A leaf blower is the perfect Stihl Cape Town gift for someone who spends hours raking up the fallen leaves in the garden into big piles. Using an old-fashioned wooden, plastic or metal rake is effective in some circumstances, but can end up taking a significant amount of time as well as muscular effort. A leaf blower eradicates the downfalls of a rake and uses air pressure to get the job done, effortlessly blowing piles of dirt and leaves into your chosen direction.




Leaf blowers speed up the process and can clear large areas in record time. These are also beneficial if you are hiring someone to do garden maintenance and are paying by the hour, as a large portion of their time will be spent manually raking up leaves, vs doing a quick 5 minute “sweep” of the area with a leaf blower. If you do choose to gift someone a leaf blower there aren’t that many safety regulations but it may be worth getting the individual a pair of earmuffs to protect their ears from the roar of the engine, which is significantly loud on a leaf blower.