Stihl Cape Town: Different Uses for Blowers



Most people bring their blowers out only during Autumn to clear away fallen leaves and they then return the blower to their storage shed until the following year. We have created a guide on the nine different uses for a blower to demonstrate that a blower is a widely useful power tool for any home. When it comes to finding a powerful blower suitable for any use, Stihl Cape Town blowers from B&S Commercial Power are the way to go.




Stihl Cape Town Blowers:


Autumn means one thing; the trees lose all their leaves and your green lawn transforms into a mottled patchwork of varying colours of brown. You are then faced with two options; spend hours raking the leaves into a pile or collect them into a pile with a blower within minutes. If you are looking to save time and effort with a blower, Stihl Cape Town blowers are the ideal choice.


B&S Commercial Power is a supplier of Stihl blowers. Whether you are looking for a fuel-powered blower to clear leaves from large areas or a battery-operated blower for quick and light work needs, B&S Commercial Power has you covered. We have created a list of our available Stihl blowers.


  1. Stihl BG50 Blower: This Stihl Cape Town blower is a petrol-powered blower that will make quick work of blowing leaves off your veranda or lawn. The blower is lightweight which makes it easy to use.
  2. Stihl BG56 Blower: This Stihl Cape Town blower is a fuel-powered blower that comes with the Stihl 2-MIX engine with a stratified charge system. The Stihl 2-MIX engine reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions without sacrificing power.
  3. Stihl BGA45 Battery Cordless Blower: The Stihl BGA45 Battery Cordless Blower is designed for quick and effortless leaf blowing of small areas in your home. This Stihl Cape Town blower comes with wall storage that both charges the tool and keeps it safely stored.




B&S Commercial Power supplies Stihl Cape Town power tools because they are of exceptional quality, high performance, and are manufactured to be easy to use. The Stihl Cape Town blowers are no exception and will be the perfect addition to your power tool collection at home.


Stihl Cape Town blowers are designed for leaf blowing, but they can also be used for other various purposes to suit your requirements for a blower at home.


Nine Different Uses for Blowers:


We have created a guide on the nine different uses for blowers so that you can enjoy the time-saving and effort efficiency of your blower all year around.


1) Clearing Gutters:


Clogged gutters can become a huge problem. Clumps of leaves or other plant matter can cause water to pool which can slowly cause damage to your roof. If there is heavy rain, the water will pour over the sides of the gutters instead of being channelled into the drain. Seeds can also take root in your clogged gutters, transforming your gutter into an unintentional planter along your roof.


To avoid all these problems, you need to regularly clear your gutters. This can be a time-consuming process and you also have to get your hands dirty as you manually chuck each lump of plant debris out of your gutter.




A blower makes easy work of clearing your gutters. Allow the leaves and plant matter to dry out completely and then simply blow them out of your gutter.


2) No More Sweeping:


Sweeping your garage, storage shed, or veranda can be time-consuming work that can take away precious time from your weekend. Cleaning away any dust, twigs, pet hair, or dirt from these spaces in your home is quick and easy when you use a blower.


3) Removing Dirt from Car:


Car interiors become dirty fairly quickly. Jumping in and out of the car daily can leave your car floor covered in sand, small stones, and leaves that get stuck under your shoes. If you have children, your car can quickly become a dusty, sweet-wrapper-filled mess. Pets can also leave hair, stray leaves, and dirt all over your backseats.


Cleaning your car interior can be a tedious, but necessary, job. Using a blower to whisk all the dust out of your car can drastically reduce the time it takes to get your car looking clean again.


4) Removing Water from Outdoor Furniture:


Outdoor furniture can be an excellent way to spend more time outdoors eating dinner or sipping your cup of coffee in the morning. The majority of the time, our outdoor furniture is wet from morning dew or an afternoon rain shower, and this can deter us from using them.


Rather than grabbing an old towel and manually wiping your outdoor furniture dry, you can use your blower to dry your furniture quickly and enjoy using it within minutes.


5) Removing Grass off Lawn Mowers:


For maintenance purposes, it is important to remove any cut grass off your lawnmower blades. As the grass decomposes, the increase in moisture can cause your lawnmower blades to rust, which results in the unnecessary expense of replacing your blades more regularly than you need to.


You can use your blower to clean the grass off your lawnmowers. Simply allow the grass to dry slightly, then blow away the grass off your lawnmower blades.


6) Removing Plant Debris from Pebbles:


Pebbles are an aesthetic way to fill the space in between pavers in a pathway or to cover a plant bed. The problem with pebbles is that plant debris and sand can quickly become embedded in between the pebbles. This is then fertile ground for weeds to take root and grow which immediately transforms the beauty of pebbles into a maintenance problem.


Removing the plant debris and sand from your pebbles can be backbreaking and tedious work. With a blower, you can quickly remove all the unwanted materials from your pebbles without lifting a pebble.




7) Drying Your Car After a Wash:


Making sure your car is water droplet-free to remove any spots after a wash is critical to ensure that your hard work went to good use. Manually wiping down your car with a chamois cloth can be laborious. Use your blower to dry your car within minutes and with less effort. We recommend starting on the roof of your car and working your way down to reduce any run lines.


8) Clear Away Pollen:


If you suffer from pollen allergies, Spring can become a flower-filled nightmare. Rather than suffering through Spring with blocked sinuses or keeping your house shut, you can use your blower to blast away any pollen from around your windows or doors in your home.


9) After-party Clean-up:


There is nothing better than having your friends over for an evening of drinks, good food, and dancing around your entertainment area to your favourite music. The next morning is never as fun when you wake up to your house that is covered in scattered plastic cups, bottle caps, and crinkled chip packets.




Cleaning up after a party is significantly quicker with a blower. You can blow all the party waste into a pile, pop it all into a plastic bag, and return to bed to sleep through your headache.


Safety Tips for Blowers:


Whether you are using your Stihl Cape Town blower for clearing leaves or drying your car, you still need to follow safety precautions when using this power tool. We have highlighted a few important safety tips to follow when using your Stihl blower.


Personal Protective Equipment:


You always need to wear the correct personal protective equipment when operating a power tool. We have created a list of the most important protective items to wear when you are using your Stihl Cape Town blower.


Mask: You need to wear a mask when operating a blower that covers your mouth and nose. Blowers thrust dust into the air and these fine particles can then be inhaled which will cause breathing problems or throat irritation.


Goggles: When operating a blower, you need to wear clear goggles. A blower will blast leaves, small stones, and debris into the air. If any of these items get into your eye, you can face an eye irritation or injury.


Earmuffs: Earmuffs are important to wear during operating a blower to keep your hearing protected from the loud noise of the blower. If you have sensitive hearing, you can compare the different power levels of the Stihl Cape Town blowers available at B&S Commercial Power to make the best choice for you.




Fuel Safety:


If you have selected the Stihl BG50 Blower or the Stihl BG56 Blower, you will need to follow safety precautions around the use of fuel.


  • Always fuel your blower in an open, well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes of the fuel.
  • You should never fuel your blower whilst it is switched on.
  • Allow your blower to cool down completely before refuelling.
  • Store your fuel in a cool, dry, and covered area.
  • Do not fuel your blower near a flame.


Firm Footing:


You need to have firm footing when you are operating your leaf blower to prevent any injuries from slipping or falling over from the power of the blower. If you are using your blower on a ladder to clean your gutters, make sure that you have someone holding the ladder to ensure that you do not have an accident. You can also harness yourself onto the roof for extra safety when operating your blower at a height.


About B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power is a supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of power tools. Alongside supplying Stihl blowers and other Stihl power tools, we also stock Baumax, Husqvarna, Honda, and Briggs and Stratton power tools. At B&S Commercial Power, you will only find power tools created by the best and most reliable brands.


If you require power tools for commercial or at-home use, B&S Commercial Power has you covered. We can provide you with blowers, concrete mixers, brushcutters, and a wide range of other power tools to any location in South Africa. We are also able to supply the power tools you need to any other Southern African country, such as Swaziland, Mozambique, or Namibia.


We also stock all necessary spare parts for the power tools that we supply. This ensures that if you need to perform maintenance or repairs on your power tools, you can simply get the parts you need from B&S Commercial Power.


B&S Commercial Power is your total solution to all your power tool needs. We are always willing to provide you with assistance in selecting the best power tool for your industry needs or DIY project at home. The B&S Commercial Power team has years of experience that ensures we can provide you with high-standard advice.


Use your Stihl Cape Town blower more than once a year with our guide on the various uses for a blower.