Stihl Cape Town: A Guide to the Best Landscaping Tools for Home and Professional Use



It should not come as a shock that most people wish they had the ability to remodel certain sections of their house, but are often lacking the means needed to achieve a job well done without having to spend exorbitant amounts of cash. By steering clear of overly expensive power tools and construction crews, while instead making your way over to us at BS Power, you can expect the price and effort of such projects to drop significantly due to handsomely reduced costs on tools that all display complete ease of use too. By taking a moment to read through this brief article, you may begin to realize why Stihl Cape Town products in particular have become the most popular amongst professionals and hobbyists alike.


Why Stihl Cape Town May be Your Next Go-To Construction or Forestry Brand


While planning out which portions of the house you would like to start remodelling and how to go about doing so, it is important that you start keeping an eye out for which tools you think you would need in order to complete the job. By choosing to neglect this aspect of even the smallest of construction products, you run the risk of completing your project only to have it look lacklustre in design or even build quality. This is something that should be avoided at all costs, as it can have a negative effect on any nearby sections of the building in a number of ways.


By looking at an organized construction worker or landscaper of any kind, it is likely that you will see them carry around various products and construction tools that all come from the same brand. There are plenty of reasons for this, some of which can have a direct impact on the quality of the construction itself. By choosing to stick with only the same brand when it comes to the various construction tools you may need for any given project, many long-time construction workers have found that it helped with building familiarity across all tools as their systems, build-quality and ease of use all remain fairly similar to one another. Other construction workers, however, just seem to like having tools that all remain visually consistent with one another to help with organizing and allowing their storage spaces to stay as neat as possible.




If this seems like a route that you would like to take, then Stihl Cape Town products may be exactly what you are looking for. Renowned and esteemed throughout the world for their excellent build quality as well as the results that are made possible when their tools are in use, Stihl may very well be one of the most reliable brands of construction and forestry tools to grace the public market. By looking at the various results that homeowners across the country have been able to achieve through the help of Stihl, it becomes easy to understand why so many hobbyists and professionals choose Stihl as their go-to brand of construction and forestry tools.


These results should come as no surprise as Stihl’s founder, Andreas Stihl, had a guiding principle that would “ease people’s work with and in nature”, a principle that still holds strong across all Stihl products since the invention of their first chainsaw in 1926. This one-man business was able to grow into a world-leading brand and outdoor power tool manufacturer as a result of the sheer level of quality and reliability that has remained constant since its foundation over 90 years ago. It is because of this level of quality remaining high in all aspects, that Stihl has since become the most commercially successful brand of chainsaws as of 1971.


Stihl Cape Town products have been setting benchmarks within the industry for years, providing their clients with products that allow them to attain near-perfect results with far greater ease than can otherwise be expected from competing brands. This gives our clients the confidence needed to tackle projects that may instead cause doubt to come up, while still reaching or even exceeding expectations in the process. To attain this level of confidence while working in your garden or construction site, you simply need to figure out which Stihl product would prove most useful to you in certain situations.


A Guide to Stihl Products and Their Various Uses


Cutting your lawn can rarely be seen as an enjoyable experience as it can take time depending on how large your lawn is, but also because lawnmowers are not always able to provide the most help when reaching more intricate sections of your garden. When needing a bit more of a finer touch when it comes to cutting your grass, a string trimmer can provide you with the exact help you need. With the help of a well-built and sturdy string trimmer, you give yourself the ability to cut down tall grass and weeds that are not always accessible with the use of lawnmowers.


Alongside this invaluable use, string trimmers can also be used to create edges and borders within your garden by angling the end of your trimmer vertically and following the edges of your garden. String trimmers also allow you the opportunity to clear out cement or brick paths and driveways that may have become obstructed with grass and weeds growing through the cracks. Similarly, you can also remove any vines and other obstructive plants that may have been growing on and covering your walls and gates.




By visiting BS Power, you are given a variety of different Stihl string trimmers to choose from, each coming with its own benefits and features. Our lightest corded option in the Stihl range of string trimmers would have to be the FS38 model, which weighs in at only 4.2kg and carries a 2-MIX engine with 0.65kW of power. With such a lightweight along with its looped handles, this trimmer becomes exceptionally easy to operate in tight spaces. This becomes especially true thanks to there being thumb-operated controls situated directly beside the handles, meaning you never have to adjust your grip when operating this tool.


For a cordless option that can essentially provide the same experience but with a bit more freedom, you may instead be interested in our FSA45 model. This is a battery-powered string trimmer that comes at a weight of just 2.3kg but remains just as powerful thanks to its AI series battery. With a runtime of 12 min, this option may be exactly what you need when working in small to medium-sized gardens at home.


If you are instead looking for a Stihl Cape Town product that can provide a bit more power, then you may be intrigued to find out about our line of brushcutters. These tools come similarly designed to our previously mentioned string trimmers but are instead built with blades that allow you to cut down dense sections of grass with ease, along with bushes, small trees, and other forms of foliage. This is made possible thanks to metallic blades that are far stronger, as opposed to the nylon strings that are often seen on string trimmers.


The first of our extensive line of brushcutters would be the Stihl FS120 model, said by many to have a perfect weight to power ratio that other brands struggle to attain in their products. Weighing only 6.3kg while carrying a motor engine with 1.3kW of power, this brushcutter is sure to make easy work of any obstacles that may be in your garden’s way. In fact, this product’s start-up process has been made exceptionally easy thanks to its Elastostart feature, providing a smoother experience that remains void of any sudden peak forces or other general setbacks.


If you are looking for a model that provides a little bit more power that allows you to stay hard at work for as long as necessary without the fear of your equipment becoming damaged as a result, then you may find our Stihl FS250 model to be more suited towards your line of work. Weighing the very same as our previously mentioned FS120 model, the FS250 provides far more power with a 1.6kW engine. Start-up remains just as easy thanks to the Elastostart feature, allowing for a brushcutter experience that remains smooth thanks to the installed anti-vibration system too.


This system has been installed into all the modern variations of Stihl products that require them. When working in industries where employees are required to work with handles that experience intense vibrations, it becomes far more likely for these individuals to suffer from the long-term effects often seen in blood vessels located throughout the hands and arms. With this anti-vibration system in place, strong oscillations emitted by the machine’s motor become dampened significantly, reducing discomfort and risk of injury.




Another tool that makes great use of this anti-vibration feature would be the Stihl MS170, one of the finest chainsaws currently on the market. With a motor producing power of 1.3kW, along with Stihl’s coveted Oilmatic chain system, this product is perfect for trimming or cutting down small to medium-sized trees, as well as for cutting wood for fires and more. While this may all sound like hard work, it becomes incredibly easy to manage thanks to this chainsaw’s light design, weighing only 3.9kg in total.


However, if you are merely wanting to trim the trees, bushes, and hedges that are surrounding your home, then you may be more interested in seeking out one of our many Stihl hedge trimmers. One of our more popular items would be the HSA56, a lightweight variation weighing only 2.9kg in total. This option also comes without any cords to allow for more manoeuvrability when working in tight spaces. For tall trees and hedges that may be hard to reach, the HSA56 still stands as one of the better options as its total length stands at 94cm, perfect for trimming most hedges without the need for ladders.




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