STIHL Cape Town – a Company as Robust as Its Products



The relationship between STIHL and South African businesses has been ongoing for more than 50 years now. Having become a household name here in SA, the decision was made in 1996 to establish a STIHL marketing subsidiary in our country to control the rapid growth of the brand.


Thanks to this move, it is easy for homeowners, local companies, and businesses to acquire quality STIHL Cape Town tools without forking out an arm and a leg for shipping costs. Today we are discussing the company itself as well as several of the reliable and durable tools it sells.




If we look at how STIHL fared during the economic recession of 2008, we can see examples of just how innovative and forward-thinking the business is. During a period of global financial catastrophe, the worst that STIHL employees had to endure was no overtime pay. This was despite the declining number of US sales, which comprised a large portion of income stream at the time. Since STIHL’s saw blades were at this point in time built to last up to 500 hours of use, our customers chose to make use of their old blades to cut costs during the recession.


STIHL nevertheless saw little to no financial struggle during the recession thanks in large part to its impeccable long-term management strategies. The chief financial officer of the time, Klaus Detlefson, prepared well for crisis situations such as this, having already amassed an intimidating war chest of over 1,5 billion Euros. Sitting on this much financial capital, STIHL was in the fortunate position of still being able to easily secure loans from banks despite the ongoing economic crash at the time. This, however, was never what Detlefson had in mind.


Despite the endless stream of banking enquiries and visits from banking executives, Detlefson stated in an interview that he would always turn them and their offers away. In terms of STIHL’s credit, there was absolutely no need for loans since the company was doing all too well despite 2008 bringing one of the worst examples of economic downturn in recent history.


Detlefson explains that STIHL did not need the help of banks because the company is more focused on building up business capital through other more lucrative avenues such as investment. For STIHL’s workers, this sensible Swabian way of running a company gave them confidence in their job security. Keep in mind that this was during a period in which harsh output contractions were occurring in nearly every single industrialised economy across the globe.


Offering workers such a degree of job security during the Great Recession is a firm example of STIHL’s values and workmanship. A company that takes care of itself and, more importantly, its workers is guaranteed to dominate the market in terms of their service quality. This robust method of conducting business is exactly why STIHL Cape Town tools are the best.




What Makes STIHL Tools Special?


First and foremost, it is a well-known fact that STIHL invests far more money into researching product development than any of its closest competitors. The company also imposes strict and demanding standards on itself to ensure it is at the forefront of technological advancements in the landscaping tool industry. This is why STIHL tools are of an incomparable quality.


The customer experience when shopping for STIHL products is also excellent. This is despite the fact that STIHL is a German company operating here in South Africa. STIHL ensures holistic customer service quality by rigorously vetting their distributors. No company will be able to sell you STIHL’s high quality outdoor power tools without the skills and knowledge to do so effectively.


This substantial degree of effort exerted by STIHL on all fronts is how the company is able to meet demands, make strong profits, and still release new and improved products several times each year. STIHL tools are in high demand because the company is reputed for its reliability. People understand implicitly that the STIHL tools they buy will last long thanks to the sophisticated German engineering that created them.


STIHL products are so reliable, in fact, that they are known for the their high resale value as well. If you ever find yourself needing to resell a STIHL product (say, on Gumtree), you could potentially make a lot of money back. Even secondhand, STIHL is a trusted brand. Servicing and repairing damaged or secondhand STIHL products is also an easy task. Given the brand’s popularity, trained service dealers are abundant.


STIHL tools are built to last can be relied upon to perform their function for years. It is thus unsurprising to see that many professional landscaping businesses prefer STIHL products. But whether it be for professional or domestic use, STIHL Cape Town is always the best option.


STIHL Cape Town Sells the World’s #1 Chainsaw Brand




It takes no stretching of the truth to tell you that STIHL chainsaws are the number-one brand in the world whether it be for contractors or homeowners. Besides Husqvarna, there is no competition between us and any other consumer brand out there.


Our chainsaws feature superior performance and a ton of computerised technology to boot. STIHL Pro chainsaws are coveted among contractors due to their run time of about 2 000 hours. Consider this; If you decided to use a STIHL Pro chainsaw for an hour each and every day, that tool will be able to perform for as many as 5 and a half years before giving out.


STIHL Pro chainsaws also feature carburettors that are controlled by microprocessors. These computers record information such as fuel quality, temperature, octane, and differential pressure of the air filter. The microprocessors use this data to adjust the settings of the carburettor. The microprocessors will then store this information to optimise settings for use in the future.


Underneath their detachable hoods, Pro models feature air filters similar in design to what one would find inside a motor vehicle. These air filters have pleats that offer a greater degree of surface area, allowing the chainsaws to function much longer without reaching as high of a differential pressure. An additional benefit of the design is that of the air filters being easier to clean.


Connected to the needle valves next to the air filter are solenoids that automatically adjust to accommodate to changes in exertion during use. Sitting above the filter is the cylinder itself with its cooling fins facing upwards. Above the cooling fins are two holes that allow users to directly access the bolts holding the cylinder to the crankcase. The benefit to this design is that workers can perform major repairs of STIHL Pro chainsaw in the field. The head can be replaced in minutes without workers having to return to a workstation to complete repairs.


For arborists, contractors, and landscapers, STIHL has got to be the best option out there. With such longevity and reliability, these chainsaws are a worthwhile investment for any company or business whose services require tree-felling equipment. If the job demands heavy and regular usage, it is all the more reason to go with STIHL.


Tools Sold by STIHL Cape Town


With chainsaws being our bread and butter, STIHL manufactures some of the very best tool and landscaping equipment money can buy. You can find the full extensive catalogue of products directly here on our website. However, here are few examples of the many products currently for sale in Cape Town:


Stihl Cape Town Chainsaws:


We are currently selling six variants of MSA cordless chainsaws, differing in general power output depending on the job.


For regular property maintenance, we offer a range of four MS chainsaws that are powered using petrol. Homeowners can choose amongst these options for the perfect household and gardening chainsaw.


We also sell the MS 310, a petrol-powered chainsaw designed for use in larger-scale agricultural activities and in landscaping. Additionally, we sell ten different MS chainsaws designed with forestry in mind. For arborists, there are three options we recommend as most effective for the job, one of which is cordless.


STIHL is a company geared towards innovation, hence the reason we have six electric chainsaw options for customers who prefer to work with green energy. It is also worth noting that we offer over a dozen chainsaw accessories to choose from in order to fully optimise the personal user experience.


Stihl Cape Town Hedge Trimmers:


We have an extensive range of high-performance cordless hedge trimmers and pole pruners, all of which are robustly designed for both professional and at-home use. Through intelligent engineering and quality parts, our hedge trimmers make precision cuts. Users can expect consistent stroke rates even when trimmers are put under load.


For the trimming of taller bushes and trees, we have a fine selection of pole pruners. We sell electrical, cordless, and petrol powered hedge trimmers for both professional and domestic use. We also sell units that feature adjustable heights and cutting angles.


Stihl Cape Town Lawnmowers:


Cordless STIHL lawnmowers are mighty machines that offer users complete freedom of motion and radius thanks to their battery-powered motors. We offer five cordless lawnmowers to choose from such as the RMA 510 which features 7 cut height adjustment levels, a 51 cm cut width, and side ejection.


Our cordless lawnmowers are ideal for domestic and professional use, especially when tackling larger grounds and property. Coverage area is not dictated by the length of any cable and usage is more affordable since petrol is not required to run these machines.


Find STIHL Tips on YouTube


If you visit our channel on YouTube, you will find that STIHL has uploaded numerous instructional videos that educate viewers on how to construct household furnishings using our products. We also regularly upload videos that inform our customers on how to properly conduct maintenance on our products.


Just last month, we released several short videos on how to construct five different DIY storage units specifically for STIHL products. Feel free to watch these videos if you are interested in getting your hands busy in your workshop for the following DIY construction projects:


  • Vertical storage units for long tools such as pole pruners.
  • Horizontal storage units for lawn care equipment such as brooms, edge trimmers, and rakes.
  • A firewood rack.
  • A garage box designed for the storing of lawnmowers and large utility containers.


Contact STIHL Cape Town for Excellent Landscaping Equipment


STIHL is a company acclaimed for excellent service provision and even better products. Our tools are built to last and feature cutting edge technological innovations designed in Germany.


If you are interest in buying any of our tools, we recommend browsing our digital catalogue right here on our website where you can find pertinent information such as the overall specs on each product we sell.