Everything you need to know about Stihl brushcutters


Stihl brushcutters are beautiful and powerful machines that can entirely revamp your garden and outdoor vegetation, seamlessly whacking away at any unwanted shrubbery in record time. If you’re considering investing in brushcutters and are looking for a reputable and trustworthy brand that produces high quality products, then look no further than Stihl, who’s products are offered by BS Power. Before you bite the bullet on brushcutters, read our handy guide answering all of your questions.




What are Stihl brushcutters?


Stihl brushcutters are market leading machines that allow homeowners, gardeners or landscapers to clear away any vegetation with complete ease. Brushcutters are sometimes called clearing saws and are essentially used to cut grass, using rotating blades attached to a motor and rod, which the person grips using the handlebars. Brushcutters are also portable, which means that you can whiz them around the garden from corner to corner, carefully selecting which areas of land need to touching up. While there are many brushcutters available on the market, Stihl is a popular and leading choice because of their experience in the industry and reputation for producing long-lasting and powerful products.




Are Stihl brushcutters worth the money?


Yes, Stihl brushcutters are definitely worth the money! If you have a garden that you are maintaining and are regularly having to cut down your grass and garden, or if you own a gardening or landscaping business, Stihl brushcutters are worth the money! Using brushcutters enables you to seamlessly zap through dense shrubbery and refurbish your outdoor area with ease, much faster than doing it manually with hedge scissors or a lawn mower, which can’t get into the corners or denser areas.


If you are running a gardening business then getting brushcutters, especially good quality ones, is seen as an investment. Because of how quickly you’ll be able to clear vegetation, you will be saving yourself significant time and effort, and it will also make you seem more professional to your clientele. Speak to one of the helpful and knowledgeable staff members at BS Power, who will be able to advise you on which brushcutter best suit your needs.


What does the R mean on Stihl brushcutters?


While most brushcutters will follow a generic labelling system, it is still important to learn what the various letters on your Stihl brushcutters stand for. The R stands for loop handle, C stands for comfort feature, E stands for Easy2Start and X stands for lightweight version.




Is Stihl better than Husqvarna?


This topic has been extensively debated in the construction equipment realm, but really the answer is dependent on you. Stihl and Husqvarna both offer very similar products with very similar specifications, but the biggest piece of advice when it comes to deciding which is better, is to do product specific research. Compare and contrast the same piece of equipment for both brands and you will see that in some instances, one brand may have a more powerful engine, or one may be pricier, so do your market research before purchasing your equipment.


Fortunately, you can suss out which product best suits your needs all in one place, at BS Power. BS Power stocks both Husqvarna and Stihl brushcutters, including many different models with different engine capacities that’ll more than meet your garden grooming needs. Just visit a store near you, or hop online and browse the various models from the comfort of your own home and make the decision for yourself. It is also worth mentioning that Stihl brushcutters are incredibly easy to service and repair and that they do indeed abide by all warranties.


How do I start a Stihl brushcutter?


Before you start using your brushcutter you need to be acutely aware of how to operate this machine, and how to do so in a safe manner. Each machine will come with its own manual or operator handbook, and in there you should find your machine specific starting guide, which you need to read extensively. Before turning on the machine, ensure that the surrounding area is clear and safe and that you are equipped with the correct personal protective gear, which you will read about at the end of this post.


Here is the starting guide for the FS 45 brushcutter, which is available at BS Power:


  1. Lay the brushcutter on the ground: Firstly, lay the brushcutter down onto the ground, resting it on the engine as well as the cutting attachment guard, ensuring that no blades are touching the ground or any hazards if it were to rotate.
  2. Change the stop switch to operating position: Now move the stop switch, located on the control handle, into the operating position using your thumb.
  3. Engage the throttle trigger: Now press and hold in the throttle trigger lockout while simultaneously pressing the throttle trigger.
  4. Starting throttle position: Now that the throttle trigger is engaged, release the throttle trigger as well as the lockout, which leaves you in the starting throttle position.
  5. Primer bulb: Use your manual to locate the primer bulb, and push it down at least 5 times, which will lower the number of pulls needed to get the engine started.
  6. Choke: If you are turning on the machine for the first time in a while then the engine should be cold, which means that the choke should be closed. Simply move the choke lever to the closed position if it is not already closed.
  7. Secure footing and ground: Have secure footing and ensure that the brushcutter is safely on the ground, and now firmly push the machine into the ground so that it doesn’t jolt around when you turn it on.
  8. Starter rope
  9. Engine will fire briefly
  10. Starter rope again
  11. Throttle
  12. Picking up
  13. Use
  14. Switch off




How do you store Stihl brushcutters?


When winter comes and your garden slowly needs less maintenance, it may be time to pack up your brushcutters for the season. To do this, there are a few things to keep in mind, including before storage as well as tips for during storage. Before you safely pack away your brushcutters, to you need to ensure the following:


-Clean and drain the tank: Before packing it away you will need to empty out the fuel tank and clean it thoroughly, but ensure that the machine is completely switched off and that it has cooled down and dried.


-Metal cutting blade: The main element of the brushcutters, the metal cutting blades that are used to whack through fauna and flora, also needs to be cleaned. You can do this by following the blade removal guide, and cleaning the blade with a damp cloth, while being sure to keep an eye out for any corrosion or damage to the blade. If you do notice that your blades are looking blunt or are needing some TLC, then bring them to BS Power to either assess your old blades or fit your brushcutter with a fresh new set of shiny blades.


-Spark plug: Before storing you should also assess the spark plug by removing it and assessing it, ensuring that the electrodes are a light reddish brown. If they are not, then take them to BS Power to get a replacement.


-Mowing lines: Mowing lines are a vital part of brushcutters and it is paramount that they maintain their elasticity to cope with the movement of the machine. When you store the machine, remove the mowing line in a damp place with little sun exposure, and then a few days before you plan on using your brushcutter, set the mowing line in some water to soak, which will restore any lost flexibility and elasticity.


-Smart storage: One of the very few disadvantages of a brushcutter is that it takes up quite a bit of space, which it makes up for in sheer power and strength. But, you don’t need to worry about not having enough space to store a brushcutter while you’re not using it, because you can simply fold the handlebars in so they don’t stick out, and then hang the (at this point thin) machine up against a wall, meaning it takes up as little space as possible.




How to maintain operator safety while using Stihl brushcutters?


When using Stihl brushcutters there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to safety, for both you and those around you. Safety includes using the correct gear, maintaining the correct distance, and following the correct instructions. Before you begin using your Stihl brushcutters, make sure that you have accounted for the following?


-Before use: Before you even turn on the machine there are a few things you need to be cognisant of. Make sure that you start the machine in an open area and make sure that there is nothing in the immediate surroundings that could cause the brushcutters to jam. The reason that you need to be in an open area is because most brushcutters run on petrol and will emit fumes, especially when starting, which can be harmful for both humans and pets.




-Gear: When you use Stihl brushcutters you need to bear in mind that it is a heavy piece of machinery and has the potential to be very dangerous if not handled safely. Here are the main safety gear items you should wear:


Boots: When you are using the brushcutters there is a chance that the blades could hit a stone or some thick shrubbery which could potentially flick back and could hit your feet. That is why your feet need to be thoroughly protected, including your toes with steel toe boots. Sturdy boots that have good grip are also great for making sure that you have a steady stance while holding the machine, and that you don’t jerk around with it.


Gloves: The flying bits of debris that have the potential to swing around the air could also come into contact with your hands. This is why they need to be protected by thick gloves that ideally go up towards the middle of the forearm or higher. Gloves that come equipped with a rubber or fabric grip strip would be ideal because that’ll allow the person to firmly hold the handlebars of the machine while moving it around.


Eye protection: Your eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body when using Stihl brushcutters, so they also need to be protected. While looking down at the area you’re clearing bits of debris could come up and enter your eye. Plastic eye goggles are recommended here, and if you wear glasses it would be best if you could wear contact lenses under the eye mask so that nothing fogs up.


Ear protection: Depending on the engine size of the brushcutters you are working with, they could be quite loud and quite harsh on your ear drums. The noise isn’t really harmful to human ears, but is more of an annoyance, so you should cover your ears with earmuffs of ear plugs.