Stihl Brushcutters: The Difference Between Brushcutters and Trimmers



Brushcutters and trimmers are useful power tools for cutting long grass, trimming lawn edges, or pruning gnarled bushes. At first glance, brushcutters and trimmers appear to be the same and this can make it difficult to decide which power tool is best suited to your cutting job. We explore the essential differences between brushcutters and trimmers to help you make the best choice and get your cutting job done quickly and effortlessly. B&S Commercial Power covers all your cutting needs with our wide range of Stihl brushcutters and trimmers.


The Difference Between Brushcutters and Trimmers:


We have outlined the key differences between brushcutters and trimmers so that you can choose the best-suited power tool for your cutting needs.


1) Design:


While brushcutters and trimmers may initially appear to be matched in design, there are a few major design differences. These design differences then alter the use and performance of the brushcutter or trimmer. We have compared the four notable design differences between brushcutters and trimmers.


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2) Use:


Brushcutters and trimmers have different intended uses. Trimmers are designed specifically for trimming grass edges, neatening the edges of planter beds, pathways, or driveways, and cutting long grassy weeds. You cannot use a trimmer for heavy-duty cutting as their design is not compatible. You will typically purchase a trimmer for light garden maintenance.


Brushcutters are more versatile in their use. Brushcutters are capable of cutting tall grass and trimming lawn edges, although you will not achieve as straight and neat an edge as trimmers. They are also able to cut through tougher weeds, handle large-scale cutting jobs, and trim thin branches and thick bushes. The different blade attachments also increase the versatility of the brushcutter, such as attaching a mulching blade to transform your cuttings into mulch or attaching a circular blade to cut down small, thin trees.




3) Power:


Brushcutters and trimmers are used for different purposes due to the differences in their power. Brushcutters have a larger engine that can rotate the cutting blade at a faster speed and produce more torque. The increase in power also increases the longevity of the brushcutter performance.


Trimmers have smaller engines that are ideally suited to maintaining gardens and achieving accurately cut lawn or planter edges. Trimmers need to have smaller engines so that they can uphold precision and not cause any damage to the lawn edges.


4) Safety:


The difference in the use and power of the brushcutters and trimmers also impacts the safety equipment required when operating these power tools. Trimmers are generally safer to use as they are lighter, have less power, and are designed only to cut grass. Although they are safer to operate, you should always wear personal protective equipment such as non-slip boots, long and tight clothing, goggles, a face mask, and reflective material if you are cutting alongside a busy road.


Brushcutters generally require more safety equipment due to the increased power of these power tools, the sharp blade cutting heads, and the risk of flying plant debris. You can select a brushcutter brand that has been designed to increase the safety of the operator. Stihl brushcutters, for example, are designed with your safety in mind as they come with a safety harness, are designed to minimise injury caused by flicking of stones and plant debris, and have a specifically designed handle for comfortable extended use.


5) Cost:


A difference between brushcutters and trimmers is cost. Brushcutters will generally be a more expensive option in comparison to trimmers. The cost comparison between brushcutters and trimmers will be dependent on your location, supplier, and the brand of your desired brushcutter or trimmer. At B&S Commercial Power, we pride ourselves on our affordable range of brushcutters and trimmers. We make sure you find the brushcutter or trimmer you need within your budget.


If you are choosing between a trimmer and a brushcutter, and you know that you will only be using the power tool rarely and for light-cutting, then we recommend selecting a trimmer as it is an affordable option. If you have a large garden or will be using these power tools for commercial purposes, the power and performance of a brushcutter will be worth the investment.


6) Noise:


Due to the differences in the power and the application of the brushcutters and trimmers, there will be a slight difference in the noise that is produced. Brushcutters typically produce more noise than trimmers due to the powerful engines, large cutting heads, and being used to cut branches and gnarled bushes. If you are planning on using a brushcutter or trimmer for your lawn in a residential area, we recommend opting for the quieter trimmer to avoid having disgruntled neighbours.


When it comes to using either a brushcutter or a trimmer, you should always wear hearing protection. Earmuffs or earplugs are recommended personal protective equipment to keep you from the risk of the brushcutter or trimmer operating noise affecting your hearing. If performing a cutting job at home, alert any family members that you will be using your trimmer or brushcutter so that they can be prepared for the noise.




7) Maintenance:


Both brushcutters and trimmers require regular maintenance to uphold the performance and quality of these power tools. After every use, you need to clean the grass and plant debris off your brushcutter blade or trimmer line. You should also check the spark plug for any signs of damage, the protective guard for any dents or cracks, and assess if the air filter is clogged.


These small steps only take a few minutes but are very important to ensure the continued efficiency of your brushcutter or trimmer. If you notice any maintenance problems, you can easily replace the damaged items or take the brushcutter or trimmer in for a service.


Stihl Brushcutters and Trimmers at B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power provides a wide range of Stihl brushcutters and trimmers. We have selected to stock Stihl brushcutters and trimmers based on the longevity, durability, and strength of these Stihl power tools. We select only the best internationally manufactured power tools to be represented at B&S Commercial Power so that we only provide you with power tools of exceptional quality.


At B&S Commercial Power you have access to various Stihl brushcutters. It is simple to find, select, and purchase a Stihl brushcutter that will be the perfect power tool for your gardening requirements or professional landscaping business. We have listed our range of Stihl brushcutters.


  • Stihl FS120 Brushcutter: This easy-to-use brushcutter allows for long hours spent effortlessly cutting long grasses and weeds.
  • Stihl FS160 Brushcutter: These Stihl brushcutters are powered by a 1.4kW engine that enables easy cutting of thin trees and knotted bushes.




  • Stihl FS250 Brushcutter: This high-performance Stihl brushcutter will make even the largest cutting jobs quick and effective.


You also have easy accessibility to an assortment of Stihl trimmers at B&S Commercial Power. Stihl trimmers will be the perfect addition to your garden tool collection and minimise the effort it takes to achieve perfectly cut lawn edges. We stock these three selected Stihl trimmers.


  • Stihl FS38 Trimmer: This Stihl trimmer is the lightest trimmer in the Stihl range, enabling effortless trimming of your lawn edges.
  • Stihl FS45 Trimmer: Stihl’s continuous strides in innovation is demonstrated in this Stihl trimmer. A simple starting system is paired with a perfectly designed handle to ensure continuous comfort whilst using the Stihl FS45 Trimmer for extended periods.
  • Stihl FSA45 Battery Cordless Trimmer: This efficient and compact Stihl trimmer will allow you to enjoy quick trimming and cutting of a small lawn area.


At our Cape Town-based store, we supply all the necessary accessories suited to the brushcutters and trimmers that we stock. We also hold spare parts for our supplied power tools should you need any replacements or repairs. B&S Commercial Power strives to be your total solution to your brushcutter or trimmer needs.


In addition to providing you with access to Stihl brushcutters and trimmers and the necessary accessories, we also offer maintenance assistance. We are always available to offer you our expert advice and support with your Stihl brushcutters or trimmers so that you continue to enjoy the performance, power, and ease of use of your Stihl brushcutters or trimmers.


About B&S Commercial Power:


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Select the best-suited brushcutter or trimmer for your cutting needs and find reliable and powerful Stihl brushcutters and trimmers at B&S Commercial Power.