Stihl Brushcutters: Avoid Brushcutter Injuries with Our Safety Guide



Brushcutters are an efficient power tool that makes easy work of cutting long grass, weeds, and small bushes. There are certain risks of injury when you use a brushcutter, therefore operating the brushcutter safely is of top importance. We have outlined the possible brushcutter injuries you are at risk of and a safety guideline to avoid these injuries. When it comes to brushcutters that are designed for safety, Stihl brushcutters from B&S Commercial Power are our top choice for safe brushcutter operating.




Brushcutter Injuries:


Brushcutters are a high-performance power tool that can be dangerous if the correct precautions are not taken. We have highlighted a few of the common injuries caused by using a brushcutter.


Flung Debris:


As you move the brushcutter along the grass or weed-covered surface, there is a risk that there is hidden debris. Small stones, twigs, and other small objects can be easily flung by the high velocity of the rotating blades. This can result in the flying debris hitting you and causing an injury. If the flying stone, twig, or small object is flung into your face or eye, you risk serious injuries.


The flying debris can also cause injuries to those in the vicinity of the brushcutter operator. Due to the noise of the brushcutter and the concentration required to operate the brushcutter safely, the brushcutter operator may not notice if another worker, pedestrian, or animal has walked into the area of the brushcutter. They may be hit with a flying stone or twig and become injured.






The rotating blade of a brushcutter can result in serious wounds if it accidentally comes into contact with a person. Wounds to the feet, legs, or arms often occur if the person operating the brushcutter is distracted or is surprised causing them to flail the brushcutter without control.


Wounds can also occur if the person operating the brushcutter is wearing the incorrect clothing. Loose-fitted pants, shirts, or overalls can accidentally get caught in the rotating blade and pull the blade into the skin of the brushcutter operator. Not only will this result in severe injuries, but there is also a risk that this will permanently damage your brushcutter.


If you are using the brushcutter at home around your family, the brushcutter should never be left unattended. If there are children around, they may play with the brushcutter which can result in injuries.


Back Injuries:


If you are standing incorrectly, overreaching whilst you use the brushcutter, are standing on unstable ground, or are simply using the brushcutter for an extended period, you can face back strain and injuries.


In certain instances, people will use a brushcutter to trim the tops of tall bushes. Whilst standing on a ladder to reach the top of the bush, you risk falling off due to unstable footing and the power of the brushcutter. A brushcutter should never be used whilst standing on a ladder due to the back injuries that can result from falling off the ladder or the other serious injuries that can be caused by a lack of control of the brushcutter.




Hearing Issues:


If your job requires you to use a brushcutter daily, then you are consistently being exposed to the loud whirring noise of the brushcutter. If you do not wear adequate hearing protection, you face the risk of permanent damage to your hearing.




The brushcutter vibration over extended periods without consistent breaks can cause damage to your hands and wrists. Extreme jerking or vibrations is a sign of a technical fault, and the brushcutter should be switched off immediately to reduce the risk of injury and further damage to the brushcutter.


Brushcutter Safety Guide:


We have created a safety guide to ensure that you avoid the risk of injury whilst operating a brushcutter.


1) Training:


Although brushcutters are designed to be easy and simple to use, there are certain skills needed to avoid the risk of injuries. You can attend a training workshop that will demonstrate the best practices when using your brushcutter for safety purposes and cutting efficiency. If you work with a brushcutter daily, training should be required for your job position.


At the B&S Commercial Power Cape Town-based store, we regularly host training workshops from the various power tool manufacturers we stock. If you are interested in a training workshop for the Stihl brushcutters, you can simply get in contact with us for the next training workshop details.


2) Operator Manuel:


All brushcutters will come with an operating manual that outlines the key factors regarding use, safety, maintenance, and storage. You must read the operator manual fully before operating the brushcutter to ensure that you are using the brushcutter safely.


3) Personal Protective Equipment:


You need to acquire all the relevant personal protective equipment necessary for operating a brushcutter safely. We have created a quick list of recommended personal protective equipment.


Mask: Wear a mask to reduce your chances of inhaling any pollen or dust that is disrupted whilst using the brushcutter.


Goggles: Hard, clear goggles will keep your eyes protected from injury from flying debris.


Fitted Clothing: Comfortable, fitted clothing will allow you to work safely and without the risk of clothing getting jammed in the rotating brushcutter blade.


Non-slip Boots: Non-slip boots will provide you with adequate traction to avoid the risk of slipping or falling whilst using your brushcutter.


Gloves: Gloves will ensure that you have a strong grip on the brushcutter handle so that you always have complete control over the brushcutter.




4) Correct Brushcutter Attachments:


Make sure that you use the correct brushcutter attachments that are designed for your brushcutter brand and model. Installing the wrong attachments can cause damage to your brushcutter or result in the parts being flung off the rotating brushcutter and causing injuries. There are no circumstances where it can be acceptable to use a non-standard brushcutter attachment for your brushcutter due to the high risk of injury.


5) Using The Correct Brushcutter:


Make sure that you are using the correct brushcutter for the cutting job. A brushcutter designed for grass and weeds will be ill-equipped to handle gnarled bushes or thin trees. You risk damaging your brushcutter beyond repair when you use it for the incorrect cutting job, and the jerking and strain on the brushcutter can cause injuries or overheating and flames.


6) Maintenance:




The key to safely using your brushcutter is to ensure that it is regularly maintained. Before you use the brushcutter, do a thorough check of all the working parts of the brushcutter. If there are damages to your brushcutter blade, cracks in your blade protector, or technical issues, make sure that these are all repaired before you use the brushcutter.


7) Check the Area:


Before you use the brushcutter, you need to assess the area that you will be cutting. Remove any items that can be easily flung by the rotating blades of the brushcutter to avoid the risk of injury.


8) Warning Signs:


If you are using your brushcutter on a verge or around other people, you need to place clear warning signs that there is an operating brushcutter in the area. This will ensure that there are no injuries caused by someone walking near the operating brushcutter.


9) Take Consistent Breaks:


To reduce loss of concentration and fatigue, plan to take consistent breaks whilst operating your brushcutter. This will keep you safe from any injuries that result from a lack of attention or exhaustion.


10) Refuelling:




When refuelling your brushcutter, allow your brushcutter to be completely cool to avoid the risk of overheating and fires. Always refuel your brushcutter in an open, well-ventilated area to reduce the risk of inhaling toxic fumes. You must also never refuel your brushcutter near a flame or whilst smoking.


Stihl Brushcutters Designed for Safety:


When it comes to using brushcutters safely, you also need to carefully consider the brushcutter you will be using. Certain brushcutters are designed purely for performance without any consideration for operator safety. With Stihl brushcutters, you get to enjoy the benefits of quality performance and extreme dedication to safety in the Stihl brushcutter design.


The Stihl brushcutters come with a sturdy blade protector. The blade protector is positioned around the brushcutter blades to minimise the risk of flying debris hitting you whilst you are operating the brushcutter.


The Stihl brushcutters come with the Stihl ElastoStart feature. Stihl ElastoStart is a specialised starter feature that enables the smooth starting of the Stihl brushcutters without risk of kick-back and injury from a jerking start.


The Stihl brushcutters come with a bike handle. The bike handle is designed to enable effortless control over the brushcutter at all times so that you are always able to avoid wounds or injuries. The bike handle of the Stihl brushcutters also enables easy thumb-operated control that increases the comfort of using the Stihl brushcutters.


The Stihl brushcutters also come with a harness. The harness allows you to strap the brushcutter to your body which reduces the fatigue of holding the brushcutter for an extended period. The harness also keeps the brushcutter at the ideal length to avoid back injuries from overreaching. The harness comes with soft padding so that is comfortable for you to wear for the duration of your grass, weed, or bush brushcutting.


Stihl has considered every aspect of the risks involved in operating a brushcutter and has produced a range of brushcutters with innovative designs to increase your safety.




Stihl Brushcutters at B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power is dedicated to providing you with the best power tools that enable you to perform your work efficiently, effectively, and safely. These are the major reasons why we have selected to supply Stihl brushcutters as one of the brands in our brushcutter range.


At B&S Commercial Power, you have access to these three Stihl brushcutters.


  • Stihl FS160 Brushcutter: This powerful Stihl brushcutter is designed for making easy work of trimming thin trees and bushes.
  • Stihl FS120 Brushcutter: The considered design of this Stihl brushcutter enables you to use the brushcutter for extended periods as you efficiently cut tall grass or weeds.
  • Stihl FS250 Brushcutter: This high-performance Stihl brushcutter is designed for large-scale grass or weed cutting jobs.


If you need advice on selecting the best-suited Stihl brushcutters for your specific cutting requirements, the B&S Commercial Power team will happily assist you. Our team has years of experience that provides us with the knowledge and skills to offer you exceptional service and selection assistance.


If you are not based in Cape Town, you do not have to worry about not having access to the high-performance and affordable range of Stihl brushcutters available at B&S Commercial Power. We offer nationwide delivery, as well as delivery to all Southern African countries, to ensure that everyone has access to the Stihl brushcutters.


Avoid brushcutter injuries with our safety guide and by using the safety-orientated Stihl brushcutters from B&S Commercial Power for your cutting needs.