Stihl 10W30 Four Stroke Oil

WHY 10W30 OIL?

Most small engine manufacturers recommend 10W30 for varying temperature ranges
• 10W30 is a multi viscosity oil meaning that is has better cold! running properties as well as high temperature properties.
• 10W30 oil has a viscosity of 10 at lower temperatures which means the oil is thin at start-up providing protection your engine needs. When the engine gets to operating temperature it has a viscosity of 30 thereby providing protection at the higher temperature as well.
• 10W30 also has better cold starting properties due to the lower viscosity of 10.
• 10W30 can withstand the highest of temperatures even on large engines without disastrous consequences.
• The most engine wear occurs at start-up. Using a single viscosity oil would not give the required protection when the engine first starts because the oil viscosity would be thicker, the oil would not then (low as easily to all the engine parts where it is needed thereby causing premature wear.
• Having a dual viscosity oil such as 10W30 will provide better engine protection on start-up. The 10 in the oil means that the oil wilI have a viscosity of 10 (very thin) (or start-up allowing the oil to (low to engine parts that need it. Once the engine gets to running temperature the viscosity of 10 would not be enough to protect the engine so you would need the viscosity TO to carry on protecting the engine when the oil thins out.
• 10W30 has a better overall result for varying temperature ranges and/or the South Africa Climate.