Spoil your dad this Father’s Day with Stihl Cape Town products.



Is your dad hard to buy gifts for? We definitely all struggle with this issue at some point in time. Fathers are a tricky one because they always seem to have everything that they need. They have drawers full of socks, ties, and handkerchiefs from all the previous Father’s Days and birthdays, they’ve received multiple boxes of biscuits over the years, they’ve got all your handmade cards lined up on their office table, and they’re so used to that cup of coffee that you bring them in the morning. There is no doubt that all the special gifts are truly appreciated by our dads, but it’s time to do something slightly different and a lot more interesting.




Not only is it Father’s Day coming up, but autumn is almost over, and we are heading into winter. During autumn, all the trees in the garden lose their leaves and usually at this time, dad’s hands are itching to get in the garden and clean up that mess. Stihl Cape Town has just the right equipment for your dad to get his hands dirty in the garden and patio. With a variety of leaf blowers, trimmers, brush cutters, chainsaws, and other garden tools available, your dad will be able to have an award-winning garden ready for spring.


BS Commercial Power is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of reliable, high-performance, and strong Stihl Cape Town equipment that can be used in various sectors:


  • Gardening,
  • Agriculture,
  • Construction,
  • Forestry,
  • Etc.


BS Commercial Power offers the following products by Stihl Cape Town:


Trimmers and brush cutters:


STIHL FS38 trimmer – This trimmer is the lightest in the Stihl Cape Town range, weighing only 4,1kg. With a loop handle, this easy-to-manoeuvre trimmer is perfect for tackling those hard-to-reach areas where space is limited. It is best used for trimming grass edges of reaching awkward spaces between shrubs.


STIHL FS45 trimmer – This cutter has a specialised starting system (STIHL ElastoStart). This starter handle allows for a smooth start-up without possible peak, outlying forces. There is an integrated damper which allows for smoother power transmission during start-up. Along with Stihl Cape Town’s ElastoStart mechanism, this trimmer also has a loop handle (allowing for easy reach of confined spaces), a multifunction control handle (for easy and ergonomic, thumb-operated control) and a bike handle (which allows for easy guiding of the machine if used along with a harness. This bike handle also reduces fatigue when the trimmer is being used on bigger surface areas of lawn.


STIHL FS120 brush cutter – the perfect combination of power, light wight and ease of use. Also including an ElastoStart system, the start-up is easy and efficient. This trimmer also has a life-extending filter system which allows for easy maintenance and prolongs the useable time between cleans.


STIHL FS160 brush cutter – This powerful brush cutter also comes equipped with the easy starting ElastoStart start-up system, a bike handle for easy guiding and reduced fatigue and an ergonomic thumb-controlled multifunction handle. Due to its weight (7,4kg) and to reduce fatigue from carrying the cutter around during long jobs, this cutter is also equipped with a carrying harness/shoulder strap. This hardy brush cutter is best used for tougher applications (such as trimming rough and twisted bushes or small trees).


STIHL FS250 brush cutter – This cutter, fully fitted with the ElastoStart start-up system, an ergonomic multifunction thumb-controlled handle, and a bike handle is perfect for those hardy, big-scale lawn mowing and trimming jobs.






STIHL BG50 blower – This blower is excellent for use around the house and in the garden. It comes with a one-piece blowgun, stepless speed-regulation, choke lever and manual fuel pump. A petrol-powered blower with reliable and sturdy Stihl Cape Town hardware.


STIHL BG56 blower – A petrol powered blower with 2-stroke engine with stratified charge. Fuel/petrol efficiency is increased due to a fuel-free layer of air separating the combustion chamber (burned charge) and the crankcase (fresh charge). This reduces the fuel lost during the charge cycle and allows for the saving of up to 20% of fuel. This also reduces emissions, allowing for more sustainable and pollution-free usage. This blower is easy-to-use and has easy, ergonomic, thumb-operated control. Perfect for quickly clearing leaves and grass cuttings from your driveway.


STIHL BGA45 Battery cordless blower – This battery-powered blower is light (2.2kg), cordless and easily portable for jobs around smaller garden areas. The blower includes a battery with a charge level indicator and additionally, a wall-mountable holder (with a charging feature) that allows for easy and storage when it is not in use.






Stihl Cape Town’s chainsaws have the best and most ergonomic features that there are to offer.


There is a Stihl Cape Town anti-vibration system which consists of accurately programmed buffers that work to minimize the transmission of saw chain and engine vibrations to the back and front handles of the chainsaw. This allows for the chainsaw to perform in a much smoother manner and increases efficiency of work in order for the worker to conserve their power and save their strength. This prolongs the duration that they can work for, in turn, improving the efficiency of the job at hand.


The STIHL Cape Town’s Ematic system minimizes the use of chain lubricants and oils by up to 50%. This can change depending on the type of cutting attachment used at work that has been cut. The system consists of a Stihl Ematic or Ematic S guide bar, Stihl ‘Oilomatic’ saw chain and a reduced-flow oil pump. Every single bit of the oil or lubricant used in this chainsaw counts.


Carburettor heating allows for you to use the machine all year round! There is the option to change your chainsaw from summer operation to winter operation which allows the intake air to be preheated over the fins of the engine. This is to make sure that the carburettor does not become too cold and can still function optimally in colder temperatures and environments.


Tool-free fuel caps allow for the tank cap to be easily opened without the use of any additional tools. This means that no parts will get lost along the way.


A QuickStop chain brake increases the safety and minimize injury when using a saw. The chain brake is applied automatically whenever a strong enough kickback is encountered and can also be applied manually by pressing the front handguard on the chainsaw forward. When the chain brake is kicked in, the chain is prevented from motion despite the throttle trigger being squeezed.


A single lever operation makes using a Stihl Cape Town chainsaw as easy as counting “1-2-3”!




BS Commercial Power offers the following chainsaws from Stihl Cape Town:


STIHL MS170 chainsaw – This intermediate level chainsaw is lightweight (3,9kg) and easy to use/manoeuvre. It is perfect for simple jobs like cutting wood for the winter’s fires or thinning out wood for a gardening project.


STIHL MS210 chainsaw – This chainsaw is equipped with the best features STIHL Cape Town has to offer. Equipped with Stihl Cape Town’s anti-vibration system, carburettor heating, tool-free fuel caps, Stihl Cape Town’s Ematic system, QuickStop chain brake and single-lever master control.


STIHL MS250 chainsaw – A chainsaw that is perfect for smaller tasks such as clean-ups. It can occasionally be used for tasks like cutting trees and smaller branches. This is only recommended as an occasional use chainsaw and is not recommended for continuous heavy-duty work. It is the best chainsaw to use for DIY projects around the house and garden.


STIHL MS310 chainsaw – This chainsaw, also equipped with Stihl Cape Town’s anti-vibration system, a side mounted chain tensioning, and tool-free fuel caps. It is perfect for working with wood that is not too dense.


STIHL MS361 chainsaw – This chainsaw is fixed with a top-class vibration absorbing chain that allows for incredible speed and torque and the smoothest cutting.


STIHL MS382 chainsaw – this chainsaw includes side-mounted chain tensioning, tool- free fuel caps, and is perfect for working on woods that have a lower density.


STIHL MS661 C-M chainsaw – This is the baddest boy in the market. Not only does it include all the top-class features mentioned above (Stihl’s anti-vibration system, carburettor heating, Stihl’s ElastoSstart, tool-free fuel caps, Stihl’s Ematic system, and a quick stop chain break), but it also includes the following world class features:


STIHL 2-mix motor – This cost-effective motor with 1-in-4 channel technology allows for higher torques over a wide variety of speeds. This allows for the chainsaw to conserve up to 20% petrol as opposed to the two-stroke engines. Emissions are also minimized by up to half for a more sustainable usage.


HD2 filter – This is an air filter that prevents any form of dust from entering the engine cavity and makes sure that minimal cleaning and service on the chainsaw is needed. The advanced materials out of which the filter is made also makes it possible for the filter to be cleaned, reducing cost of maintenance and the cost of having to replace a component.


STIHL M-Tronic allows for full speed to be met almost immediately after starting up the chainsaw.


STIHL ElastoStart – This integrated damper absorbs and releases forces according to the compression pattern detected which allows for a smoother power transmission during start up and results and smooth even cutting.


The decompression valve works with the ElastoStart to allow for efficient starting off the chainsaw. It is a semi-automatic valve that should be compressed before starting to lessen the pressure upon starting and make it easier for the starter rope to be pulled.


A compensator in the carburettor prevents an air-fuel mixture and keeps the ratio of the two at an equilibrium level so that the engine power can be constant.


A controlled delivery oil pump allows for user to manually decide how much lubrication is necessary for the job at hand. This reduces wastage as well as costs spent on oil and lubrication.


STIHL MSE190 electric chainsaw – This is an ergonomic and easy-to-use chainsaw with a STIHL Cape Town QuickStop Super chain brake that allows for the saw chain to come to a stop as soon as the rear handle is released. It is also built for maximum comfort with a soft handle and overload protection.


All this fantastic equipment and more from Stihl Cape Town can be found on the BS Commercial Power website for you to spoil your dad on Father’s Day.


The best bonding time is the time that is spent working toward creating something that can last forever. With your dad’s new Stihl Cape Town equipment, you can start a DIY garden project and get the entire family involved. Build your garden troughs now during the winter so that you can have freshly grown produce and beautiful flowers to enjoy in the Spring!