Side Hustles with your Concrete Mixers



Successful side hustles earn you an extra income whilst allowing you to pursue your passions. Explore your creative side and create a concrete product side hustle using concrete mixers from BS Commercial power. Concrete mixers make mixing concrete quick and easy, making them an essential component to your concrete side hustle. Learn the basics of successful side hustles and use your concrete mixers to earn you extra income.


BS Commercial Power:


BS Commercial Power is a Cape Town-based company that aims to provide you with all your equipment needs. BS Commercial Power offers equipment of the highest quality, personalised service, and years of experience. This ensures BS Commercial Power will be your first choice equipment provider.


Our tools range from use in the professional world to your back garden. BS Commercial Power is readily available to assist you in your equipment needs. With a wide range of power tools available, BS Commercial Power makes finding the perfect equipment for your side hustles easy.


What is a Side Hustle?


A side hustle is a way to make extra income outside of your day-to-day job. This may sound like a part-time job, but there are key differences. Part-time jobs are ways to earn extra money, but they tend to have a strict schedule based on an employer’s needs. This means that if you work a 9-5 job it can be difficult to find working hours in your week for a part-time job. Side hustles are done in your own time, on your schedule, and are flexible to fit into your lifestyle.


The “hustle” aspect of your side hustle refers to determination. Your side hustle will be a way of earning an income that steps outside of your working hours and into your daily life. This means that you need to give your side hustle your full energy and devotion, even when you would rather chill on the couch after a long workday.


A side hustle can be anything you find worthy of creating a business over. Find gaps in the market, needs that are not being met, and a group of people who will love your side hustle and get busy creating a successful side hustle.




Side Hustles in South Africa:


More and more South Africans are turning towards side hustles to supplement their incomes. The impact of COVID-19 on South Africa paired with already existing high unemployment rates has forced people to step out of their comfort zones and try side hustles.


These challenges which South Africans face are also an opportunity for creative, unique, and innovative side hustles. The opportunity to start a side hustle has boosted optimism in this country. South Africans are already notoriously known as hard-working, making this an exciting space to see side hustles flourish.


Pros of a Side Hustle:


Side hustles can be an exciting challenge, especially when you start to reap the many benefits of having your own side hustle.


Secondary Income: Supplementing your income with extra money made by your side hustle will ultimately be your driving force behind your side hustle. A bonus to side hustles is that you can tailor your side hustle to be relatively low on start-up costs. Online side hustles can even be free to start. Create your side hustle to boost your income and not be an extra financial burden in the start-up phase.


Explore Your Passion: Side hustles can range from selling baked goods to offering private lessons. You can take your passion and turn it into a possibly profitable activity with a side hustle. Have the courage to pursue your passions and create a successful side hustle that will empower you.


Flexible: Side hustles are specifically ideal for those with busy lifestyles or abnormal routines. Side hustles can squeeze into your daily schedules wherever you find a moment to pay your side hustle attention. It is important to not lean too heavily on your side hustle’s flexibility. A successful side hustle will still need a concerted effort, energy, and time.


Community: Your daily job will result in you seeing and networking with the same people daily or people in the same industry only. A side hustle forces you to get up and out of the house which will help you meet a wider range of people. Even if your side hustle is purely online, your side hustle will attract like-minded people to engage with. Side hustles are a great way to network and build a community, which may even positively influence your full-time job.


Endless Opportunities: Side hustles are not limited to any specific industry or field. This creates endless opportunities for you to explore various side hustle options. If you start a side hustle and see it might not be a success, you then have the option to change or diversify.




Cons of a Side Hustle:


Side hustles sound fantastic but their challenges should not be underestimated. If you are considering starting a side hustle, read through the possible cons so that you can be fully prepared and committed to making your side hustle a success.


Moonlighting: Moonlighting refers to working outside of your full-time employment typically at night. Certain employers will include in your employment contract that you are not allowed to do moonlighting work. This means that starting a side hustle would go against your contract which could have dire consequences. Check your contract for a moonlighting clause before you start planning your side hustle.


Rise and Grind Culture: Side hustles tend to promote a rise and grind culture, which refers to you to be spending any and every moment on bettering yourself or your side hustle. This can increase stress, place pressure on your family life, have you sleeping minimally, and possibly leading to burnout. These issues can then bleed into your functioning at work and affect your full-time employment.


Challenging: Side hustles tend to have unexpected challenges. You may love to bake cakes and you decide to start selling your baked goods at a local market. This sounds easy until you are sitting covered in frosting in the early hours of the morning struggling to reach the large quantity required for the market. There will be challenges and failures, but your side hustle can still be successful if you adapt and continue to grow.


Patience: Patience is the key to a successful side hustle. Often side hustles are created in times when secondary income is needed desperately. This can result in rushing the foundation building of your side hustle and lead to failure. Be patient with yourself, your passion, and your side hustle so that you can enjoy the benefits.


Concrete Mixers:


Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, water, and stone or gravel. This extremely hardy material is perfectly suited to a range of uses. From buildings to driveways to home crafts, it is easy to come up with a side hustle that works with concrete. Concrete mixers are your gateway to perfectly mixed concrete every time.


Put the spade down, you no longer have to mix your concrete by hand. Concrete mixers are machines made specifically to mix your base concrete materials in a drum and turn it into homogenous concrete. The materials are placed into the drum and the drum will then revolve to mix the concrete and keep the concrete from staying stagnant and hardening.




Concrete Mixers Available at BS Commercial Power:


BS Commercial Power is here to help you with choosing the best concrete mixers for your needs. Contact us for any advice needed on which concrete mixer will be best suited for your concrete product in your side hustle. BS Commercial Power stocks three types of Baumax concrete mixers.


  1. 360L Concrete Mixer with B&S Engine
  2. 400L Concrete Mixer with B&S Engine
  3. Baumax BS361 360L Concrete Mixer fitted with Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine


Side Hustles with your Concrete Mixers:


A concrete mixer is ideal for those eager to create a side hustle that incorporates concrete products or crafts. Concrete can be a finicky material to work with as it can crack or break if not prepared correctly. A concrete mixer will make mixing your concrete perfectly one less stress to be concerned about when starting your concrete product side hustle.


The smaller-sized concrete mixers available at BS Commercial Power make your concrete mixers portable. This makes your life easier when using your concrete mixers either at home or at your business space for your side hustle.


Using concrete mixers for your concrete side hustle makes producing your product more efficient. The time, effort, and labour intensity required to mix large quantities of concrete will result in a side hustle that becomes tedious and difficult to integrate into your lifestyle. Concrete mixers are the way to go if you need your side hustle to blend seamlessly into your busy life.


Concrete Side Hustle Ideas with Your Concrete Mixers:


We have selected our top fifteen concrete side hustle ideas perfectly suited to using your concrete mixers. From the small concrete crafts which can be done in your garage to the grander scale concrete products which will require space and adequate equipment, we have a range of inspiration for your concrete side hustle.


  • Concrete Book Ends
  • Concrete Clocks
  • Concrete Pots




  • Concrete Letters
  • Concrete Steppingstones
  • Creative Concrete Driveway




  • Concrete Candle Holders
  • Abstract Concrete Garden Sculptures




  • Concrete Gas Burning Fire Pits
  • Concrete Benches
  • Concrete Vase




  • Concrete Pavers
  • Concrete Jewellery Holder




  • Concrete Indoor or Outdoor Lamps
  • Concrete Outdoor Table and Chairs




Tips for Side Hustles with your Concrete Mixers:


Prototypes: Although your concrete mixers will provide you with perfectly mixed concrete every time, your product will still need to be made and tested. Create prototypes of your concrete products to ensure that there is no cracking or breaking. Play around with different water, cement, and aggregate amounts when using your concrete mixers until you find the perfect mixture for your concrete products.


Online Presence: One way to quickly boost your side hustle is by getting your business online. Create social media accounts and a website showcasing your creative concrete products. People also love to see behind-the-scenes of the creation process, so do not forget to include videos or images of your concrete mixers at work!


Safety: Concrete products can be heavy and difficult to move and transport. Ensure that your safety is put first when transporting or working with concrete products. All the concrete mixers available at BS Commercial Power come with an enclosed engine cover as well as a ring gear cover to ensure your safety.




Turn your concrete crafts into a side hustle with any one of the concrete mixers available at BS Commercial Power.