Ride On Mowers: Efficiency Redefined



Ride on mowers have become a very useful and vital tool for many homeowners, landscapers and agricultural professionals all around the world. These innovative machines have come a long way since the traditional hand held and push mowers. This advance in technology has allowed for a variety of different benefits and improvements over traditional mowers. These powerful and rideable mowers offer a wider range of applications and uses. BS Power, manufacture and import a wide range of equipment, offer a range of different models of ride on mowers that can be used by those interested in lawn care or agriculture.


What Is A Ride On Mower?


A ride on mower, is a specialized lawn care and maintenance machine that is not just used for trimming and cutting grass, but also is designed to help with a variety of maintenance tasks involving larger outdoor lawns and areas. Unlike traditional push mowers, where one requires physical labour, exertion and constant movement, these mowers enable a person to sit comfortably on the designated incorporated seat and control the ride on mower with a steering wheel, allowing a more practical, comfortable and easier approach to garden care.


The ride on mower is powered by either diesel or gasoline engines that allow for ride on mowers to operate as vehicles, meaning that unlike traditional lawn mowers, ride on mowers can move by themselves. The engine strength and power itself varies from model to model, as different models can be used for various areas and terrains. Those who opt to purchase and use these machines tend to stay seated for extended periods of time, thus the seat itself is adjustable to accommodate for comfort and efficiency, and is an essential component of the ride on mower as they are designed to mitigate discomfort and fatigue.


Another distinct feature of ride on mowers is the steering mechanism, which is either in the form of a steering wheel or handlebars. These are a distinct and essential component of ride on mowers as it allows for ease of control and direction, more advanced models even have incorporated power steering.




Why Choose A Ride On Mower Over A Regular Mower?


There are so many reasons as to why you should consider choosing a ride on mower over a traditional push lawn mower. If you enjoy a machine that is more efficient, meaning you will need less time to preform lawn care chores than these riding mowers are the perfect tool for you. In this section let us investigate some of the most popular reasons for purchasing one:


Larger sized lawns and terrains:


These mowers are perfect for those blessed with gardens that stretch as far as the eye can see. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and those on the larger end of the scale need a machine that can handle the task. Ride on mowers are well suited for these sort of jobs they can go great distances without the need for constant refuelling or large cords to be dragged everywhere.


Time efficiency:


As mentioned above, using traditional mowers to cut your grass can take up a large amount of time and can feel like a waste of a day. Therefore for those wishing to minimise the time the task takes, a ride on mower can be very beneficial in this regard.


Manual labour:


If you have ever used a push mower, you know how draining a task it can be, the task becomes even harder if you have many obstacles in your garden to overcome. In this regard ride on mowers are much better, because of their vehicle like qualities the physical effort is almost completely removed from the task making it a lot more enjoyable.




Unlike traditional push mowers, ride on mowers are equipped with cutting decks that allow for a more precise and even cut when trimming the lawn, this ensures that the lawn looks more professional and properly maintained.


Accessibility and mobility:


For those who are unable to stand, walk or be in the sun for extended periods of time, a ride on mower allows for a more efficient and convenient way to maintain and trim your lawn or grass.




Unlike traditional push mowers, whose only main function and use is to cut grass and trim lawns, ride on mowers offer a range of other options beyond these two functions. The ride on mower, come in a variety of different models this allows for a variety of additions, accessories and attachments to be added, to allow for the mower to preform different tasks, ranging from snow removal to towing and leaf and debris collection.




For the landscaping enthusiast, a ride on mower can be a game changer. Ride on mowers can be implemented by those who seeks to tackle lager landscaping projects and the various tasks associated, such as the clearing of overgrown areas, levelling terrains and debris removal.


Commercial and business:


Ride on mowers are not only limited to private residences and for personal use only, but these mowers are also essential assets for those running landscaping business and the maintenance of commercial properties of which are encompassed by a large outdoor area. The ride on mower allow for cost and time efficiency in maintaining image and producing profits.


Reliability and constituency:


Ride on mowers ensure that the user’s lawn or outdoor area are always cut and trimmed in an almost uniform and precise manner. Through use of the aforementioned cutting decks, lawns are always left level and with a professional appearance.




For many gardening enthusiasts the goal is to make your outdoor areas eye catching. For many this includes making sure that their lawn is in the best condition, in both colour and cut. Luckily with certain accessories you can use your ride on mower to not only perfectly trim your lawn, but also add personality through a variety of patterns that you can cut in yourself.


365-day application:


Unlike traditional lawn mowers, ride on mowers, through the implementation and attachment of various accessories, allows for various different tasks to be completed throughout the year. This can range from the collection of leaf and debris during the autumn months, and snow removal during the winter months.




The overall design and structure of ride on mowers allows for it to be used in a variety of different terrains with ease and efficiency. Ride on mowers are not limited to flat surfaces and level terrains, their design allows for the tackling of hilly and uneven terrain and their powerful engines and structure ensure stability and safety during operation.


Environmentally conscious models:


For those who are concerned about any carbon emissions and impact that an additional diesel-powered engine would have on your carbon footprint, certain models of ride on mowers allow for electric or battery powered operation. These not only produces lower emissions, but are also generally quieter and so produce less noise pollution. For those who embrace nature but do not want an overgrown lawn, an environmentally conscious battery or electric powered ride on mowers is the way to go.




What Other Tasks Can A Ride On Mower Perform?


Subject to region, area and availability; there are various different accessories and attachments that may be added on to ride on mowers which extent the scope of operation beyond that of mere lawn maintenance and grass cutting.




Mulching bags and plates can be added to your ride on mowers, these allow for the collection of grass clippings to be converted and returned to the lawn as a natural fertilizer, which allows for the promotion of regrowth and saves money on store bought fertilisers.


Snow removal


For those living in snowy areas, a ride on mower can be your new best friend. With the addition of snow blade, a person is able to plough snow from their yards, paths and driveways.


Tow-behind accessories


Using a tow-behind spreader, the ride on mower is then able to spread and distribute fertilizer, seeds or various other lawn care products as you mow. Furthermore, with the addition of a tow-behind trailer or cart, you are able to more effectively and efficiently cart around debris and waste as you mow around your lawn or property.




With the addition of aerator accessory, you are able to create holes in your soil as you mow to allow for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass more effectively and provide a greater chance for regrowth and fertilisation. Aeration is specifically essential for those with larger lawns or those who own commercial property as it helps to ensure that the grass is always looking greener.


Rollers and striping


For those wishing to have an aesthetically pleasing and picturesque lawn, a striping kit added onto your ride on mower will do just the trick. A striping kit contains rollers that are attached to the mower and are used to create stunning stripes and patterns into your lawn. While the addition of a lawn roller will help those with an uneven and bumpy terrain as these accessories can also be used to level out your terrain.


BS Power Ride On Mower Models


BS Power offers a range of different models of ride on mowers to satisfy and suit the needs of whatever it is you wish to achieve through the use of a ride on mower, ranging from small, medium and large terrains or lawns.


Small and medium lawns


  • The Husqvarna TS138L encompasses a smart design, side-ejection and good ergonomics. This model also has a choke less start and its transmission is lever operated.
  • The Husqvarna TS142 includes side ejection, smart design and ergonomics, much like the TS138L it has a choke less start, but its transmission is pedal-operated.


Medium sized gardens


  • The Husqvarna TC138T is deemed to be durable and comfortable, and offers a high level of manoeuvrability and is perfect for collection of debris. This model includes a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission.
  • The Husqvarna TS148 is quoted to being unrivalled in its comfort and longevity. This model is designed to operate and look incredible.


Larger sized gardens


  • The Husqvarna TS242D is a powerful mower with durability, comfort and high manoeuvrability. This model allows for high traction and has a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission.
  • The Husqvarna TS354 is a heavy-duty ride on mower that allows for faster moving and perfect results. This model contains a commercial grade ground-engaging transmission with a twin cylinder engine.
  • The Husqvarna TS248TXD offers an intelligent and user-friendly design. This model contains a dual-pedal hydrostatic transmission and cast front axle, ensuring excellent grip. This model also includes a keyless ignition and start and LED lighting.


No matter what it is you wish to achieve with your lawn or terrain, we here at BS Power have the perfect ride on mower for you or your business. Purchasing a ride on mower is an investment in your property and future.