Ride on Mower: The grassy gossip



If you are anything like us the first question that you would be asking yourself is, what on earth is a ride on mower? Once that question has been figured out the next question you will be asking yourself is, do I possibly need a ride on mower myself? Read this quick guide for all of the details on ride on mowers, and see if it’s the right machine for you and your garden.


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A ride on mower is an effective grass cutting machine and is powered by an electric key and runs off of unleaded petrol. The mower could have a manual or automatic gearbox depending on the brand, and the easy thing about the ride on mower is the fact that the gears can simply be changed by moving the control lever forward or backwards. Whether you have a large garden or a piece of land to keep looking fabulous and maintained, the ride on mower will do the job.




A ride on mower is almost like a lawn mower except, as the name says, you ride on it. A ride on mower is more effective than a lawn mower as it cuts the lawn at a much faster pace and it is able to get into harder areas such as underneath benches, tables, playgrounds and all obstacles in the garden.


A riding mower is highly recommended as it is not only more effective and easier to use than a lawn mower but it also cuts the lawn so finely that it uses a double blade which brings up the soil and allows it to fertilise itself. This means that you do not need to buy nutrients and special things to feed your lawn as the mower does this all naturally through the way it cuts the lawn. The riding mower also has a switch which allows the grass cuttings to be emptied without having to even get off the machine.


The ride on mower has been designed to ensure that the safety of the rider is top priority. Firstly, the mower’s engine has to be in neutral for the machine to start. Secondly, the machine will not work unless the blades are in the correct position and if you would like to hop off the mower with the engine still on all controls have to be in neutral with the parking brake applied or the engine will cut.


The ride on mower has even more beneficial advantages. During cold winter months the machine can be used to plough away snow which can make unblocking roads, paths and driveways so much easier. If you are living on a farm or even a small holding the machine can be used to carry feed for the livestock and instead of having to get in your car and drive it to certain parts of the farm you can jump on your mower and get to every area of the farm where your livestock need to be fed.


Whilst ploughing the lawn the mower can also do simple tasks such as grind leaves into manure or help trim the shrubs. A ride on mower is more effective as it has a larger fuel capacity so it can do far rides and work for many hours before the fuel tank has to be refilled. This is effective as you could have to travel quite far on your mower and you will not have to worry about filling up all the time.




Even though there are many great features and advantages of the machine, there are also a few things you need to be aware of when purchasing a riding mower. Ride on mowers vary in size, it is very important for you to ensure that you are not purchasing a machine that is too big for your yard or that is too small for your yard.


The smaller mowers are suitable for smaller plots of land that are flat and have finer grass. The larger mowers are more suitable for areas that are more hilly, larger and can handle a heavier machine. This bigger machine mows the lawn at a much faster and effective pace. The easiest way to decide on the correct size of mower is by determining which machine will firstly fit through your front gate and secondly, will fit along the sides of your house.


When purchasing a mower, going for the cheapest and first mower that you see is probably not the greatest idea. Thorough research and looking at different brands and products needs to be done. Buying the cheapest mower might not be the greatest idea. If the land that will be mowed is flat, small and level then a small economical and cheaper mower might just be for you.


But if you are someone who is not very motivated to cut the lawn regularly and you let the grass grow long then a small mower will struggle and could potentially wear out faster or could even break. If your land is bumpy, larger and left for months on end then a faster, more powerful machine could potentially be more suitable for you. It will have less wear and tear and could last longer. You need to ensure that the machine you buy is well within its capabilities and that it is a higher spec, probably more expensive model.


When purchasing a mower it is important to understand every single aspect of the machine. This includes information such as the horsepower, fuel usage and total displacement. Many people are totally unaware of these factors and this could lead to buying a mower that is not suitable for your needs. You need to ensure that the specs suit you perfectly so that the machine is not too weak for the job you are expecting it to do or too strong for what you would like it to do.




Horsepower has to do with how the machine accelerates in different situations. If you live on a hilly property then a ride on mower with a higher horsepower is needed, if you like on a flat piece of land then a machine with less horsepower will be suited. Engine displacement is the engine’s power, the more powerful the louder it will be and the faster the blades will turn, hence the faster the lawn will be cut. If you have flat land with thin grass you will not have to have as much engine displacement but if you have a wet and long lawn then you will be needing a ride on mower with more power.


In any scenario that you find yourself it is better to buy an overpowered machine than an underpowered one. If you buy an overpowered one the advantages will be the fact that the job will be done quicker, the machine will handle bumpy areas much easier and the mower will last so much longer as it will not be put under stress. However, the machine that is bigger and stronger will cost you a lot more money.


An underpowered machines will always be working on its end and could break more easily, the machine will also have very little movement and will take much longer to cut the lawn. The mower will also constantly get blockages as it can not keep up with what you are expecting it to do.


One of the most important factors to look at when buying a ride on mower is to take into consideration the terrain of your land. It is very important to not buy a machine that cannot handle your terrain. If you have a perfect flat terrain then almost any mower on the market will be able to do the job effectively, but many people want to be able to mow their lawn that is on a slope or on bumpy land.


This means that the machine that you purchase needs to be stronger and more powerful, the machine requires more specialised features. In order to ensure that you are purchasing the correct machine, request a demonstration on your lawn where you can practice and try out the mower, or even ask someone who has previously purchased a mower for their advice. When speaking to anyone it is vital that you explain exactly what you need the machine for and what you are expecting it to be able to do.


When you are purchasing a ride on mower you need to ensure that you have an appropriate place to store it. Ride on mowers are not small machines like a lawn mower that can be packed in the cupboard. A ride on mower needs to be stored properly in a shed or in a specific place.




A ride on mower cannot just be left outside as it is not made to withstand weather such as wind, rain, dust or snow. When a ride on mower is left out in the open the humidity and heat can often cause damage to the belts, electronic features, joints and even the steel parts of the machine. Too much water and dampness can also cause the machine to seize up.


The damage caused will not be seen immediately and will slowly creep up on you. It is also not obvious so will not be obvious to the eye. Keeping the ride on mower out in the open will cause you to have to pay more money to keep the machine intact as money will need to be spent on maintaining joints and steel parts. Eventually the damage will cause the ride on mower to stop working.


On the final note before you buy your ride on mower. Get on it, drive it around, make it do some work and ensure that you are one hundred percent happy with the way that it works, the look of it and the way that it needs to be stored. You are the one that is going to have to use the machine so ensure that you are comfortable on it and that it does exactly what you want it to do how you want it to be done.


Remember, there are hundreds of different shapes, sizes and brands of ride on mowers to choose from and you need to ensure that your one has been made for you. Find one that is easy for you to change gears, turn on and off and that the controls are in perfect reach for you. You need to love it otherwise using it will be more of a pain than what it is intended to be.