Ride On Mower: Shaping Modern Design


Entering the month of September means that it’s springtime, the perfect time for a ride on mower. The sun feels warmer, the birds are chirping, and your garden is starting to bloom again after another long, cold winter. As exciting as it is to have your garden becoming lusher and greener, this also means that it will require more regular maintenance and upkeep to keep it neat and healthy.


When we speak of maintenance, we don’t just mean pruning your flowers or trimming and shaping shrubbery; the entire garden needs to be cared for, and the most significant area that needs to be maintained is usually the grass.


Grass often takes up the largest space in the garden, creating a vast, flat surface area that is soft to run on, easy to care for and grows quickly. Grass is ideal for gardens because of how cheap and easy it is to grow, and it is perfect for playing outdoor sports, picnics, entertaining and more, as it is neat and visually appealing.


With this being said, more extensive grass areas can become difficult to keep up with purely because of their size, which is why we recommend a ride on mower from BS Power to help you keep up with the green with ease.


If you’re ready to take control of your garden over the season of growth and create the perfect entertainment space, then keep reading to learn more about the latest gardening trends and how a ride on mower will help you achieve this.




Modern Gardens: The Bigger Picture


In 2023, gardens are not just there to add aesthetic appeal. They exist to be functional. The COVID-19 lockdown forced people to spend more time at home, and when their gardens became their only escape for outdoor time and fresh air, many realised how important their gardens were.


Today, more and more people are focusing on turning their gardens into functional, sustainable areas through more eco-friendly practices to serve as entertainment and relaxation areas. We’ve identified a few of the most popular current garden trends that don’t just contribute not just to the aesthetics of your space but are also easily maintained with a ride on mower.


Multi-Functional Gardens


Homeowners are moving towards creating outdoor areas for people to gather and children to play. Spring and summer make for the perfect weather to spend time outside, with well-kept gardens for children to run around and play and outdoor seating areas to gather and relax. The grass and surrounding areas need to be neat and well-kept to create a modern, relaxing aesthetic that can be enjoyed, as long grass is challenging to walk through and can irritate the skin.


Creating a functional outdoor environment with a ride on mower is a simple task, and it is easy to maintain through the seasons for everyone to enjoy at any time.


Edible Gardens


Many people are incorporating herbs and vegetables into their gardens that can be grown and used for cooking or flavouring meals. Edible gardens are an excellent way to add diversity to the garden area, teach children about farming and caring for crops, and add an eco-friendly aesthetic to the garden through sustainable food practices, even with small herbs.


Native Grasses


By selecting grass species and plants that are local and suited to the climate and landscape of the area, you are saving yourself hours of maintenance and lots of water. Native grasses thrive in their natural climates and support local wildlife and insects that need to pollinate. Native grasses make life easier, requiring far less maintenance and contributing to a healthier ecosystem.


Striped Or Patterned Lawns


Everyone has seen a stunning striped lawn at least once, whether in their neighbourhood or on TV. These lawns are not easy to achieve, but they are aesthetically pleasing, look neat and well put together, and are very simple to accomplish if you have the right tools. Striped lawns are created by mowing in different directions, which can be achieved using a ride on mower.


Grass Alternatives


Another grass trend involves no grass at all. Grass alternatives still function the same way that normal grasses do and provide a space to walk, entertain and play, but also have a positive impact on the environment. These grass alternatives include ground covers and meadows, which provide a more interesting and diverse coverage than traditional grass. These grass alternatives can be easily maintained using a ride on mower, adding a different aesthetic appeal to your garden.


Eco-Friendly Gardens


Besides mowing your lawn to keep the grass short, you also need to water and fertilise the grass so it is healthy and growing throughout the year. Gardens are not easy to upkeep, which is why more and more people are choosing the solution that makes their lives easier and is suitable for the environment. Eco-friendly gardens are made up of plants requiring less water, so they don’t have to use tap water. People are also doing away from garden chemicals and pesticides, which means that a ride on mower is even more essential to keep the garden clean and tidy.




Benefits Of A Ride On Mower


Efficient Grass Cutting


No matter how big or small your garden is, mowing the grass is never fun or easy, but a mower ride makes it far more achievable and saves you time and effort than other methods don’t. Hopping on to your mower, all you need to do is direct it, and it does the rest of the work for you, quickly mowing strips of the garden faster and more efficiently than a push mower would. If you want gardening to be a pleasant experience, then a ride on mower is for you.




Ride on mowers are more sophisticated than push mowers, as they come with various attachments that allow the mower to perform a variety of different tasks and do so in the most effective way possible. For example, accessories can be added to scrape away debris in the front of the mower and collect grass cuttings as the mower moves to clean up as it cuts. Ride on mowers can also be adjusted so that the blades cut the grass a certain length, which push mowers can also do. However, ride on mowers are still able to provide precision even though they are larger.




Push mowers are notoriously difficult to manoeuvre and direct, so they often miss grass patches and can be generally frustrating to use during a job. Ride on mowers are easier to handle and control, and the steering wheel makes manoeuvring an easy and pleasurable experience. You will have no problem getting up close to bushes, trees and flower beds to achieve tight, neat edges without risking damage to the plants. Seated above ground level on the ride on mower, you will also have a better view of your garden and surroundings, making it easier to direct the mower and spot areas that you missed.


Reduced Physical Effort


Riding a mower is far easier than pushing it. Push mowers put strain on your body, mainly your arms and back, and you will most likely ache afterwards. Ride on mowers are optimal for individuals with physical limitations but also for anyone who wishes to invest in an easy maintenance tool for their garden and save themselves the weekly pain of pushing a mower.


Time Saver


A ride on mower will get the job done faster than any other gardening equipment, allowing you to complete your gardening tasks quickly and efficiently, saving you time for relaxation or other activities. Garden maintenance does not need to take up the whole day if done with the right equipment; this does not only apply to homeowners. Landscaping businesses and maintenance crews often have multiple sites to maintain in a day, and they need equipment that gets the job done well and quickly.


Landscaping And Design


Ride on mowers play a pivotal role in landscaping and design for more extensive gardens and school fields, meadows or wildflower patches. A ride on mower makes small to large-scale gardening jobs easier. It moves faster, cuts precisely and efficiently, saves time and effort, covers a larger surface area than push mowers, and doesn’t risk running over its electrical cable, like some push mowers.


Healthy Grass


Allowing your garden to become overgrown is not the end of the world, but apart from looking unsightly, it also results in the grass becoming unhealthy. Regularly mowing your garden promotes the growth of strong and healthy grass by cutting it to an appropriate height as well as watering and maintaining it.


Property Value


Your garden and outdoor area are a reflection of your home and your lifestyle, and it is essential to keep this space well-kept not just for aesthetic appeal but also to increase the value of your property should you ever choose to sell it in the future. Overgrown gardens happen quickly and can take months of work to clean up, which is why tools and equipment for regular maintenance are worth investing in in the long run.




Mowing your garden regularly prevents weeds from producing seeds, but by cutting them down before they can spread, you can effectively prevent them from taking over your garden. If you go too long without mowing, they are more likely to begin spreading and can quickly become unmanageable.




Compared to pushing a mower, riding on a mower makes mowing your garden far more enjoyable. It takes most of the effort out of the task and can even be considered a fun activity for some, who enjoy sitting back and directing the mower as it efficiently completes the job.




Ride On Mower From BS Power


Gardens will always require maintenance, and some more than others. Whether you are looking to create a neat, uniform landscape in your back garden, smooth rolling hills for kids and pets to run and play, or shape out a relaxing entertainment spot in your garden, you’re going to need the right tools to get the job done. As your grass grows, you’re going to need to cut it again, and again, and again. Luckily for you, BS Power has the perfect solution.


BS Power offers ride mowers ranging from those suitable for small to medium-sized gardens to others capable of trimming down golf courses and rugby fields. Whether you have a specific vision in mind for your outdoor space or are simply looking for the best possible solution to all your future maintenance needs, ride on mowers are definitely the piece of equipment you have been missing.


Browse the BS Power range online or in-store, and discover our wide range of outdoor tools and equipment, construction equipment, cement mixers and more.