Ride on Mower Prices: Importance of Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance at Schools


Landscaping a school is a steep initial investment, and the costs do not stop there. You then need to ensure that your landscaping and grounds are adequately maintained by either an internal maintenance team or a hired grounds maintenance service. If these costs are making you wonder whether landscaping and grounds maintenance is worth it for your school, read through our guide to the importance of landscaping and grounds maintenance. We have also highlighted the essential tips for landscaping and grounds maintenance to keep your school a beautiful and healthy space for children to play and learn. When looking for affordable ride on mower prices for your school grounds maintenance, B&S Commercial Power is your budget-friendly solution for easy grass maintenance.


Importance of Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance at Schools:


Alongside prioritising learning facilities, having qualified and passionate teachers, and creating a safe space for students to learn and grow, schools also need to place emphasised focus on the spaces outside the classroom walls. Schools can quickly become a concrete jungle of buildings and car parks, with only a few green spaces allocated to the function of sport. To demonstrate why your school should invest time and funds into landscaping and grounds maintenance, we have highlighted the 6 important reasons why landscaping and grounds maintenance is essential for schools.


1) Create a Healthy Environment for Students:


The landscaping and grounds of your school have an enormous impact on the way your students learn and grow at your school. Numerous studies have indicated that having a natural environment at schools through landscaping and open green spaces has had a positive impact on learning, memory, reduced stress levels, and boosted moods. All these components craft an environment for happy and thriving students at your school.


In addition to the mental and emotional positive effects of a landscaped environment at your school, there are also increased physical health benefits. If your school is located in a city or a bustling suburban area, the students at your school are going to be exposed to air pollutants such as smoke and toxic gases produced by cars and certain businesses. Trees and plants around your school will absorb these toxic pollutants, creating a safer and healthier environment for your students.


2) Keep Your School Grounds Safe for Children to Play:


Alongside the many factors that go into creating a safe school space, grounds maintenance is one of the essential aspects. An unmaintained school ground can quickly result in injured children and disgruntled parents. Fallen branches are a tripping hazard, overgrown grasses can conceal dangerous items that could cause injury if stepped on, and decaying leaves on solid surfaces can become slippery and result in falls. By keeping surfaces clear from plant debris, grass neatly cut, and trees maintained, you can ensure that your school grounds are a safe environment for children to learn and play freely.




3) Demonstrate an Appreciation for Green Spaces:


One essential thing that landscaping and grounds maintenance can teach your students is an appreciation and respect for green spaces. By investing in beautiful flowerbeds that line student paths in between classes, large patches of grass designed for lunch-eating or relaxation, and strong rows of trees around the perimeter of your school, you are demonstrating that natural settings are important and deserve to be prioritised. In an era where maintaining nature is becoming increasingly imperative, this is an important life skill that you will impart to the students at your school.


4) Make Your School Appealing to Prospective Students and Parents:


More than ever, parents are prioritising schools with green spaces and beautiful landscaping due to the benefits that natural environments have for learning and well-being. Your school may have a high academic achievement history, excellent sporting facilities, and a terrific cultural program, but if prospective students and parents arrive at a dusty school premise overcome with weeds, fallen leaves, and dishevelled hedges, they are going to turn on their heels. By prioritising landscaping and grounds maintenance at your school, you will ensure that your school is an attractive contender for prospective students and parents.




5) Enhance Learning and Play with a Cool and Shaded School:


Especially during the summer months, your school classrooms and grounds can become a baking hot space for your students. High temperatures can be extremely disruptive to learning in the classroom and children playing in the sun are at higher risk of dehydration, sunburn, and heat stroke. Creating a cool environment for your school is essential for enhancing learning and allowing for safe playing or resting during break times.


The easiest way to reduce the overall heat of your school is to increase the trees in the landscaping of your school grounds. Cleverly located trees around the grassed areas designated for lunch and play will provide students with shaded areas to enjoy themselves without the risks of excessive sun exposure. You can also plant trees near the classrooms to keep buildings cool and protected. Even if classrooms do not directly benefit from the shade of the trees, the trees will reduce the overall heat of your school grounds making it an easier environment for your students to learn.


6) Reduce Risks of Water Damage and Soil Erosion at School:


Landscaping and grounds maintenance can be worth the expense when you consider the cost of repairing any damage caused by flooding or soil erosion at your school. School grounds that have bare soil devoid of any grasses or plants are more open to high levels of runoff water during a downpour and soil erosion over time. By investing in plants, trees, and grass spaces, you are investing in the longevity of your school by keeping it protected from water damage and soil erosion.


How to Maintain Landscaping and Grounds at Schools:


School landscaping and grounds maintenance transforms a school into a healthy, inviting, and safe space for students to learn and play. After the huge investment in landscaping your school grounds and creating green spaces, keeping these outdoor areas maintained is essential to upholding the important reasons behind why you did the landscaping in the first place. We have highlighted the easy ways to keep your school landscaping and grounds maintained, as well as outlined the grounds maintenance tools that will make this process effortless to keep consistent.


1) Cut Grass Fields with a Ride on Mower:




School grounds typically include large expanses of grass allocated for sport or recreation. Keeping these large swathes of grass cut and maintained can be tiresome and time-consuming if you only have a lawnmower. A ride on mower will drastically reduce the time spent on cutting your school grass areas, allowing you to spend more time maintaining other landscaped areas.


2) Effortlessly Maintain Verges and Difficult Terrain Areas with a Brushcutter:


Curb appeal is essential for schools, which means keeping your verge area beautiful and neat is important. If your verge is a grassed area with difficult terrain, a brushcutter will make maintaining this natural area quick and easy. You can additionally use the brushcutter around other grass areas of your school that would be difficult for your ride on mower to navigate.


3) Quickly Remove Fallen Leaves and Plant Debris with a Blower:


Investing in trees for your school grounds is an essential step towards creating a beautiful and cool school environment for learning and play. The problem with trees is that they tend to come with the maintenance problem of fallen leaves and other plant debris. Save time on raking and keep your pathways, parking lots, and school areas neat and safe effortlessly with a leaf blower.


4) Keep Hedges Neat with Hedge Trimmers:


Planting hedges at a school is an easy and affordable way to create elegant landscaping around your school. Once your hedge plants are established, they will need to be trimmed to keep them neat and ensure that they are a point of pride in your school. Rather than manually snipping each branch of your hedges, you can achieve the exact hedge shape and neatness with a hedge trimmer in a short amount of time.


5) Keep Trees Neat with a Chainsaw:


Routine trimming and pruning of the trees on your school grounds is important to the overall aesthetic and safety of your school. From a safety perspective, rotten or dangling school branches can be a safety hazard if they fall on a student, parent, or visitor. Ensuring that the trees on your school premise continue to be a positive aspect of your school’s landscaping can be simply done with a chainsaw. You can use the chainsaw every few months to trim away branches and keep the trees in the best shape.


6) Water and Fertilise Flowerbeds and Grass:


Your last essential maintenance step to keep your school grounds beautiful, safe, and healthy for students is to keep your plants, flowerbeds, and grass watered and fertilised. The regularity of watering and fertilising is dependent on the rainfall in your area and the quality of your school soil. Consistent watering and semi-regular fertilising will keep plants and grass lush and healthy, ensuring that your investment in landscaping and grounds maintenance was worth the money.




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