Ride On Mower: Getting to Grips with the Next Evolution in Lawnmowing



As the modern-day starts to ask more and more of us with each passing day, it can be difficult to imagine yourself still having the energy to cut your grass after working so hard during the week. While many people may see cutting grass to be an inconvenience, there is still a way to make the act itself far more convenient and even a bit enjoyable. By reading through this quick article, you can start to understand why so many people now using a ride on mower, which can be purchased at BS Power, as their first and only choice when cutting their grass.




How You Can Get Started with Your Own Ride On Mower


You could ask practically anyone and they would likely say that cutting grass is a complete hassle, although the reason might change from person to person. Some may not like having to push their lawnmower around the entire lawn, others may not know how to use the machine itself or even how to cut their grass in an efficient manner that still looks good, and others may just simply not like being outside, to begin with. Using a ride on mower, while you still need to be outside to use it, can allow you to get back inside quicker as a result of how quick and easy it is to use such a machine.


The only problem that some people may face is that they may not know how exactly to use this lawnmower, which is often caused by the machine itself seeming rather intimidating due to its size in comparison to more conventional lawnmowers. This confusion is, thankfully, rather short-lived as these ride on lawnmowers are incredibly easy to use while also allowing you to enjoy an immaculate-looking lawn within a matter of minutes after starting.


To help get you on your way to a lawn that even professional gardeners could only dream of, here is a step-by-step guide on how to start up your ride on mower, as well as tips on how you can get an evenly cut and neat looking lawn without any added hassle at all. While not all of these riding lawnmowers may work in the exact same way, a large majority of them see their users going through similar steps in order to get the machine started.




How Should You Turn on Your Ride On Lawnmower?


In most cases of riding lawnmowers, it generally required that you start by having your throttle placed in the highest possible position, to allow for an easier time getting it started. From here, you need to place your foot on the brake pedal before activating the lawnmower by pulling out the choke knob. Once this is done, you can turn and hold your key to the ride until you can hear and feel the engine starting up, which is also when you should push the choke back in again.


The choke control system is an important part of any ride on lawnmower as it is able to adjust the fuel and air intake into the engine for temporary periods of time, which is what helps the machine’s motor to start. The reason you need to push the choke back in as soon as the engine starts is that it prevents the oil to become diluted as well as keeps the engine’s combustion chamber from becoming damaged too.


How Do You Start Mowing Your Lawn?


Due to the size of the lawnmower itself, many people start off a bit intimidated and unsure of how fast to move through their lawn and when to turn, and at what angle. These questions worries are normal to ask and can start to dissipate soon after you get started. To do so, you simply need to lift your foot off of the brake pedal and then shift your mower into the lowest gear, like you would with any stick shift vehicle. From here, you can slowly press your foot onto the drive pedal until you have reached your desired speed before then steering it in the direction of your lawn. The speed of the mower can be controlled by lowering your throttle to go slower, while a higher throttle can allow you to go faster, although it is also recommended to keep your throttle high when cutting tall grass.


Thankfully, the blades of your mower are not activated when starting the engine up, allowing you to conserve fuel and prevent any unforeseen damage or injuries while moving from the garage to your lawn. To activate your mowing blades, you first need to bring your mower to a halt and flip the engagement level, pull the knob, or push the button, depending on what is available on your specific mower. This is usually indicated by a sign saying “Blade Engage” on some models of lawnmowers, while others may instead say “Power Lift Off”. By doing so, the blades underneath your mower begin to slowly drop down to grass level, allowing you to simply start driving again in order to get started on the work ahead.


How Should You be Cutting Your Grass with a Ride On Mower?


Many people seem to come up with their own methods and tricks to cutting their grass while using these ride on lawnmowers. While many of these methods are more advanced to allow for more convenience or to allow for different lawn shapes and structures, there is one method that anyone can get the hang of within just their first session. This method sees you riding your mower the entire length of your lawn in individual strips going back and forth.


When it comes to corners, however, it can still be rather difficult to get a neat cut without having to use trimmers or weedwhackers. To get as close as you possibly can, however, you simply need to get as close as you can to the corner and turn 90 degrees before reversing it back into the corner. For those using a zero-turning lawnmower, however, cutting corners becomes far easier as these machines use lap bars or levers that allow your turn on a dime without any acceleration involved in the slightest.


To prevent your lawn from looking patchy or from putting too much stress on your grass, it is recommended that each strip of grass that you cut should overlap with the previous strip by only a few inches. Alongside this, it is also advised that you only cut your grass to about a third of its original length as this prevents your lawn from enduring too much damage. To prevent damage to the lawnmower itself while also keeping yourself from getting hurt, if your lawn has any inclines or slopes of any size, it is strongly urged that you only ever go up and down them directly rather than side to side at an angle, as this will keep you from tipping over.




The Benefits of Using a Ride On Mower Over Conventional Lawnmowers


If you have not already been able to tell, using a ride on mower rather than your standard pushing mowers provides an ample number of advantages that you may not be able to enjoy otherwise. Just for starters, it allows more homeowners to do the job themselves rather than having to hire someone else to do it, a need that is often required due to a number of other issues that may have gotten in the way beforehand.


For instance, many people who would otherwise enjoy cutting their own grass are not often able to due to some form of limitation that they may be dealing with. Some homeowners may not have the time needed to mow their lawn, something that can often see you spending hours outside when using pushing lawnmowers, while other homeowners may not have the strength and endurance, or are simply too old to be able to push their lawnmower around without risking an injury.


The factor of time and physical limitations are both rendered nearly obsolete when using a ride on mower as this machine requires far less effort from your end, allowing you to sit and enjoy the scenery without adding any risk of experiencing an injury or even aggravating any older ones. This level of convenience and safety does not come at the cost of the time you spend outside in the slightest, as these machines come with far more power that allows you to mow larger amounts of grass within shorter amounts of time. This, alongside the added benefit of not having to hire a gardener anymore, allows you to save time, energy, as well as your hard-earned cash too, all through only a single purchase of a ride on lawnmower.




Where Can You Buy Your Own Ride On Lawnmower?


If you find yourself interested in joining in on the action that is provided by these riding lawnmowers, then you may find no better place to get started other than by visiting BS Power, where you are given the option of choosing between a wide variety of options that each come with their own sets of features, advantages, and prices. This allows you to choose the exact option that works best for your lawn and your budget.


Here at BS Power, we aim to make your entire experience as easy as possible while still providing you with all the information that you need in order to feel comfortable and confident before starting on your lawn. To do so, our employees have become experts in their field over their many years of service. In fact, our staff has work experience adding up to a combined total of 100 years, which ensures that you are always given the correct and most helpful advice and tips when it comes to practically any aspect of gardening or construction.


If you are looking to place an order through us at BS Power, you are even given a number of ways to do so for added convenience to yourself. While we only have a single store in the Brackenfell area of Cape Town for those who like to visit stores in person, we still provide delivery to all parts of South Africa as well as the surrounding countries. This means that you can also place any and all orders that you need by simply choosing between a phone call, by sending an email, or even by placing your orders through our website directly.


To do so, all you need to do is click on the “Contact Us” button on the top of our website’s homepage. Here is where you are given a number of different contact options as well as a contact form that you need to fill out, should you wish to place your orders on the website directly.