Ride on Mower: Create Grass Patterns with Your Ride on Mower



Tired and bored of mowing your lawn in a uniform cut? Wanting to impress friends, family, or neighbours with your lawn? You can transform your lawn into a visual display by using a ride on mower to create unique and beautiful grass patterns. We have created a step-by-step guide to transform your lawn into a beautiful pattern with your ride on mower. We have also thrown in some additional tips for achieving a distinctive grass pattern. B&S Commercial Power supply high-quality and superior performance ride on mowers that will make easy and simple work of mowing your grass pattern.


Grass Patterns with Ride on Mowers:


Many homeowners dread lawn-cutting day. Trundling along behind your manual or power lawnmower can be time-consuming. Walking from one end of the lawn and back again to achieve a blanket of uniformly cut grass week after week can quickly become monotonous. If you have children, you are most likely going to try tempting them into doing the chore in exchange for “chore money”.


Ride on mowers alleviate the time, effort, and energy required to cut your lawn. If you have a large property that regularly needs mowing, a ride on mower will be an excellent investment. Not only do you achieve a perfectly cut lawn quickly, but cutting the lawn becomes more enjoyable with the comfort and ease of ride on mowers.


Another benefit to a ride on mower is its versatility and manoeuvrability. With ride on mowers, you are no longer limited to the ordinary and uniformly cut lawn, but you can select a creative pattern for your grass to reignite your interest and joy in cutting your lawn. The pairing of a ride on mower and a beautiful grass pattern will have everyone in your family scrambling to do lawn-cutting duty!


How to Mow Popular Grass Patterns with Ride on Mowers:


We have created a guide on the different popular grass patterns and how you can achieve them on your lawn with ride on mowers. We recommend selecting a zero-turn mower for your grass patterns as this makes the process easier and achieves beautiful grass pattern results.


1) Stripe Pattern:


The stripe pattern is one of the most basic grass patterns and an excellent pattern to start with. The stripe pattern includes lighter and darker grass stripes along the width or length of your lawn. You will most famously see this grass pattern in soccer stadiums, and you can achieve the same look in your backyard with our easy guide.


Guide to Create Stripe Pattern:


  • Mow your entire lawn as usual.
  • Change the level of your mower blades to slightly lower than the initial level.
  • Mow your lawn from one end to the other in one direction.
  • When you get to the end of each line, turn your mower off, make a wide turn, and head back to the starting end of the lawn along the line you have just mowed.
  • Start your next line at a space that is equally distanced from the last line. You can use the width of your ride on mower’s blade to measure equal distances.
  • Continue this process until you have equally spaced stripes on your lawn.




2) Chessboard Pattern:


The chessboard pattern is similar to the stripe pattern except it involves both horizontal and vertical lines to create a checkerboard effect in your lawn. This intriguing grass design appears difficult to achieve, but our quick guide will make it simple.


Guide to Create Chessboard Pattern:


  • Mow your entire lawn to a length slightly longer than you would ordinarily cut your grass.
  • Mow your lawn from bottom to top to create the stripe pattern across your entire lawn.
  • Move your mower to the left-hand side of your lawn and mow stripes that run perpendicular to your original stripes until you have mowed your entire lawn and achieved a checkerboard pattern.
  • You may need to repeat step 2 after completing step 3 to add definition to your original lighter stripes.




3) Wave Pattern:


The wave pattern is a playful and unique grass pattern design. It is similar to the stripe pattern, except you do not need to rigidly follow straight lines. The lines can wave and bend as you desire. Follow our easy guide and allow your creativity to shine in this wave pattern.


Guide to Create Wave Pattern:


  • Mow your entire lawn whilst leaving the length of the grass slightly longer than you ordinarily would.
  • Position your mower on the left-hand side of your lawn and mow a wavey stripe.
  • When you get to the end of the line, turn your mower off, make a wide turn, and head back to the starting end of the lawn along the line you have just mowed.
  • Continue the process whilst following the initial wavy pattern you created until you have a wave pattern in your lawn.




4) Diamond Pattern:


The diamond grass pattern is a diagonal version of the chessboard pattern. Most popularly used on golf courses, the diamond pattern is one of the most sophisticated grass patterns. Add an element of grandeur to your lawn with our guide to creating a diamond grass pattern.


Guide to Create Diamond Pattern:


  • Position your mower at a 45-degree angle at the corner of your lawn.
  • Begin the diamond pattern by mowing one lone line diagonally across the centre of your lawn.
  • Alternate your stripes outwards from the centre diagonal line to the left-hand side.
  • Once you have reached the end of the lawn on the left-hand side of the centre diagonal line, return to the centre diagonal line and repeat the diagonal striping process on the right-hand side till you reach the edge of the lawn.
  • Position your mower at a 45-degree angle at the parallel corner to the corner you originally started at.
  • Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until you achieve a diamond pattern.
  • We recommend creating a border around the edge of your lawn to accentuate the effect of the diamond pattern.




Tips For Mowing Grass Patterns:


Not only is it important to follow the right process to achieve the desired grass pattern in your lawn, but there are additional steps you need to take to ensure the grass pattern is distinct, crisp, and worth your effort. We have created a list of the top five tips for achieving an enviable grass pattern in your lawn.


Length: Longer grass is easier to achieve definitive grass patterns. While it may feel counterintuitive to cut your grass at a longer length than you normally would, the longer grass allows for the easier achievement of grass patterns. A bonus is that longer grass is healthier grass, which means that both your grass pattern and your luscious lawn will be the talk of the neighbourhood.


Type of Grass: Different types of grass work better for achieving aesthetic grass patterns. In South Africa, lawn grass is typically suited to hotter climates, and generally hotter climate grass is difficult to achieve distinct grass patterns. We recommend Buffalo grass as it is one South African grass that will work well for grass patterns.


Only Mow Dry Grass: No matter whether you are creating a grass pattern or simply cutting your lawn on a Sunday afternoon, dry grass cuts better than wet grass. To achieve a distinctive pattern in your lawn, we recommend cutting the lawn once the morning dew has evaporated or during the day whilst the sun is shining.


Maintenance: A well-maintained ride on mower will achieve the best results in your desired grass pattern. Ensure that the blades are sharpened and that the underneath of the blade protector is clean from any grass before you start mowing your selected grass pattern.


Grass Roller: To accentuate the difference in the lines of the pattern you have created in your grass, you can roll a grass roller over the lighter stripes to bend the grass further. Patterns are essentially achieved by manipulating the way light reflects off the blades of grass. Grass bent away from you will appear lighter and grass bent towards you will appear darker. A grass roller will therefore accentuate your design.


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