Ride on Mower: 5 Lawn Games to Enjoy with Family and Friends


What better way to make use of your lawn than to use it for lawn games with friends and family! You can play cornhole with the kids while the braai heats up, catch some sun around the pool with friends whilst playing jumbo Jenga, and create lasting memories that go late into the evening with glow-bowling. We have highlighted 5 lawn games that you can play and enjoy with friends and family. An essential aspect to having a fun-filled day of lawn games is perfectly cut grass. B&S Commercial Power has a ride on mower perfectly suited to trimming your grass to perfection for your day of lawn games with friends and family.


Top 5 Lawn Games For Fun with Family and Friends:


When the sun is shining, a meal is on its way, and you have your friends and family over, lawn games are the final touch to this excellent experience. Lawn games are the ultimate way to get everyone involved in an afternoon of fun and friendly competitiveness. Make the most of your perfectly cut lawn and glorious outdoor space with this collection of 5 lawn games for entertaining friends or making memories with family.


1) Cornhole:


Cornhole, also called corn toss, is a highly popular game where players score points when they throw their cornhole bag into the hole of the cornhole board. Cornhole is fun, easy, and a great way to keep guests entertained before a late lunch at your home. Cornhole boards can also be easily personalised if you are having a special function at your home.


What You Need:


  • 2 cornhole boards.
  • 8 cornhole bags.


Cornhole Setup:


To set up your cornhole game, position each cornhole board 8 meters apart with the hole of each board facing away from the opposite board. Organise your players into two teams which can consist of 1-2 players. Once the teams are organised, give each team their four cornhole bags. You can decide which team goes first with a coin toss.


How to Play:


Stand on the left-hand side of your cornhole board behind the line of the front of the board and toss the cornhole bag into the hole of the opposite cornhole board. The first team takes equal turns to throw their four cornhole bags into the hole of the cornhole board. After the first team has gone, the second team takes their turn to throw their four cornhole bags. The process is repeated until a team reaches 21 points to win.


Points System:


  • 0 Points = A cornhole bag does not touch the cornhole board or there was a foul throw, such as a player stepping past the line, the cornhole bag bounced off the ground onto the board, or the player took longer than 15 seconds to throw.
  • 1 Point = A cornhole bag on the cornhole board.
  • 3 Points = A cornhole bag went through the cornhole board hole.




2) Croquet:


A collection of essential lawn games would be incomplete without croquet. Originally reserved for the elite classes in England, now everyone can enjoy the fun and competitiveness of croquet in their back garden. Croquet is all about aiming and strategy and is thus the perfect lawn game for a relaxed afternoon with friends and family of all ages.


What You Need:


  • 4+ Croquet mallets.
  • 4+ Croquet balls.
  • 2 Croquet stakes.
  • 6-9 Croquet wickets.


Croquet Setup:


Divide your number of players by the number of coloured balls you have, and give each team their chosen ball colour with a matching coloured mallet. You can create your croquet court size in relation to the space you have on your lawn. Position 1 croquet stake to start on the one end of your court and 1 croquet stake on the other side of your court to finish. Position the croquet wickets at various intervals and positions in your court that lead from the starting croquet stake to the finishing croquet stake.


How to Play:




Each player or team must position their ball 1 meter away from the starting stake. Each team must take one turn to hit the ball until the ball touches the stake, and then they can begin the course. Once you can start the course, each team has one turn at a time to hit the ball through the wicket. The teams must move through the course, hitting the ball through the wicket in the right direction, until they reach the finishing stake. The first team to hit their ball into the finishing stake wins.


3) Jumbo Jenga:


Take Jenga to new heights with the jumbo Jenga lawn game! Patience, a steady hand, and precision are key to winning this exciting lawn game. When outside in the sun, you can blame the beads of sweat from the stress of this high-intensity game on the heat!


What You Need:


  • 54 Jumbo Jenga blocks.
  • Flat surface.


Jumbo Jenga Setup:


Firstly, you will need an outdoor table or a flat piece of grass to set up your Jenga blocks. Place three Jenga blocks vertically alongside each other. On your next layer, place three Jenga blocks perpendicular to the first layer. Continue these layers until each Jenga block has been used. Before you start to play, make sure that the Jenga tower is sturdy and firm.


How to Play:


Jumbo Jenga is usually played with four players but can have as many players as you wish. Using only one hand, each player will take a turn to remove one Jenga block from the tower and gently place it back on top of the Jenga block tower in the correct direction. To remove the Jenga blocks, you can either push the blocks outwards or pull the blocks towards you. Players will rotate in turn until someone causes the Jenga pile to collapse, and thus lose the game.




4) Ring Toss:


Ring toss is straightforward, fun, and an easy way to get everyone involved in lawn games. Ring toss is not only an exciting pass-time for adults, but is an excellent way for children to develop their fine-motor skills. Everyone can have fun and benefit from playing ring toss while enjoying a day outside.


What You Need:


  • 2 plastic or rope rings per player.
  • 5 wooden stakes.
  • A string to mark the boundary line.


Ring Toss Setup:


Ring toss can be played by 2-6 people. Each player must receive two colour-coded rings each. Ring toss is easily adaptable to how you would like to set up the game. You can position the 5 stakes in a straight line, in a circle, or in any variation to make the game easier or more difficult. Once you have set up your stakes, use the string to make a boundary line at a fair distance from the stakes suitable to the capabilities of the players.


How to Play:


Each player will take a turn to toss their two rings. The player must stand behind the boundary line and toss the ring to get the ring over the stake. The first player to reach 21 points wins.


Ring Toss Points:


  • 1 Ring on 1 Pole = 3 Points.
  • 2 Rings on 1 Pole = 6 Points.


5) Glow-bowling:




Glow-bowling is a fun twist on the classic ten-pin bowling game and is a major hit with children! Players will roll the ball at the glow-in-the-dark pins and receive scores for the number of pins they knock over. You can extend your lawn game entertainment into the early evening with the fun fluorescence of the bowling pins.


What You Need:


  • 10 empty plastic bottles of equal shape and size.
  • 10 glow-in-the-dark sticks.
  • 1 ball, such as a soccer ball or basketball.
  • Some sand.
  • Water.


Long poles that can make two 10 meter lines, with an extra pole for the boundary line.  This is a fun lawn game to make with your family. Simply fill your 10 plastic bottles with an equal amount of sand so that they stand upright on their own and then fill the bottles with water. Place a snapped glow-in-the-dark stick in each bottle so that they shine, and your bowling pins are ready to go.


Glow-bowling Setup:


Firstly, use your long poles to create your 10 meter-long bowling lane. Position the poles perpendicular to each other with a 1-meter space in between them. Position one pole at the top of the bowling lane to act as the boundary line. At the end of your bowling lane, position your 10 glowing pins in a triangular shape.


How to Play:


The player will walk or run up to the boundary line and roll the ball within the bowling lane to knock over as many pins as possible. Each player gets 10 frames, which consists of 2 turns per frame, to bowl the ball into the glowing pins. The player who reaches 300 points or closest to 300 points wins the game.


Glow-bowling Points:


  • 1 pin = 1 point.
  • Strike (all pins knocked down in one turn) = 10 points.


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