Renovating your home with the help of Stihl Cape Town and BS Power products



Renovating your home is a daunting process, made worse by the fact that building materials can be costly and equipment can be faulty. There are a lot of variables that will be out of control, but there is certainly one aspect that you can ensure – that of reliable tools and machines sourced from Stihl Cape Town and other trusted suppliers. Whether it be mixing cement in one of our concrete machines to add a new room onto your home, or cutting down some trees to make space for new buildings with a lightweight chainsaw – Stihl Cape Town and BS Power have you covered! In just a few minutes of reading, find out more about our products that could aid you in your building efforts as well as some helpful safety tips to help you on your way.


Concrete mixers


Concrete mixers, also referred to as cement mixers, allow those using them to mix relatively large amounts (depending on the size of the mixer in question) of cement, aggregate and water in order to create concrete. Mixers are well-loved and appreciated due to the fact that they decrease labour time and get the job done faster. Mixing concrete by hand can be an extremely time consuming and strenuous affair. The mixer’s continually rotating drum stops the concrete from drying quickly and allows users plenty of time to lay or pour concrete before it hardens.


We at BS Power stock a variety of concrete mixers, one of our favourites being the Baumax BS360 litre concrete mixer – fitted with the Baumax RX200 2:1 engine. This mixer is perfectly suited for home renovation projects due to the fact that it is lightweight. The mixer is equipped with an enclosed engine cabin as well as a ring gear cover to protect the operator. Some other details about this dynamic mixer include:


  • It is robot welded
  • The drum speed is 25RPM
  • The unmixed capacity is 260L, and the mixed is 200L
  • It has an output of 5m3 per hour and a mix cycle of 2,5 minutes
  • Its dimensions are 1900mm in length; 1000mm in width and 1560mm in height
  • It weighs in at 200 kilograms
  • It features a V Belt transmission
  • The chassis is robustly constructed from folded metal and channel iron
  • It has high speed, semi solid and towable wheels




If you are considering purchasing a concrete mixer for your home renovations, you may be wondering how exactly to operate it. For your convenience, we have compiled a brief instruction guide to set you on the path of successful home renovations:


Step 1


Pour approximately 3.8 litres of water into the drum of the mixer. However, ensure that you follow the set instructions for the particular mixer that you have purchased in order to avoid any mishaps. If too much water is added, the cement mix will end up too thin and will not dry correctly.


Step 2


Open the bag of cement and pour the contents into the mixer and add your aggregate of choice if necessary.


Step 3


Plug in and turn the mixer on. Allow the machine to mix until all the cement powder is properly mixed with the water.


Step 4


Switch off the machine before you begin to pour or lay the finished product.


Making space with chainsaws


No matter how beautiful trees and foliage may be, sometimes it gets in the way of building projects. If this is the case, you need a chainsaw that is capable of fixing the problem efficiently and effectively. One of our favourite Stihl Cape Town products is the Stihl MS361 chainsaw, fitted with Stihl Cape Town’s vibration absorbing RSC chain for maximum comfort while using. This saw has the lowest vibration levels in its class and is therefore quite easy on the hands and arms.


This Stihl Cape Town product is available in guide bar sizes of 40 cm to 50 cm to cater for different users. This impressive machine also features:


  • A displacement of 59 cm³
  • A chain pitch of 3/8”
  • An oil tank volume of 325 cm³
  • A performance of kW 3,4




How do Stihl Cape Town chainsaws work?


It is no surprise that many of us who have never operated a Stihl Cape Town chainsaw do not fully grasp how these powerful machines work. If you are one of those individuals, fear not, as we have compiled a concise and understandable explanation. Simply put, chainsaws function by spinning a chain of saw blades, that many refer to as “teeth,” around a guide bar at a rapid speed in order to cut smoothly and quickly through wood.


The size of teeth and guide bars varies from model to model. For example, the shortest guide bar is 15.3 cm, while one of the largest can measure up to 182 cm. It all depends on the type of work the saw is designed for. The guide bar and chain, together, are known as the “chain assembly” – powered by the engine.




Keeping safe while operating a Stihl Cape Town chainsaw


It will come as no surprise that operating a chainsaw comes with various associated risks. While it is an incredibly effective tool, accidents do occur, especially if it is used improperly. In order to avoid any accidents or strain on the body, proper working techniques must be observed and practiced. These can range from wearing the correct gear to standing on level ground or platforms – for example.


We strongly advise that any new chainsaw owner take a chainsaw course before launching on their home renovation endeavour. There are various organisations and companies throughout South Africa that would be happy to teach you how to safely use your new Stihl Cape Town product. In the meantime, some basic safety tips for operating a chainsaw are as follows:


Pay attention to the thumb grip


It is crucial that chainsaw operators keep a steady grip on both of the saw’s handles. Fingers and thumbs alike must always be fully wrapped around the handles. Further, it is highly important that one holds the left hand thumb under the front handle – atop the thumb grip – so as to reduce the force of a potential kickback.


Getting close


It is easy to be wary of getting close to a chainsaw, especially as a new user. However, it is important to practice confidence and hold the saw close to the body in order to properly support it and maintain better balance. The saw will also feel lighter this way.


  • Keeping balance
  • Users must stand with their feet apart and firmly planted. Experts advise that the left foot should stand slightly in front of the right for optimal balance.
  • Bending the knees
  • Avoiding back strain and pain is simply to achieve if the knees are bent during use. Working with a curved spine is a sure way to end up with a sore body after a sawing session.


ABCs of transport


When moving to a different spot, even if it is a few metres away, be sure to stop the chain of your Stihl Cape Town saw. Either do this by activating the chain brake or turning the engine off altogether. Should you be moving a long distance from your location, ensure to fit the guide bar on the saw.


Keeping your distance


When operating a saw, make sure that no one is closer than 3 to 5 metres from you. Should you be felling a tree, it is advised that people stand significantly further away to avoid flying debris.


One is the loneliest number when operating a Stihl Cape Town saw


If at all possible, avoid working alone when you are operating a Stihl Cape Town chainsaw. Should you become injured, you will receive immediate assistance. If no one can join you, it is advised that you adhere to the following advice:


  • Always inform another person as to where exactly you will be working during the day
  • Ensure that your mobile phone is charged and has both airtime and data
  • Make sure that you park as close as possible to where you are working so that you can leave at quick notice


The clean-up process


Perhaps one of the worst parts of renovation is cleaning up afterwards. Dust, mud, branches and leaves can be a real pain and can dampen the excitement brought about by the finished product. However, we at BS Power have the perfect solution to this predicament – in the form of the Husqvarna PW125 pressure washer.


As our most compact high-pressure washer, the PW124 offers an effective performance in a variety of situations. With two swivel functions for nozzle adjustment and a speedy connection, this machine is truly hassle-free. The Husqvarna PW124 also features on-board accessory storage as well as power cord and hose reel storage. The washer’s metal pump ensures reliable performance, and one foam sprayer and two nozzles make this machine a true all-rounder.




The Husqvarna PW124 also features the following:


  • Maximum pressure of 125 bar
  • Water flow of 320-460 litres per hour
  • Hose length of 7 metres
  • Power rating of 1500 watts


Pressure washers are incredibly powerful and can be dangerous if used improperly. In 2017 alone, OSHA alleged that there were over 800 instances of injuries related to pressure washers. Fortunately, pressure washer injuries can be easily prevented if the proper safety measures are observed. The following are some tips to help you keep safe while cleaning up your renovation mess with a pressure washer:


Under no circumstances aim the nozzle at anyone


Pressure washers vary in strength – some even known to etch concrete. Imagine the damage that can be done to a body. Even in jest, a nozzle should never be pointed at another person as it can cause injury even if the washer is relatively low in power.


  • Always wear appropriate protective equipment
  • Flying debris and deflecting water is always a risk – especially to sensitive parts of the body such as your eyes. Jeans and a T-shirt will not cut it while operating a pressure washer.
  • Avoid working at heights and on ladders with your pressure washer
  • The force of a pressure washer from a great height can easily throw off one’s balance and cause them to topple over.
  • Never spray an electrical outlet
  • Take care in selecting the most appropriate nozzle
  • Store the washer appropriately and carefully to avoid future malfunction


The perfect solution to getting rid of debris in the house and garden, the Stihl BG50 blower features a one-piece blowgun, choke lever, speed regulation and manual fuel pump. The Stihl BG50 also features a capacity of 27,2 cm3 and a performance of 0,7 kW. It is a lightweight blower that will not weigh you down as you speed up your cleaning process.