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The powerful farmer solution

The FS230 offers excellent value for money. Designed for semi-professional use, this brush cutter was extensively tested before its launch in the South African market. The FS 230 brushcutter offers perfect performance for all agricultural jobs. Lightweight and remarkably powerful with a 1.55 kW engine. Comes standard with both a metal blade and a nylon head.

Technical data
Capacity cm3 40,2
Performance kW 1,55
Cutting Attachment GB 230-2 blade and AutoCut C 26-2
Weight kg 1) 7,3
Tank volume l 0,81

How is the FS 230 positioned in the STIHL range?

For sure we don’t expect the FS230 to have the longevity of an FS280 but it offers users a quality entry level professional/farmer brushcutter that can compete against competitor entry level brushcutters. Stihl is confident that the machine will outlast and outperform any competitor product in the same price range. They expect the FS 230 lifespan to be like that of the FS 235.

What is the warranty on the FS 230?

The warranty period for the FS 230 will be six months in professional grass cutting applications, provided it is used with Stihl 2-stroke oil, the Stihl bar blade or Stihl C26-2 nylon head, with 2.4 or 2.7mm nylon line.

Why do Stihl recommend the STIHL C26-2 head with the FS 230?

With rising costs contractors will be forced to become more efficient. Test customers have given Stihl feedback that he is saving R20 per day per operator, using the C26-2 head with Stihl 2.7mm line in place of a pre-cut head. Over 22 days a month, this adds up to R440 per month or R5280 per year. That’s the price of a new machine! Using the C26-2 as opposed to pre-cut heads, also enabled the test customer to cut faster and more efficiently. The machine is supplied with the C26-2 in the box!

The FS 230 has a price point that is very attractive, although contractors who take a more holistic view of their operational costs will still appreciate the fuel efficiency of the FS 235. In an operation where a standard 40cc brushcutter is consuming 4 litres of fuel a day, the FS 235 could conservatively use ½ a litre less. This translates into a saving of around R3960 per year, using 22 days of every month.

Standard features

Multi-function control handle
Easy, comfortable thumb-operated control means the operator’s hand never leaves the handle.

EFFORTLESS MOWING OF LARGE AREAS. The ergonomic bike handle helps you mow large areas quickly and effortlessly, as this handle supports a natural brushcutter movement. The bike handle is easy to adjust and secure.

Robust Engine
Robust, durable and very reliable motor unit with standard coupling flange. Foam filter for easy maintenance.




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