Maintaining your garden with Stihl brushcutters and other BS Power garden tools



All it takes is a good amount of rain and sunshine to make your garden grow out of control before your eyes. When loaded up with a busy schedule, it can become difficult to find time to tend to your garden, and hiring a professional can become quite costly. One method that can make your gardening process easier for you is utilising Stihl brushcutters, as well as various other garden tools supplied by BS Power to neaten up your property. In just a few minutes of reading, find out what products we have available to help you maintain your garden, as well as pick up some tips for garden maintenance and growing as you do.


Using Stihl brushcutters to neaten up your garden


Making the decision to purchase Stihl brushcutters can only be beneficial to your garden. Alternatively, should you require Stihl brushcutters for the commercial gardening scene, we at BS Power stock a wide range for your convenience. If you are interested in buying Stihl brushcutters, you may wish to know exactly how they work and how you can use them in your garden or the outdoors:


How do Stihl brushcutters work?


Stihl brushcutters can be described as streamline garden maintenance machines, that make use of a blade or nylon wire to cut through grass and other foliage at a rapid rate. Stihl brushcutters usually have specific attachments that can be chosen for particular jobs. For example, brushcutters with nylon line attachments are best suited to cutting grass, while sharp blade cutting attachments are suited to cutting saplings and dense, brambled shrubbery.


Stihl brushcutters are powerful machines and for this reason must always be used with caution and proper attention to safety measures. For example, you should never operate Stihl brushcutters without a harness securely fastened, or if its handlebar or shields are damaged or compromised in any way. Eye protection is also of the utmost importance, as debris can be flung very hard during operation.


Owning Stihl brushcutters and using them diligently in your garden or the outdoors calls for regular cleaning and maintenance. Should you wish your brushcutters to serve you well for years, they should be cleaned after each use and taken apart for deep cleaning and maintenance every few months.


Other BS Power garden tools


Stihl brushcutters are not the only type of garden tools we offer at BS Power. In fact, we have a whole selection of garden tools, ranging from ride-on mowers to the futuristic robotic lawn mowers – and much more in between:


Maintain your lawn with ease with a ride on mower


Perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to take care of your lawn and outdoor property, the ride on mower is a powerful and luxurious garden machine. A ride-on mower, also known as a riding mower, is a gas-powered grass cutting machine. It works by means of an engine turning a rotating blade underneath the machine which cuts the top pieces off of grass at a specific height. All this is done while the operator sits stress-free atop the vehicle, adjusting speed and direction.




Like all garden tools and machines, a ride on mower must be cleaned and maintained. It is of the utmost importance that during seasons of non-usage, the ride on mower must be stored properly in a dry, cool space, elevated off of the ground to prevent moisture creeping in and causing rust. Further, the machine can be emptied of fuel before storage and instead filled with a manual-advised agent to prevent engine problems during non-use.


Take care of your plants with plant sprayers


Also known as plant misters, plant sprayers are the perfect way to take control of your garden or the great outdoors. We have several Husqvarna models that can be used residentially or commercially depending on your needs. You may be unfamiliar with sprayers, so let us tell you how they work:




Plant sprayers are filled with wettable powders as well as liquid-based solutions. Some of these solutions include plant food, weed killer and organic pest control measures. Sprayers need not only be used in your garden, either. They can be used with solutions of bleach, disinfectant (in many cases) as well as antifungal treatments. Each plant sprayer or mister will come with its own individual manual or user’s guide – so make sure you become acquainted with it before your first use.


There are also models with high pressure water blowing options that make them perfect for blowing away unwanted garden visitors such as aphids and caterpillars who wish to devour your special plants.


Leaf blowers


When the season of autumn rolls around, and trees become stark and bare, we are left with the aftermath of leaves – everywhere. Raking them up can take up hours of your weekend relaxation time, and you may very well freeze outside in the process. When you invest in a leaf blower, however, you can get rid of those pesky leaves within record time, and get back inside to warmth faster than ever.


Despite the name, blowing leaves is not the only cool thing this machine can do. It is also a powerful tool with which to clean out your rain gutters when they become clogged. Cleaning gutters manually is a huge schlep at best, so you may very well cry with relief know that you know you can use a leaf blower to do it for you. Although ill-advised to do this within the house, a leaf blower is also a great dusting machine. Car roofs, plants, outdoor machinery or other large surfaces can be dusted incredibly easy with the strong air currents produced by a lead blower – oftentimes with one single sweep.


Create the perfect, private haven with hedge trimmers


Hedge trimmers are popular with commercial gardeners and simple hobbyists alike. Pruning hedges is extremely therapeutic, so it helps to have the correct tools. The hedge cutters we stock at BS Power are top-of-the-line and designed for fine details and strong angle-work. If you have always dreamt of having your very own hedge, you may have wondered which shrubs are the best for your privacy and decorative needs. We have compiled a list of the best plants to use to make your very own hedges:


Japanese Holly


Known scientifically as Ilex crenata, Japanese Holly is recognisable by its small and oval leaves. It falls under the classification of a broadleaf evergreen and there are various cultivars of the plant. When it comes to hedges, cultivars that reach 3 to 4 feet in height with a similar spread are best. The Japanese Holly plant is a perfect hedge shrub for those who love blossoms, as it blossoms gorgeous, white flowers. It thrives best in full to partial sun, and requires an acidic soil with good drainage in order to flourish.


Orange Jasmine


Often referred to as Murraya exotica, the Orange Jasmine is a wonderful choice of shrub for your dream hedges. Not only does this plant produce a phenomenal perfume that will drift throughout your garden, but its glossy leaves and white bell-shaped flowers stand in beautiful contrast. The plant can grow up to 3 metres tall and does best in full sun to semi-shaded conditions. Be warned though, although it can withstand the cold, if your garden regularly experiences frost, then this plant is not likely to last long.




White Wonder


Also known as Cuphea Mexicana, White Wonder is another excellent choice of shrub with which to create a hedge. This is particularly true if you are adore white flowers in your garden. Cuphea can be recognised by its lance-shaped leaves that grow in a rich, light green colour as well as their white, tubular flowers. This shrub is perfect if you live in a sub-tropical climate, and it is also known to grow relatively quickly.


Dwarf Abelia


Scientifically known as Abelia grandiflora nana, this gorgeous shrub is best suited for those who desire a small to medium sized hedge or screen. It grows to a height of 1 metre and boasts shiny, oval green foliage that turns a bronze shade in early autumn and winter. This shrub bears various flowers, depending on the exact species you find in your location. Most of these flowers are a delicate white colour. This plant fairs best in moist, well-drained soil and full or semi-sun.




Honey Bell-bush


The Honey Bell-bush, also known as the Freylina tropica, is a fantastic shrub for a tall and private hedge. It grows up to around 2 metres tall and is a fast growing and water-wise option. It is adored for its slender and spreading branches, with gorgeous light to dark blue or white flowers blossoming in the right season. The fastest way to grow this plant is by using plant cuttings. The shrub enjoys a semi-shaded positioning with well-drained soil and frequent compost applications. The Freylina is even resistant to frost during the cold winters (if it has reached full maturity).


September Bush


This shrub is a popular choice for South African homeowners due to its beauty as well as its hardiness. It adapts well to its environment, whether it be the harsh and windswept coastal region or the dry and cold inland areas. The shrub is an evergreen and is recognisable by its lovely mauve flowers that bloom on and off throughout the year, as well as its dense leaves that resemble myrtle. Used in a hedge, it commonly grows up to 1.8 metres.


False buffalo-thorn


If you wish your hedge to provide both privacy and security, the false buffalo-thorn, or the Ziziphus rivularis in scientific terms, is your best bet. This indigenous shrub has a series of sharp thorns that make it almost impenetrable when fully grown. The shrub has small and pretty yellow flowers that bloom in compact heads. They tend to blossom between November and January. The plant also produces tiny yellow fruits to be enjoyed by many birds. Due to the hardy nature of this shrub, you can use it to create a windbreaker in the form of a hedge should you live in a windswept region.


Robot mowers – lawncare of the future


We at BS Power stock an impressive range of futuristic robot mowers. Say goodbye to striding up and down your garden in the harsh South African sun attempting to tame your lawn. These mowers are resistant to the elements and can impressively self-recharge. Robotic mowers cut grass often and softly around 2-3 millimetres – which is actually the best way to cut grass. It reduces moss build-up and mess in the process.




These autonomous mowers use a mapping system that allows them to dodge obstacles on the lawn. No need to worry about a robot mower harming your feet or your pets in the garden if they do not manage to detect you either, as they do not move fast enough to cause any significant damage.