List of Gardening Tools: From Stihl Brushcutters to Wheelbarrows


When you are a newcomer to the gardening tool aisle in a garden shop, the number of gardening tools to choose from can be overwhelming and confusing. We have created a list of the most widely used gardening tools and their functions to make garden tool shopping easier. When it comes to purchasing a brushcutter for your garden tool collection, Stihl brushcutters from B&S Commercial Power are the way to go.




List of Gardening Tools:


We have created the ultimate guide to the gardening tools you will need to kick-start your landscaping business or to up-date your garden tool shed at home!




A brushcutter is a power tool that has a rotating metal blade. Brushcutters are designed to cut through thicker vegetation, such as thick weeds, gnarled bushes, and thin tree branches. B&S Commercial Power stocks a wide range of Stihl brushcutters that are perfectly suited to your brush-cutting needs.






A chainsaw is a power tool that has sharp teeth which rotate on a blade and can cut through trees. B&S Commercial power has a range of chainsaws that are suitable for different tree widths.




A lopper is a long-handled saw that is made specifically for cutting thin tree branches and pruning.


Extension Lopper:


An extension lopper is a lopper on an extremely long handle with a string that you pull on to cut thin branches on the top of a tree.




Forks are typically metal with sharp tines. Forks are a useful garden tool as the tines on the end of the fork enable you to loosen and turn over the soil. We have listed the specific types of garden forks and their functions.


Garden Fork: A garden fork, which is also called a spading fork, is a large fork with four widely separated tines and is used for soil loosening and turning.


Compost Fork: A compost fork has shorter tines that are closer together and is designed to move composting matter around.


Broad Fork: A broad fork is a large fork with eight or more times. It is specifically for loosening tightly compacted soil.




Handheld Sprayer:


A handheld sprayer is a plastic bottle with a pump, handle, and spraying nozzle. You will place either pesticides or liquid fertilisers in the bottle and then spray them on your garden.






Garden hoes are tools with a long handle and a blade that are usually used to remove vegetation from the garden soil surface.


Eye Hoe: Eye hoes have a smaller blade with sharpened edges and are designed for heavy-duty weed removal.


Warren Hoe: Warren hoes have an arrow-shaped blade and are designed for digging furrows for planting seeds.


Onion Hoe: Onion hoes have a narrow blade that is curved back towards the handle. Their design helps you remove weeds from in between tightly planted plants.


Lawn Aerators:


A lawn aerator has spikes that will aerate your lawn soil by creating holes in your lawn. Lawn aerators aid grass growth as they loosen the soil and allow for oxygen and nutrients to enter into the soil.


These are two of the different types of lawn aerators.


Rolling Aerator: A rolling aerator is a small, light hand-pushed aerator with a few shallow spikes.


Drum Aerator: A drum aerator is a large lawn aerator with a huge hollow drum that you can fill with water or sand. This then increases the weight of the drum aerator and pushes the spikes further into the lawn for deeper aeration.




Lawnmowers are used to cut and maintain the level of your grass. There are the different types of lawnmowers you can choose from.


Push Lawnmower: A push lawnmower is a hand-held lawnmower that is not driven by electricity or petrol. As you push the lawnmower, the blades rotate and cut the grass.


Electric or Petrol Lawnmower: A lawnmower that is powered by either electricity or petrol. You will guide the lawnmower as it cuts the grass.


Ride-on Mower: A huge lawnmower that you will sit on and drive around the garden. Ride-on mowers are recommended for larger pieces of land.


You will find all these different types of lawnmowers available at B&S Commercial Power.


Leaf Blower:


Leaf blowers are powered by either electricity or petrol and are useful for blowing fallen leaves or cut vegetation into an easy-to-manage pile.






A mulcher is a powered machine that is used to shred vegetation into mulch. Mulchers are useful as they break down plant matter which speeds up the composting process.


Pick Mattock:


A pick mattock will have a pointed, chiselled edge on one side and an axe-shaped blade on the other side. A pick mattock is useful for loosening tightly compacted soil or rocky soil.






Rakes have long handles and a long edge with teeth that are used to gather up vegetation on the garden floor. We have listed the specific types of rakes with their unique functions.


Thatch Rake: A thatch rake is typically metal with a straight rake end and is specifically designed to collect lawn clippings off of a freshly cut lawn.


Leaf Rake: A leaf rake can be metal or plastic and has a flared rake end with multiple teeth. It is used to gather fallen leaves or light vegetation off the garden floor.


Hand Rake: A small, handheld rake for collecting vegetation in between tightly planted plants.


Garden Rake: A garden rake is typically metal and has a straight row of teeth. Garden rakes can collect vegetation and also move soil around.




Shears are handheld cutting tools. There are specific shears for different types of vegetation.


Edging Shears: Edging shears are smaller shears that are used to cut the edges of a lawn. This provides the lawn with a neat edge.


Hedge Shears: Hedge shears are larger shears that are used to cut bushes and thin tree branches. You will use hedge shears if you are looking to shape a bush into the desired design.


Pruning Shears: Pruning shears, which are also referred to as secateurs, are the smallest type of shear. Despite their small size, they are very strong and can cut through hard, thin bush or tree branches.




Shovels are similar to spades, except their blades are generally wider and they will have upturned edges. You will use these different types of shovels for specific digging requirements.


Scoop Shovel: A scoop shovel has a wide, dust-pan-shaped blade that is ideally suited to scooping sand or gravel.


Digging Shovel: A digging shovel is a blade that is rounded with a sharp point so that you can easily dig up tightly compacted soil.


Edging Shovel: An edging shovel has a flat, sharp edge at the end of the blade that is used to dig away vegetation and leave a clean edge.


Handheld Shovel: This is a small, handheld shovel that is used for digging small holes for planting shallow-root plants.






Spades have square, flat blades and are specifically made for digging, scooping sand, and moving soil around. We have listed two of the types of spades you can use in a garden.


Garden Spade: This is the standard spade with a square blade that you will use for digging holes or moving soil.


Transplant Spade: A transplant spade has an elongated, narrow blade with a rounded edge. This spade is specifically used for digging up a plant and transplanting the plant to a new location.




A sprinkler is an attachment that you place on the end of your garden hosepipe that rotates water in a fine mist to provide water to your garden. You can also invest in permanent sprinkler systems which have water lines that are underneath your lawn. The system is kept protected from lawnmowers and it makes watering a large piece of lawn easier.


There are specific sprinkler systems that are water-efficient so that you do not waste water. You can also place these sprinkler systems on a timer so that you always know your lawn is being watered if you are not around.




A trimmer, which is commonly referred to as a weed eater, is a power tool that uses a rotating line to trim grass or thin weeds. You can find a range of trimmers at B&S Commercial Powers. B&S Commercial Power also supplies the trimmer line and trimmer heads for when you need to replace the trimmer line.




Watering Can:


A watering can is a handheld container with a spout that allows water to sprinkle out. Watering cans are useful for watering potted plants.




A weeder is a small, handheld gardening tool. It has a long poke with a two-pronged edge and a bevelled scoop that makes it easy to remove weeds from in between tightly planted plants.




A wheelbarrow is a cart on three wheels that you lift by the handles. Wheelbarrows are useful to have at home or for your landscaping business as they make transporting tools, plants, soil, or stones around the garden easier. You are less prone to injuries and muscle strain when you use a wheelbarrow to move items around.


Stihl Brushcutters at B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power is a Cape Town-based supplier of Stihl brushcutters. We are dedicated to providing you with only quality gardening tools, which is why we select only the most reputable and reliable brands. We have selected Stihl as one of our brushcutter brands due to the power, performance, and longevity of the Stihl brushcutters.


We stock three different Stihl brushcutters.


  • Stihl FS160 Brushcutter.
  • Stihl FS120 Brushcutter.
  • Stihl FS250 Brushcutter.


Our range of Stihl brushcutters makes it easy to find the brushcutter you need for your requirements. Whether you need Stihl brushcutters for cutting bushes, thinning trees, or clearing ground vegetation, there are Stihl brushcutters with adequate power and functions for the job.


Stihl brushcutters are easy to use, which makes them an excellent choice for either at-home use or commercial use. Stihl brushcutters have been designed for maximum comfort and control with limited strain on your body whilst you easily cut through vegetation.


Stihl brushcutters are affordable and easy to maintain, which ensures that they are suitable for most budgets and will not require you to spend money consistently fixing or replacing parts. Stihl brushcutters are therefore an excellent investment for your home garden tool selection or your landscaping garden tool supply.




If you require assistance in deciding between the Stihl brushcutters, contact one of our friendly experts to help you. The B&S Commercial Power team is highly experienced in the functioning and use of our power tools. Simply tell us what you require a Stihl brushcutter for, and we will recommend the one best suited to the work.


Find the exact garden tool you need with our garden tool list and choose between any one of the Stihl brushcutters from B&S Commercial Power.