Lessen Your Workload and Invest in a Concrete Mixer



Do you have too much work and too little time? No need to stress, at BS Power we’ve got your back. Working in construction can be tiring and time-consuming. At times it may seem as if your job is claiming too much from you. You are expected to work outside in the most defiant of weathers, you may even have to lift heavy things. At BS Power, we consider your efforts which is why we suggest you lessen your stress and workload by investing in at least one of our high-powered concrete mixers. Take a look at this short article on how you can lessen your workload by investing in one of our concrete mixers today.


Why you should lessen your workload and buy our concrete mixers:


Concrete mixers reduce the possibility of injuries on duty


An alarming amount of construction site injuries occur daily. On-site, injuries are a major concern for construction workers therefore it may be in your worker’s best interest for you to lessen the amount of work they have with the addition of a concrete mixer. Thereby you will automatically be reducing the possibility of construction site injuries occurring.


Lower the boiling pressure on hot summer days


As mentioned, a construction crew works in the most exceptional of weather, and working in the peak of summer has indicated a high risk of danger for outdoor workers. This is because working outside in hot weather may cause heat stress thus disabling the worker and causing them to maybe fall or succumb to other injuries.


Do not overexert your workers


Injuries are prone to happen when a worker’s muscles and limbs become fatigued and they cannot execute their work correctly. Overworked workers may have obtained sprains or accumulated shaking to the point where they are unable to lift or move, never mind lifting and rotating the weight of heavier objects.


Lower physical workload




Now that you understand the effects of exhaustion on your workers, why not aim to reduce their physical workload by investing in a machine which will do the work for them? The physical workload of a construction worker can be extensive, which is why, rather than draining the strength of your labourers, you should bring in a machine which does not have the burden of human exhaustion.


How Do Concrete Mixers Improve Work Production?


In the construction company, it may be challenging to increase productivity and decrease job capacity. However, you are always expected to deliver excellence and work as speedily as possible. For this reason, it is vitally important for you to stress the nature of productivity in your work as well as lessen the pressure on your working crew.


There are multiple ways in which you can improve productivity by lessening the workload when you invest in a concrete mixer. Firstly, having a concrete mixer available on your job site ensures that you would always have fresh concrete ready to go. With the traditional bath of plant concrete, you will need to wait for the concrete to be loaded and delivered, a process which can be rather time-consuming.


Therefore, the second way in which a concrete mixer can greatly decrease your workload is that it is not as timely a process as manual concrete mixing. Having to wait for the delivery of concrete can cause the concrete to degrade and become less workable. When this happens, the concrete mixture becomes difficult to work with and causes more time to be consumed as workers need to figure out how to work around the problem.


Thirdly, a concrete mixer is cost-effective. Investing in a concrete mixer means that you will fully control the deliverance of the concrete solution. This means you will also be in charge of paying for what you need. This will allow for great savings when new projects are taken up.


A concrete mixer is also environmentally friendly. This is because a concrete mixer reduces the amount of waste left after production.Therefore, it not only protects the environment, but leads to your business saving on expenses as well as building an environmentally friendly brand.


Little room is left for error. At times when you need to order an exact amount of concrete mixture, your estimated amount may be left exceeded or abridged. With a concrete mixture on site whenever you underestimate or overestimate the amount needed, you can either store the leftover amount or add the additional amount.


concrete-mixers (1)-min


Lastly, a concrete mixer allows for flexible delivery. Concrete mixtures are suitable for any work site as they can be customized and modified to meet your site’s requirements. Plus, your concrete is available at any time, whenever you may need it.


Which concrete mixers are best suited for you?


The concrete mixer’s entire purpose is to lessen your workload. The machine’s effectiveness in mixing concrete quickly and effectively is the primary way in which it makes work less for your workers. This is because not as much time and energy are spent on the manual mixing of the concrete.


Now, before you buy just any concrete mixer, let us determine which concrete mixer is best suited for you. At BS Power we have a variety of strong concrete mixers, each of which has different features. Therefore, we do not only want you to buy a concrete mixer so that you have one, we want you to know what concrete mixer you have and why it suits you and your workers.


You need to know that you are choosing the ideal concrete mixer. Choosing the correct concrete mixer is vitally important if you would like your work to reflect the best of your construction abilities. On the chance that you do not choose the correct mixer, you may need to face unforeseen challenges which will make it difficult for you to deliver the best results as well as take up more time than needed.


It may be best for you to establish whether you will regularly or occasionally be making use of the concrete mixer. Perhaps you do not intend on making regular use of the mixer and you might only need it for the occasional project here and there. In this case, the best mixer suited for you would be a 60 Litre electric mixer which will provide you with the sufficient amount of concrete you need.


If you will regularly be making use of your concrete mixer then a 120 litres mixer may be best for you. As long as you have access to an electrical supply a 120 litres mixer should be sufficient and an additional perk is that it is light enough to transport between work sites. It is important that you do not buy a too big mixer as you might find the concrete drying before you can utilize it.




However, if you are a professional construction worker that mixes concrete at least 5 times a week, a larger mixer may be suitable. If this is more reflective of the purpose of why you are investing in a concrete mixer then petrol-powered 250 litres is best suited for you. A petrol-powered mixer will allow for you to not have to rely on electricity as they come with their engines.


Understanding Concrete Mixers


A concrete mixer has numerous components which is why it is important that you know how the mixer works before buying one. Concrete mixers are used to combine aggregates with the mix of cement and water and then make concrete. This part is important as you need to know how many of the ingredients you need to add so that the mixture’s results are correct.


Typically, concrete mixers are powered via a motor. This motor is set active either use petrol or electricity which will assist you in rotating the drum. Along with this, the mixer also has a crank that enables you to rotate the drum in different directions ensuring a thoroughly mixed and high-quality batch of concrete.


Make sure that you know how much concrete you may need. This is because the mixer you choose will depend on the volume of concrete you need. The site where you are pouring the concrete will indicate the amount of mixture you need as well as the power source best suited for your work.


Two terms you need to know when buying a concrete mixer are drum volume and mixing volume. The mixing volume takes up around 80% of the drum volume. Thus, if you had a drum with a volume of 150 litres the mixing volume would be around 120 litres. This is important to know as a means of not overloading the drum.


Concrete Mixers at BS Power


At BS Power we have concrete mixers ideal for your needs. For owner builders and rental companies, we recommend the Baumax BS360L concrete mixer which comes at the giveaway price of R18495. The mixer has a drum volume of 360 litres. A mixing cycle of 2.5 minutes, and it also has an output of 5m3 per hour.


Another mixer suitable for owner builders and rental companies is the Baumax 400L concrete mixer. If your reason for buying a mixer is to establish a safer working environment then this is the mixer for you. This mixer comes with a ring gear cover and an enclosed engine cabin at R19995.


Concrete-mixers-Yellow-Concrete Mixer-min


Lastly, we have the Baumax BS500. This machine is most suitable for contractors and rental companies as it comes with a total volume of 500 litres, an unmixed volume of 280 Litres and a mixed volume of 280L. For such a large product of 250KG, the price is very light as it costs R24995.


Do you need Concrete Mixers?


Of course, you do! A concrete mixer is effective, time saving, affordable, and easily transportable, what more could you want?


Time is money, so do not waste your precious time and invest in a concrete mixer today. When you are branching out into the construction industry, concrete mixers are the perfect investment. Concrete mixers can be considered a long-term investment as time and money will be saved over an extended period. For this reason, cement mixers are simply your best option.


Mixing concrete by hand or with a stick is intensive labour. Through this manual form of concrete mixing, your workers become exhausted and the work becomes of lesser quality. Thus, the development of manual concrete mixing in professional construction companies is seldomly seen.


Construction work has high standards.If you are looking at making strong concrete that is sought out by your customers, then a concrete mixer is the way to go. The right concrete mixer can make your concrete stronger than manual mixing as the machine can contain a high volume of the mixture resulting in a stronger concrete result.


So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to BS Power’s online store and purchase your very own concrete mixer that will certainly lessen your workload!