How to Prevent Ride on Mower Accidents



When you look at a ride on mower, you see a perfectly cut lawn with minimal effort and time. What many people do not recognise are the many dangers of operating ride on mowers. Unfortunately, when ride on mowers are used incorrectly, accidents can occur that can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. We outline the various accidents you can face when using mowers and then guide you on how to ensure safety at every step of purchasing, using, and storing your mowers. You get the best of both safety and cutting efficiency with Husqvarna ride on mowers from B&S Commercial Power.


Ride on Mower Accidents:


There are numerous accounts of incidents, accidents, and fatalities involving ride on mowers. Understanding the risks that you face when you hop into the driver’s seat of your mower is one of the best ways to safeguard yourself against these accidents. We have briefly outlined a few of the injuries and safety hazards you may encounter when operating your mower.


Falls: Falls occur when the mower is being driven too quickly, the mower rides over an object which tilts the mower, and if the mower is being driven across a slope. Any falls from ride on mowers can range from a few scrapes and bruises to severe fractures, broken bones, or head and spinal injuries.


Eye Injuries: The blades of the mower will naturally flick any larger plant debris or small stones if the protective cover is bent, damaged, or incorrectly installed. Bystanders will then be at risk of eye injuries caused by the flying debris.


Burns: Touching an overheated engine or blades immediately after use can result in burns. The degree of the burn severity will determine whether immediate medical attention is needed or not.


Cuts: Severe injuries caused by ride on mowers involve being ridden over. The rotating blades can cause severe cuts, and in certain cases have resulted in the need for amputation. If you have fallen off your mower, it is imperative to move quickly away from the direct line and attempt to regain control of the mower.


Crushing: The extreme weight of a mower will cause severe injuries if a tipping accident occurs. If your mower tips in the wrong direction and captures you beneath it, you are at risk of being crushed.


Fatalities: Unfortunately, there are a few documented cases involving death caused by mower accidents. This is often caused by negligence and allowing children to have access to operating the mower. This severe consequence can be avoided by ensuring safety measures are always taken when operating ride on mowers.




How to Prevent Accidents With Ride on Mowers:


While a few ride on mower injuries are caused by accident, the majority of mower accidents are a result of negligence, misuse, or a disregard for safety. We have created a guide for every phase of owning a mower to ensure your safety at every step. From purchasing to use to after use, you can follow our guide to keep yourself and others safe from potential accidents.


1) When Purchasing Ride on Mowers:


Your first step to reducing your risks of accidents with ride on mowers is to purchase a reliable, trustworthy, and safe mower. Your best step to ensure this is by purchasing mowers manufactured by reputable brands. Company transparency, customer service, and public reviews on the product are a few easy ways to immediately identify a reputable mower brand.




Once you have selected a ride on mower brand that you can trust, you then need to find an authorised dealership in South Africa. The emphasis is placed on an authorised dealership, as this demonstrates that the ride on mower brand has assessed the standard and qualifications of the dealership and has approved their competency and reliability. Ensuring that you purchase mowers that you can trust from a brand and dealership that is accredited is the best start to preventing any accidents.


2) Before Using Ride on Mowers:


Once you are a proud owner of your safe and reliable ride on mower, there are a few steps you need to take before using your mower. We have outlined three basic steps that you can perform to ensure that you are ready to operate your mower safely.


Training: Whether you are using your ride on mower at home or for commercial use, there is basic training that you will need. Training is the best way to achieve a brief overview of safety when using your ride on mower. Training covers the basics of operating and maintaining your mower to ensure optimal performance. You will also learn key cutting tips and safety measures.


Read Instruction Manual: Your next best step for safety is to read the instruction manual provided for your specific model and brand of ride on mower. The instruction manual will include an outline of the safety features which are important to be aware of. The instruction manual will also highlight safety hazards or any warning signals that your mower is experiencing problems.


Check Surrounding Area: Every time before you begin a lawn cutting project, it is recommended to check the surrounding area. Determine whether there will be any bystanders nearby while you are cutting the grass and place signs warning against the risk of coming near you. If you are cutting your grass at home, warn your family members that you are going to be using your mower to prevent any children from becoming injured by flying debris. You can also remove any large plant debris from the lawn to reduce the risks of falls.


3) When Using Ride on Mowers:


The safety steps outlined in the first two phases of owning a ride on mower will be redundant if you are not precautious whilst operating your mower. We have created a brief outline of the safety steps you can take to avoid any accidents whilst cutting your lawn.


Personal Protective Equipment: You must always wear personal protective equipment when operating ride on mowers. This includes goggles to prevent eye injuries from flying debris, a hard hat to reduce risks of head injuries if there is a fall, and non-slip boots for ultimate control.


Use Safety Features: Your mower’s safety features have been installed for a reason, therefore you must always use them. The safety features will keep you and others safe from any unnecessary injuries.


Drive Cautiously: Always practice precaution when operating ride on mowers. Driving cautiously involves driving slowly, being aware of your surrounding environment, and constantly checking for items that may tip your mower. Due to many accidents being caused as a result of negligence and misuse, you can keep yourself and others safe by driving cautiously as you cut your lawn.


Minimise Reversing: Due to reversing being a major contributor to tipping ride on mowers, we recommend that you minimise reversing as much as possible. This will keep you safe from the risk of life-threatening accidents.


Mow Up and Down Slopes: You should never mow your garden slopes horizontally. Depending on the steepness of the slope, this can result in the tipping of your mower. When cutting the lawn of a slope, always drive the ride and mower up and down.


One Driver Only: Only allow for one operator to be on the mower at any time. Allowing children or another adult to be on the mower at the same time as you will result in terrible consequences if an accident occurs.




4) After Using Ride on Mowers:


To keep ride on mowers performing optimally and safely, maintenance is extremely important. Cleaning debris from mower blades, checking deflectors, shields, and tyres, and assessing oil and fuel after every use are a few of the maintenance steps you can take. These quick yet essential steps will keep you safe from any possible injuries or accidents whilst operating your mower.


Storage is also important for ride on mower safety. Not only will storing your mowers in a secure area keep your mower protected from damage, but it will also prevent any unexpected accidents caused by unauthorised people using the mower. Due to the high rate of accidents involving children, storage in a locked area is especially important if you have a family.


Husqvarna Ride on Mowers at B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power is a reliable and trusted supplier of Husqvarna ride on mowers. We provide easy accessibility for quality and safe ride on mowers to business owners and homeowners alike. Since our initial registering with Husqvarna as an authorised dealer of Husqvarna turf and construction products in 2017, we have proudly supplied the safe and efficient Husqvarna ride on mowers to many satisfied customers.


We have selected to supply Husqvarna ride on mowers due to their high performance, ergonomic design, and attention to safety with their safety features. At B&S Commercial Power, we understand that both cutting efficiency and operator safety are of equal importance, which is why we only stock the safest ride on mowers.


You can find a ride on mower suited to any size lawn at B&S Commercial Power. The varying cutting width options ensure that your lawn cutting will be completed quickly and effectively with Husqvarna ride on mowers. You will enjoy user-friendliness, safety, and cutting ease with this extensive range of Husqvarna ride on mowers at B&S Commercial Power.


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