How to launch your own construction company, and how concrete mixers will help



Starting your own construction company is a daunting task. That is without even considering that you will entering into a highly competitive industry. Do not be discouraged, however, as there are many pros to entering the field and techniques that will help your new company thrive. One aspect that is likely to ensure your success is the purchasing of concrete mixers to use for your daily operations. So, with this in mind, in just a few minutes of reading, check out this guide to launching your own construction company and how concrete mixers will set you on the path to success.





Concrete mixers are a must-have for your construction company


Imagine having to hire out a concrete mixer every time you need to build or mend a concrete structure or object. This could set you up for failure before you have even begun. Hiring concrete mixers is certainly not cheap, and doing so almost every day will have a most unpleasant effect on your wallet and business resources. It is a fact that in the construction business, concrete mixers are a must.


While purchasing a concrete mixer off the bat may seem like a scary expense to a new business owner, it is an expense that will likely guarantee the long term success of your business. As previously discussed, relying on mixers that do not belong to you is an unreliable and unsustainable venture. You do not have to start out purchasing the biggest and best concrete mixer on the market, either. We at BS Power stock a range of affordable concrete mixers of different sizes.


From our selection, you are sure to find one or more concrete mixers that will suit your needs perfectly. Before we launch into the intricacies of how to start your own construction company, you may be interested in finding out which concrete mixers we stock and what sets each model apart:


Concrete mixers offered by BS Power


The Baumax BS360L


This gorgeous model is a great option for a new construction company. The Baumax BS360L has a ring gear cover as well as an enclosed engine cabin that serves to keep the operator safe during operation. As suggested in its title, this robot welded mixer has a drum volume of 360 litres. It also has a drum speed of 25 RPM and a mix cycle of around 2,5 minutes. Its length of 1900 mm makes it easy to transport both manually and in a vehicle.




Further, this lightweight model has high speed towable wheels that will further assist with transportation. You can purchase this model from our site for R18,995.


The Baumax 400L concrete mixer


This Baumax model is just as effective as the previous model, and the difference lies mainly in its larger drum volume (400 litres) and its larger dimensions of 2025 mm in length; 955mm in width and 1460mm in height. The model weighs in at 215 kg yet is till easily transportable. You can purchase this beauty on our site for R19,955.




The Baumax BS500L


This model is our largest on offer, and is perfect for the ambitious construction business owner. It has a drum volume of 500 litres, which is an effective amount of concrete should you be handling larger scale projects and construction. This model is constructed from channel iron and folded metal with an incredibly durable drum bottom. Its ring gear cover and enclosed engine cabin work together to keep the operator and those around them safe from injury should an accident occur.


You can purchase this model on our site for R22,493.


What you need to know about the construction industry


Now that you have an idea of why concrete mixers could be an invaluable asset to your construction company, it is time to delve into more about the construction industry. A large part of starting a company is learning about the industry that you are entering. To help you begin your research, we have compiled a bit of information that may be of help:


A sizeable industry


It is no secret that construction is a fast-growing industry, mostly thanks to the constantly growing population as well as aging and decaying buildings in urban areas. Roads, too, require frequent maintenance. For this reason, construction companies are kept rather busy. Although there appear to be a surplus of construction businesses, it is likely that upon entering the industry, work will not be hard to come by.




The opportunity for specialization


In light of the above point, there is always room and opportunity to pick a particular specialization for your company that will set you apart in the industry. This will help you compete in a more effective manner with other similar businesses. For example, while many companies simply offer general construction and contracting services, others specialize in “green” or “eco” construction that sparks interest in clients. This is certainly one example out of many.


Choosing a specialization could help your new company to streamline your production, as well as allow your employees to become more familiar with specific processes that will let them grow and become more valuable to your company.


An opportunity to make a change in your community


While it is always good to keep profits in mind, starting your own construction company is an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact in your community. You can return home each day knowing that your work has made an impact on a small or even large group of people. Construction companies are responsible for building bridges, homes for families, outreach buildings, hospitals, schools, libraries and museums – among many others. Your work will contribute to the appeal of your community and will stand for years to come (should you do a good enough job). This is rewarding work that you can be proud of.


Working at your own pace


Do not let the above paragraph intimidate you. The key to succeeding in most industries is starting small. Construction companies in particular can start up with a few employees and key machines such as concrete mixers. You can start with small to moderately-sized projects for a long while before you feel the need to increase your workload as well as your labour force.


Research, research and research


The above pieces of information are only the very tip of the ice berg. In order to truly succeed in the construction industry, you must perform intense research into your local and national market and work out whether there is a demand for your services before making official moves to start your business. Should you be unfamiliar with business and accounting, it may be a good idea to take a few short classes and brush up on your knowledge before diving headfirst into the industry.


Steps on starting your own construction company


If after completing thorough research you still believe you will succeed in your construction endevours, it is time to do the following:


Writing a business plan




Writing a business plan is an important step in starting any business. This takes place after you have a good understanding of your local and national market. Not only will this document help you flesh out what is needed for your business to succeed, but it is a good way to help you pick up on potential shortcomings that could ruin your chances. This important document is what you will be giving your investors or lenders to secure their support. In order to win favour, you must have included important details as to your market research and financial planning.


The following points need to be included in your construction business plan:


  • What services you will be providing
  • How you will structure the business as well as manage it
  • Who your target market is
  • How many employees you will start out with
  • How you plan on marketing your company
  • The estimated cost of the initial amount you will need to start your business
  • How much you are expecting to make in the first year of operation
  • How you will perform billing to clients


Writing up a business plan can be intimidating, so there is no reason as to why you should not reach out to professionals should you feel like you require some guidance.


  • Registering your business


Once your plan is complete and your funds are guaranteed, it is time to register your business. This is what will make it a legal entity, which can ensure that you have the following:


  • Personal liability protection
  • Tax benefits (if you qualify)
  • Legal benefits


Your government and independent business authorities will have particular requirements and online portals through which you can easily register your business at an affordable fee.


Sorting out licenses, permits and training


As a construction company, licenses and permits become very important. They ensure the safety of your business as well as your employees. Construction work can be dangerous, as is the operation of power tools and heavy machinery. In order for clients to trust your services, you may need to have the relevant licenses and permits available. Further, should your employees be operating dangerous tools and working at great heights, it is of the utmost importance to send them for training so as to avoid unnecessary accidents and even injury.


Other BS Power construction machines that can help your venture


Concrete mixers are not the only construction-related machines we stock at BS Power. In fact, we have a wide variety of construction-savvy tools and machines on offer that can help you climb the ladder of success with your business. For example, we stock, among much more, the following:


Concrete cutters


Concrete cutters, also known as concrete saws, are impressive power tools used to cut concrete, as well as brick, asphalt, tile, masonry and other very solid materials. We stock an impressive range of concrete cutters that can help you during your projects, from hand-held cutters to larger walk-behind cutters.






Scaffolding is an extremely important tool when it comes to construction and maintenance of any kind – so long as it cannot be reached by conventional methods. Purchasing your own scaffolding means that you will not have to rely on rental companies when the need for a related project arises.




We at BS Power also stock rammers, that are used, among other things, to compact the ground in order to get it ready for a type of construction that requires a flat and level working space.




When working on a project that is located in a more remote area, finding a power source to connect to your power tools and machines is not always so easy. This is why purchasing your own generator for your new construction company is a great idea. We stock a large variety of generators, many of which are highly affordable and suited to easy transport.