Hello Halloween: Building Haunted Houses with Concrete Mixers


BS Power has some of the best concrete mixers on the market. As you could probably tell, we are taking some chilling ideas from the typical Halloween theme of October. And what better way to talk about Halloween than talking about the crazy, scary prices of a concrete mixer from BS Power? We at BS Power love a good scary movie every now and then, and often we are intrigued by the architectural diversity represented in these movies’ haunted houses. Thus, we have decided to look at the role of concrete mixers in the building of a haunted house. If you would like to escape with your life this Halloween, please read this article on how haunted houses are built and the role of concrete mixers in their construction.


What are haunted buildings?


Obviously, in reality when people decide to build a house, they may not intend for it to be haunted. However, in settings such as the movie and tv show industry, houses and buildings are built or chosen with the intent of the building being presented as an eerie or haunted-looking house. The tradition of a haunted house has been ongoing for years in the United States of America and has become popular around the globe.


Haunted houses are supposed to scare you! Staged haunted buildings are not built to provide people with a feeling of calm and warmth. They are built to scare the living daylights out of you! It is not very common for people to be entering a haunted house or building because they want to feel warm and comfortable, if this was the case for an individual, it might be a cause for concern.


The haunted house originates all the way back to 19th-century London. During this time, a set of illusions and attractions were presented to the public in the form of gruesome and vile entertainment. In fact, Marie Tussaud scarred British audiences with an exhibit of decapitated famous French figures in the form of wax art. The gruesome collection was called the ‘Chamber of Horrors’ and held wax figures of decapitated royalties such as King Louis the 16th and Queen Marie Antoinette among others. This chamber of horrors was the start of many haunted houses and still existed until 2016 when it was replaced by the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. Ironically it was first a building with headless wax figures and now it is the exhibit of one of the greatest fictional detectives in history.




Why build a haunted house with a concrete mixer?


The building of a haunted house requires much planning. Thus, you should plan out your dates such as when you would like your project to start and when you would like the building process to end. If you would like your haunted house to be ready around the time of Halloween it is probably best to start production early on in the year.


Mixers may help you get the job done scary fast. Concrete mixers will help you build your haunted house or building in double the time with minimal mixing effort. We are sure you would like your haunted house to be done by the time the Halloween season comes around and not Christmas, we can’t think of anyone who would have much use for a haunted house on Christmas. That is why we recommend these hardworking machines.


Mixers also help you get everything done right on site. No one wants to travel back and forth between sites, especially when all your time and effort is being placed into constructing the most terrifying and spookiest-looking haunted house. You would probably like to watch your odd imaginations unfold right in front of your eyes, and these mixers will help that happen as they have the ability to mix the concrete you need onsite instead of having it delivered.


Not all people have the emotional or physical capacity to put the labour in that is needed for building a haunted house. So, when you invest in the addiction of concrete mixers, you also reduce the amount of manual labour otherwise needed to get the job done.This may be a suitable option when building a haunted house, as this project may not be for the faint of heart, so the fewer people involved the better.


This also relates to the fact that mixers improve health and safety on the worksite. Concrete mixing may cause a number of issues to arise in regard to health and safety as workers may overly exert themselves resulting in pulled muscles or other injuries which may consume more time. Plus, we recommend you reduce the health issues where you can as you will already be having enough heart attacks on your plate, you are building a haunted house after all.


Mixers keep things clean. Let’s face it, when you hear those strange sounds coming from the haunted house, you will already be faced with a messy situation. So, we recommend you at least keep the construction work site clean and tidy by rather utilising a concrete mixer. This will also help you build teamwork, which may be required since we would prefer to be working as a team while on a ‘haunted’ site rather than being left to our own devices.




Cement Mixers: The most ‘haunted’ building in South Africa


Once upon a time in 1667, the building of the castle of Good Hope commenced. The castle was to be home to European settlers travelling from Europe to the cape. It was built as a defensive structure, housing a small town inside with a bakery, church workshops, living quarters, cells, and so on. It was built to be a little village, however, we doubt the builders of that castle knew that it would become one of South Africa’s top 5 scariest haunted places.


It has been reported that near the old guard’s room, two people are often heard arguing. After further inspections were made, nobody was found in the area or nearby. There is also another riveting tale, and that is sometimes the ringing of a bell is heard from the bell tower, ringing all on its own. What makes this building even more terrifying is that the turret was barricaded years back. And yet reports have been made of the bell being rung.


Even after years of working in this building, soldiers still fear the unrested souls which lurk in its halls. For this reason, you are more likely to find soldiers guarding the outside of the building rather than the inside.


Your haunted house can leave people even more afraid than the old castle of Good Hope. This is because your haunted building may be built with the compilation of sustainable and effective concrete due to the assistance of a concrete mixer.


The castle’s cement was made through the burning of shells in lime kilns. The lime was mixed with shells and sand to form strong cement. Nowadays, concrete is made up of aggregates, water, and sand. This has evolved significantly from the burned lime and water mentioned earlier.


Concrete mixers will allow for the appearance of a much sturdier building structure. In the creation of a haunted house, it is important that the building be steady as your house will be an attraction for many visitors. Concrete will allow for the haunted house to stay stable and strong in the gloomiest of weather conditions.




Why should you use concrete mixers?


Concrete mixers are made for the hands of professionals. In building a haunted house or even renovating a house to appear haunted, we are sure you would like excellence to be achieved. Thus, concrete mixers help transform projects from lacking prestige to looking professional.


Concrete mixers suspend the waiting period. Portable concrete mixers allow you to mix the concrete you need on-site. Therefore, concrete mixers are very efficient when it comes to getting a project finished in a fraction of the time it would take if you were mixing manually. This will help you complete your haunted project in time.


In building your terrifying and haunted building, planning should be well put out. Detail is a crucial part of the design of a haunted house and concrete mixers can help you pay attention to the finer details as they will allow for your concrete to be mixed effectively. This is important because if the concrete is not measured and mixed correctly, the output of the concrete may not be as appealing as you would like.


Concrete-mixers-old-abandoned-mansion-in-mystic-spooky-forest-the-ancient-haunted-house-of-frankenstein-with-dark-horror-atmosphere-and-creepy- (1)-min


Also, the most important part of a haunted building is the entrance. If your guests do not feel cold chills running down their necks just by looking at the front of the building, your haunted house may not be as scary as you would like. That is where BS Power can provide you with the help you need, because our concrete mixers are manufactured to help you create masterpieces with concrete.


Get a concrete mixer from BSPower:


We have three new concrete mixers up for grabs at BSPower. Our Baumax BS360L concrete mixer is fitted with a Baumax RX200 2:1 engine. This mixture will help you keep health and safety a priority as the machine has a ring gear cover and an enclosed engine cabin.


The 400L concrete mixer is another machine suited for the building of a haunted house. This Baumax mixer comes with an RX2002:1 engine which helps ensure the speedy finishing of a project. The drum mixes concrete in under 2.5 minutes which is essential for projects which you require to be done in a short amount of time.


Lastly, we have the Baumax BS500 500L concrete mixer. This mixer is suited for contractors as well as rental companies who are aiming to accomplish multiple renovations and buildings. The mixer is made up of channel iron and folded metal with an Ultra-Durable 3 mm drum bottom.




If you would like to give people the scare of the season by constructing the most haunting, terrifying, and exquisitely built haunted house, make use of our products at BS Power. At BSPower we not only provide you with construction products that ensure sustainable and strong buildings, but we also provide you with strong and reliable products. There is a saying that goes; a house won’t fall if the bones are good. So go ahead and make use of our products to ensure that your haunted house stays put even if its bones might be shaking in fear.