Frequently Asked Questions About a Ride On Mower



Have you ever wanted to pick up a new hobby or advance your craft, but you’ve just been too confused about where to start, and perhaps a little embarrassed to ask the right questions? Don’t worry, this happens all the time – especially when it comes to understanding the tools and equipment for gardening and landscaping. Gardening and landscaping is a highly technical and practical hobby that needs a knowledge base of its own. Luckily for you, this article is meant to solve any confusions you might have about gardening with heavy machinery such as ride on mowers.




Get Back Into Gardening with BS Power Tools


As Spring has sprung and Summer rolls in, most of us are yearning to spend more of our time outdoors. The warmer air and the cool breeze call us to host garden parties, poolside celebrations and Sunday brunches on the patio. But not before we get our gardens looking good again after a long and harsh Winter.


So, as we prepare our gardens for a busy Summer, we need to start considering how to reintegrate ourselves into our old gardening routines. Gardening can be a difficult hobby to take up. It requires vision, time, effort, physical strength and equipment. However, with the right equipment, you’ll be able to simplify your laborious Sunday or Monday afternoons in the sand.


BS Power has the perfect tools to make your gardening routine easier and more efficient. From brush cutters, chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers, cultivators and misters, BS Power has forest and garden tools that will work for large-scale landscaping renovations and small-scale backyard maintenance. Now, don’t be scared, because we’re going to jump right into a conversation about one of the most frequently questioned garden tools: the ride on mower.


What Is A Ride On Mower?


A ride on mower is a type of lawnmower that has a built-in seat. Unlike a normal lawnmower, it is not pushed forward by the hands but is rather operated by a driver who sits atop the mower and uses the levers, pedals and steering wheel – much like a car. Some ride on mowers use gasoline, while others use electricity – but generally, they are powered by gas engines. Manual ride on mowers require you to change gears, while automatic ones do not need gear changes.


The ride on mower contains mechanized blades that rotate and cut the grass at a high speed. Whatever grass clippings it cuts are usually channelled out of the side, thereby preventing a whirlwind of grass and sticks from flying at your face. Most mowers generally turn forward and backwards, and most of the machines can do turns of varying degrees. They come with a variety of accessories for snow, mulching and other conditions.


In What Scenarios Would I Need A Ride On Mower?




Ride on mowers are great if you need to work in large, open spaces. Due to the size of their front decks, they can cut grass at higher and faster rates by covering wider sections of the land at once. If you’re a farmer, this is incredibly useful. Imagine that you’re dealing with a 40-hectare commercial farm, and you have to use a hand-operated mower.


Working with such small equipment in a large space would become extremely laborious and time-consuming. In that case, a ride on mower could be an asset and an investment. Similarly, if you’re a landscape gardener this could be a helpful way to maintain precision amongst the grass. Using a ride on mower helps to equate the grass to standardized levels that regulate the space and uphold tidy aesthetics.


Why Are Ride On Mowers Superior Garden Tools?


They’re Comfortable:


The controls on this mower are easy to reach and the steering wheel makes the machine easy to direct through difficult or undulating terrains. Having a built-in seat means less strain on your lower back and spine. The elevation of the seat also allows you to scope the garden from a bird’s eye view and it keeps you at a safe distance from the grass cuttings. Other mowers even come with adjustable seats, headlights and beverage holders.


They Save Time:


You’ll find that the grass always grows very quickly when you need to mow a big space every 1 or 2 weeks. This can be an annoying routine. However, if you don’t maintain the lawn then you’re at risk of having an unkempt plot.


More time spent on mowing means more labour if you’re a gardener, and more cost if you’re a farmer. That’s why it’s better to use advanced technology throughout the process. This machine can generally cut sections of grass around 100 centimetres wide or more in much less time.




They’re Efficient:


Depending on the terrain that you need to work on, you can adjust the speed and height of the blades. This feature means that you can customize your landscape according to your own needs and wants. The ride on mower is also simple in its minimalist operating system, which only requires you to sit down, turn on the engine and operate the steering wheel or levers.


They Have Strong Engines:


At BS Power, they stock and service ride on mowers manufactured and distributed by HUSQVARNA. These quality machines are all high-powered. In fact, BS Power offers anything from the HUSQVARNA TS138L Ride On Mower with 1 cylinder and a gasoline tank that can hold 5.7 litres, to a HUSQVARNA PZ 34 Zero with two cylinders and a gasoline tank that can hold 41.6 litres.


They’re Fun


While there are a lot of technical, financial benefits of working with a ride on mower, it should also be noted that they are surprisingly fun too – especially when you consider how much of a chore lowing the mawn can generally be. Sitting in a comfortable seat while you get your garden work gets done is a satisfying experience as well as a sort of leisurely sport. If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, labouring in the sun, then this is definitely the more pleasurable way to do it.


They’re Precise


BS Power stocks various kinds of ride on mowers that come with mulching equipment and variable tools, deck widths and heights. You can pick out a mower that works for your unique space and feel comfortable knowing that they will get the job done quickly. Fortunately, there are also beneficial tools such as mulching accessories, side discharge panels and tow bar additions available to you for extra precision.


They’re Good For the Grass


In the long-term, cutting the grass more regularly using these kinds of machines leads to healthier, fresher-looking grass. The blades are more precise when cutting the grass, and prevents tearing the grass so that it can grow more evenly. Healthier grass and more frequent maintenance – made easier by BS Power’s affordable ride on mowers -will leave your garden looking green, luscious and nourished.


What is the Difference Between A Ride On Mower And A Lawn Tractor?


The main difference between the two is the placement of the cutting deck at the front of the mower. On a lawn tractor, the cutting deck is mounted in the middle of the machine. On a ride on mower, the cutting deck is placed underneath the front of the machine, thereby making it easier to manoeuvre the machine in tight spots. Manoeuvrability is a particularly effective feature of ride on mowers because it makes it easier for the operator to work around shrubs, trees and other obstacles.


Are Ride On Mowers Dangerous?




Absolutely not. Ride on mowers are comfortable and ergonomically designed. The blades are placed underneath the large front deck, which consequently blocks any garden debris, twigs or sticks from hitting your face. The side discharge panels are equally useful in that way, because they push the cuttings behind the mower instead of obscuring the path in front of it.


Although ride on mowers are not dangerous, there is an age recommendation for its operators. Kids aged below 12 should not operate the machinery and kids above 12 should only use it with supervision. Otherwise, ride on mowers are generally meant for adults only. These adults could be amateurs, hobbyists or industrial, large-scale farmers.


Safety Tips for Handling A Ride On Mower


  1. Speaking of amateur gardeners and landscaping hobbyists, BS Power believes that the best way to maintain health and safety precautions when mowing is to understand your machinery. If you’re going to begin working with and operating the heavy machinery, then it’s better to read the list below. These tips will help you keep a tidy landscape without much hassle while preventing any injury or property damage.
  2. Pick a mower that is fitted to the type of terrain on your property. It is always best to consider the size and quality of the land that your mower will work on, and pick the mower that can manoeuvre the easiest according to the size of your plot. Too big of a mower could be difficult to steer in a small space, while a mower that’s too big could damage a small plot. Moreover, you have to check that the blades’ height and speed are effective for the type of grass you’re cutting since certain grass is tougher than other types.
  3. Turn off the rotary mower when travelling on gravel or rocks. This variable feature allows you to keep the engine running without the cutting blades snipping at the land below. This will prevent you from kicking up dangerous rocks or damaging the blades on your mower.
  4. Find a mower with a good warranty. It would be a terrible disappointment to invest in a motor that breaks down in the middle of a long day’s work. Make sure that the equipment you pick is good quality, suited to your environment and capable of lasting over time. Warranties that cover your machine for at least 1 to 2 years are always the better way to go.
  5. Store your mower correctly. Make sure to keep your mower undercover and keep it away from damp, rainy spaces since rust can be very damaging to an engine. Also make sure to check on the engine, wheels, levers and breaks often, even when the mower isn’t in use. This will keep the system running better for longer.


What Makes BS Power’s Special?


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BS Powers serves clients from all over Africa. They serve countries including but not limited to Zambia, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana. They are highly trained and skilled at servicing petrol and diesel engines, electrical wiring in Single and Three phase alternators, distributing stock and procuring wholesale stock. If you’re interested in investing in the kind of products that will make your tasks and responsibilities easier, then contact them at 0219816040 or email them at