Finding the Balance: Drive Links on Your Chainsaw Chain

When it comes to chainsaws, the debate over the optimal number of drive links on a chainsaw chain has been a longstanding one. Some argue that more drive links translate to better cutting performance, while others swear by the efficiency of chains with fewer links. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the nuances of drive links, with a focus on choosing the right blades and cutting accessories for your chainsaw, whether it’s a renowned STIHL or a robust HUSQVARNA.

Understanding the Role of Drive Links

Chainsaws have become an indispensable tool for arborists, woodworkers, and homeowners alike, with a variety of models available in the market. The number of drive links on a chainsaw chain plays a crucial role in determining the cutting efficiency and overall performance of the tool. Drive links are the protruding teeth on the underside of the chainsaw chain that engage with the guide bar, facilitating the cutting process.


When it comes to chainsaw brands, STIHL and HUSQVARNA are two names that stand out in the industry. These brands have earned a reputation for producing high-quality chainsaws that deliver exceptional performance. Whether you’re using an STIHL or a HUSQVARNA chainsaw, the choice of drive links can significantly impact the cutting experience.


The number of drive links on a chainsaw chain is directly related to its pitch, which is the distance between any three consecutive rivets on the chain divided by two. Higher pitch chains generally have fewer drive links, resulting in larger gaps between the cutting teeth. This design is suitable for heavy-duty tasks and cutting through thick branches or logs. On the other hand, lower-pitch chains with more drive links are ideal for precision cutting and tasks that require a finer finish.

Choosing the Right Chains for STIHL and HUSQVARNA Chainsaws

STIHL chainsaws, known for their power and reliability, often come with a range of chain options to suit different cutting needs. If you’re tackling a demanding job, a chain with fewer drive links and a higher pitch may be the right choice. However, for detailed and intricate work, especially in landscaping or carpentry, opting for a chain with more drive links and a lower pitch may be more appropriate.


HUSQVARNA chainsaws, with their emphasis on durability and innovation, offer a similar array of chain options. Understanding the nature of your cutting tasks is crucial in determining whether more or fewer drive links are required. A HUSQVARNA chainsaw equipped with the right chain can make all the difference in efficiency and precision.


In conclusion, the choice between more or fewer drive links on a chainsaw chain ultimately depends on the nature of the tasks at hand. Consider the type of cutting you’ll be doing and the level of precision required. Whether you choose an STIHL or HUSQVARNA chainsaw, selecting the right blades and cutting accessories is essential for optimal performance.

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