Courses for Operating Your Stihl Chainsaw



Have you picked up a Stihl chainsaw for the first time and feel uncertain as to how to begin operating it? Do you use a Stihl chainsaw daily for work purposes but need a revalidated certificate? For both novice and experienced chainsaw operators, learn how to operate your Stihl chainsaw confidently with our guide to chainsaw operating courses.


Courses and Training for Operating Chainsaws:


We have selected a variety of South African training chainsaw courses. These accredited courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills to safely operate your Stihl chainsaw.


1) Human Resources: Education, Training & Development (HRETD):


HRETD is a registered training facility that offers technical operations and safety training nationwide. HRETD can tailor courses specifically to your company to ensure your employees receive relevant training on safety and operating procedures.


HRETD offers a Chainsaw Operator Safety Training course. This course covers operating a chainsaw from a theoretical and practical perspective. Both novices and experienced chainsaw operators will benefit from the HRETD course.


The HRETD Chainsaw Operator Safety Training course covers the different types of chainsaws, how chainsaws work, and introduces you to other related equipment. You will also learn how to operate a chainsaw safely and keep your chainsaw maintained.


The HRETD Chainsaw Operator Safety Training course is also focused on the practicality of forestry. You will learn the guidelines for Forest Engineering Practices in South Africa (FESA), how to select the best chainsaw for tree felling, and tree cutting techniques.  The course will take five days for novices to complete. If you are needing a re-certification for work purposes, the course will take one day. HRETD is located at The Reeds, Centurion.


The requirement for this course is that you have a Grade 7 certificate. Once you have completed the course, you will receive an HRETD certificate that has life-long validity. HRETD Chainsaw Operator Safety Training course is accredited with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing / Sector Education and Training Authority (FP&MSETA).




2) Emcare:


Emcare is a South African Health and Safety Training company. Emcare provides high-quality training from professional instructors. Emcare will ensure that you walk away with all the relevant skills and knowledge for your industry-specific course. Emcare offers three chainsaw operator courses.


The Emcare Chainsaw Operator Basic course covers the basics of operating a chainsaw, maintaining your chainsaw, chainsaw safety, and techniques to cut timber. This course is suitable for novices. The Emcare Chainsaw Operator Intermediate course goes into depth on felling trees with a chainsaw. You will learn various cutting techniques, such as cross-cutting, and how to take down hung-up trees.


The Emcare Chainsaw Operator Advanced course is recommended for experienced chainsaw operators. You will learn specialised chainsaw cutting techniques in this Emcare course. You will also learn about emergency tree work operations. The requirement for each of the Emcare chainsaw courses is that you have English proficiency. Each of the Emcare chainsaw courses has a duration of five days. Once you have completed any of the Emcare chainsaw courses, you will receive an FP&MSETA certificate that is valid for two years.


The courses are available at all of the Emcare facilities. These facilities are based in Johannesburg, Polokwane, Durban, and Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, and Hoedspruit. Additionally, for groups of ten or more, Emcare can come to your premises. Emcare makes courses on chainsaw operating accessible for everyone across South Africa.




3) Kishugu Training:


Kishugu Training is an accredited training facilitator. Kishugu Training offers a wide variety of courses which range from Occupational Health and Safety to Driver Training to Computer Training. Kishugu Training is determined to ensure each person who enrols in their courses has a successful completion rate in their chosen field.


Kishugu Training offers a Chainsaw Operator course. This course covers operating a chainsaw, chainsaw safety, and maintaining a chainsaw. You will learn relevant chainsaw operating techniques that can be used in forestry, agriculture, conservation, and landscaping industries. The minimum entry-level requirement for the Kishugu Training Chainsaw Operator course is a NQF Level 2 education.


The Chainsaw Operator course can be taught in English or isiZulu, making it a widely accessible chainsaw course for South Africans. The Kishugu Training Chainsaw Operator course has a duration of five days. On completion, you will receive a certificate accredited with FP&MSETA. The Kishugu Training Chainsaw Operator course is located in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. The Chainsaw Operator course is also available at your business premises at a specific arrangement.




4) New Africa Skills Development (NASD):


NASD is an accredited training provider. NASD strives to provide all customers with high-quality training that can be used commercially or at home. NASD specialises in chainsaw training.


NASD offers a Chainsaw course. The NASD Chainsaw course covers the basics of operating a chainsaw and chainsaw maintenance. The NASD Chainsaw course also emphasises chainsaw safety, as it covers the relevant safety features of a chainsaw, and the health hazards you face when operating a chainsaw.


The NASD Chainsaw course goes into depth on chainsaw cutting techniques. The course covers basic cuts, such as the boring-cut, up-cut, and down-cut, directional felling, debranching, crosscutting, and special felling techniques. You will walk away with all relevant chainsaw skills for the forestry and agricultural industry.


The duration of the NASD Chainsaw course is ten days. No requirements regarding enrolling in the NASD Chainsaw course are stipulated. On completion, you will receive an FP&MSETA accredited certificate. NASD is located in Kwa-Zulu Natal which is where the Chainsaw course will take place.


5) Leibrandt Training Academy:


Leibrandt Training Academy is a SAQA accredited training company focused on uplifting individuals through specialised training. The Leibrandt Training Academy offers a Chainsaw Training course. This course is ideally suited to novices. You will learn the basic knowledge and skills to use a chainsaw safely and efficiently.


The Chainsaw Training course goes into depth on the basic mechanism and parts of a chainsaw. This ensures that you are adequately prepped to understand how a chainsaw works and how to keep the chainsaw maintained.


You are required to have an NGF Level 2 education to enrol in the Leibrandt Training Academy Chainsaw Training course. The course takes place at the Leibrandt Training Academy located in Milnerton, Western Cape. The course has a duration of three days and requires between eight to ten learners for the course. On completion of the course, you will be issued a certificate.




6) Kwamahlati Training Services:


Kwamahlati Training Services offers all relevant training suited to the forestry industry. All courses are offered at their Kwa-Zulu Natal-based facility. Kwamahlati Training Services offers nine different chainsaw courses:


Chainsaw Appreciation:


This is a three-day-long course that covers operating a chainsaw, chainsaw mechanisms, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Chainsaw Operator Basic:


This course will cover operating a chainsaw, chainsaw mechanisms, maintenance, the conventional system, and the standard field test. The Chainsaw Operator Basic course will take ten days to complete.


Chainsaw Operator Assess and Refresh:


This course is specifically for experienced chainsaw operators who need a refresh on chainsaw performance and safety or re-certification for work purposes. The course will be completed within two days.


Chainsaw Operator Non-Production:


Covered in this ten-day course are basic chainsaw operation, maintenance, and safety with regards to the conventional harvesting system.


Chainsaw Operator Retrain:


People who have experienced chainsaw operators but wish to be retrained in production skills and safety procedures should attend this four-day course.


Chainsaw Operator Advanced Felling Techniques:


This course is useful for experienced chainsaw operators who need skills to fell leaning or large-diameter trees for work purposes. This course will take two days.


Chainsaw Serviceman Basic:


Learn how to service, maintain, and test chainsaws in this five-day course. This is beneficial for those who work for a commercial forestry company.


Chainsaw Serviceman Refresher:


This is a refresher course for those who need to brush up on the skills learned in the Chainsaw Serviceman Basic course. This course will also take five days.


Chainsaw Mechanic:


This course covers the entire mechanical workings of chainsaws and how to maintain or repair chainsaws. This course will take five days.


On completion of any of the Kwamahlati Training Services chainsaw courses, you will receive an FP&MSETA accredited certificate.


About Stihl Chainsaw:


Stihl chainsaws are world-renowned. Each Stihl chainsaw is a robust, powerful machine that makes easy work of any forestry, agricultural, or landscaping needs.A Stihl chainsaw is a high-performance machine that will get your cutting done quickly. Every Stihl chainsaw is easy to use as they have been designed to have a low weight and great ergonomics. You can enjoy power, speed, and comfort when using a Stihl chainsaw.


Stihl is consistently researching and improving its chainsaw range. This has resulted in a wide range of Stihl chainsaws that have been developed to perform specific tasks. From garden work to cutting thick trees, there is a Stihl chainsaw ideally suited to the job.


Stihl has released a Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance, and Operation DVD. This Stihl DVD covers operating Stihl chainsaws step-by-step. It is recommended for first-time users of a Stihl chainsaw. Those who occasionally use their Stihl chainsaw at home and need some advice will also benefit from watching this informative Stihl chainsaw DVD. If you are in the market for a Stihl chainsaw for commercial or at-home use, B&S Commercial Power has you covered.


Stihl Chainsaws at B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power is a supplier of Stihl chainsaws. We stock a wide variety of Stihl chainsaws so that you can always find the chainsaw perfectly suited to your cutting requirements.


  1. Stihl MS170 Chainsaw: This chainsaw is ideal for thinning trees and sawing firewood.
  2. Stihl MS250 Chainsaw: Perfectly suited to cutting small trees and branches.
  3. Stihl MS382 Chainsaw: You can use this Stihl chainsaw in low-density and medium-density stands.
  4. Stihl MS361 Chainsaw: This chainsaw will make quick work of your cutting.
  5. Stihl MSE 141 Chainsaw: Entry-level Stihl chainsaw.
  6. Stihl MS310 Chainsaw: Made specifically for cutting in medium-density stands.
  7. Stihl MSE 190 Electric Chainsaw: This Stihl chainsaw has an improved cutting performance.
  8. Stihl MS120 Chainsaw: Ideally suited to cutting firewood.
  9. Stihl MS661 C-M Chainsaw: If you have a tough felling job, this is the recommended Stihl chainsaw.




When there are so many Stihl chainsaws to choose from, we understand that it can be difficult to select the best Stihl chainsaw for your project. We ensure that our customers always receive personalised service so that they receive the Stihl chainsaw they need.


We are dedicated to providing you with access to professional assistance and training. We often host workshops with our main manufacturers, such as Stihl, to offer training on the products we stock. If you have any queries regarding operating your Stihl chainsaw, contact us and we will inform you when our next training workshop will be.


Gain the relevant skills and knowledge on how to operate your Stihl chainsaw from accredited South African chainsaw operator courses.