Construction Equipment: A Machine for every project.


In the current age of technology and innovation, builders and contractors are spoilt for choice when it comes to construction equipment. Most construction processes have been mechanized, with increased productivity and profitability as a result. Construction equipment has become essential necessary tools one requires in the various stages of the construction process, in order to finish your construction project within time, cost and quality parameters.


At BS Commercial Power we represent the best brands in the light Construction Equipment sector. Brands such as Baumax, Husqvarna and Honda Power Products to name but a few. Here we discuss various modern Construction Equipment with a broad overview of such equipment and examples of what is available to the South African market.
Ranging from site preparation to the finishing touches, construction equipment are diverse and as a result most construction companies own a wide range of the most necessary equipment. They also hire in extra equipment should the need arise. There are also a wide network of dealers in the country, representing various brands such as Baumax , Wacker, Honda etc


Below are the main examples of construction equipment, categorized by the different stages of the construction process:

• compaction equipment

• concrete placement equipment,

• early entry sawing,

• surface preparation,

• floor sawing, handheld power cutting, wall sawing and wire sawing,

• drilling


Compaction equipment

Plate Compactors:

Once the concrete, or any other surface, has been laid as foundation, a plate compactor is used to compact the filling, and can be used for different types of surfaces such as gravel, sand, soil, brick paving or even hot or cold asphalt. Plate compactors consist of an eccentric weight which rotates at high speed within a metal housing, causing a metal base plate to vibrate and as a result, compact the surface underneath and also flatten it.

The rapidly vibrating plate gives the compactor a go-forward motion, making it easily operable while in use. To prevent sand and soil from entering, the belt cover is sealed and the radius base plate allows all corners to be accessible for compaction.

Baumax BS80 Plate Compactor


Construction Equipment - Baumax BS80 Plate Compactor


Foward and reversable plate compactors


In the case of more demanding jobs where a plate compactor is not sufficient, enters the next level compaction equipment for soil and asphalt: the forward and reversable plate compactor. Driven by and hydraulic motor, these compactors can complete the most demanding tasks.


Baumax 3020 Forward reversable plate compactor

Construction Equipment - Baumax 3020 Forward reversable plate compactor


Vibratory Rollers

Projects of a larger scale or that require higher compaction densities, call for the use of a vibratory roller. They consist of two vibrating drums which are powered by a hydraulic system causing the drums to vibrate intensely to effect compaction.


Vibratory rollers are used in bigger projects due the size and weight of the equipment itself, as well as its superior compaction density. The vibrations and compaction effectiveness are measured in kilo-newtons


Husqvarna LP7505 Vibratory roller



Construction Equipment - Husqvarna LP7505 Vibratory roller


Tamping Rammers

Tamping rammers , also known as “Jumping Jacks”,are yet another equipment option to use for soil compaction. They are most usefull in trenches or narrow allies due their compact nature. They are powered by a 4 cycle petrol or diesel engine, or 2 cycle engines, which power a long stroke piston to generate the vibration.



Baumax with Honda GX120RX engine:


Construction Equipment - Baumax with Honda GX120RX engine


Concrete Placement Equipment


From placing the concrete until doing the finishing touches, one may be required to obtain equipment for mixing ,pouring, leveling, vibrating of the surface floors or poured concrete.


Concrete mixer or Cement Mixer


A concrete mixer is used to mix cement, water and aggregate in proportion to produce what we know as concrete. Concrete is used extensively for the construction of buildings, damns, bridges and swimming pools and mostly used for the laying of the foundation. Concrete Mixers are mostly wheeled, allowing it to be moved wherever it may be needed next, and the tilting mechanism makes it easy to discharge the concrete into wheelbarrows or concrete dumpers. To ensure operating safety, the engine is situated in an enclosed cabin and has a ring gear cover.



BauMax BS361 Concrete Mixer


Construction Equipment - BauMax BS361 Concrete Mixer


Concrete vibrators and drive units


Drive units and pokers are used to eliminate any air pockets trapped underneath the surface of the concrete, as the concrete is being laid or immediately afterwards. Not performing this action would negatively impact the stability of the concrete itself and reducing this air will make the concrete stronger by increasing the density. With the help of electric, diesel or petrol engines, a rotary motion is transmitted from the motor to the poker via the drive shaft, causing the vigorous and rapid vibration giving the trapped air pockets the opportunity to escape. Poker vibrators have diameters ranging from 28mm-68mm and coupled/powered to a drive unit.



Baumax DURX200 Drive unit and poker



Construction Equipment - Baumax DURX200 Drive unit and poker


Power Trowels


More focus on the finishing touches is also one of the bigger construction equipment elements, the power trowel. A power trowel is used to put a smooth finish on a large surface area laid with concrete to remove any inconsistency on the appearance of the surface.


Anywhere between 20 minutes and 4 hours after laying your concrete and all the water has dissipated, this engine powered, hand operated construction equipment will be brought into use. To ensure a smooth surface, adjustable blade controls have been implemented .A large gearbox and engine provides the operator with the necessary torque.


Baumax PT100 Power Trowel


Construction Equipment - Baumax PT100 Power Trowel


Screed beams


A handy alternative to power trowels is screed beams. One or two passes with a vibrating screed is sometimes enough to level and create an even surface on a single concrete slab.


Husqvarna BV30 Screed



Construction Equipment - Husqvarna BV30 Screed


Early Entry Sawing


One of the most important things to prevent when pouring a deck or floor is cracking. Most floors of higher surface areas require a few cuts to prevent this. This allows the concrete to expand and shrink thanks to temperature fluctuations.


Normally, floor sawing will be done after a few days when the floor is still dry. A new innovative piece of costruction equipment, the early entry saw, allows the contractor to saw within the first two hours after finishing the floor. This provides an even more effective solution.


Husqvarna Soft Cut-150 Early Entry Saw



Construction Equipment - Husqvarna Soft Cut-150 Early Entry Saw


Surface Preparation


Preparing ,grinding and polishing of floors and other natural stone can be demanding tasks. Grinders and polishers are construction equipment that allows the operator to productively and cost effectively prepare large surface areas at a time.These grinding machines are used to roughen concrete in preparation of other processes or to remove materials such as paint oil etc. The polishers are used to provide the concrete floor with spectacular reflective qualities.

Husqvarna PG530 Floor Grinder:



Construction Equipment - Husqvarna PG530 Floor Grinder



Floor sawing, Handheld power cutting, Wall sawing and Wire sawing


Cutting tiles or concrete is necessary to prevent the tile or surfaces from cracking.This piece of construction equipment is usually fuel powered and induces a rotary motion to the blade in front. Floor saws are available in various weight categories, depending on the depth needed to be sawed.


Saw depths can range from 122mm to 625mm. Floor saws are equipped with various options of diamond blades, the robust blade is threatened by few surfaces and optimum flow is achievable thanks to the water system attached to the electrical or fuel powered engine, this water is induced to make cutting easier and to cool down the blade as it is operating.


Baumax 450 Floor Saw/Concrete Cutter:



Construction Equipment - Baumax 450 Floor Saw Concrete Cutter



When chasing a wall or cutting vertically, a conventional angle grinder with masonary blade might do for domestic projects. More professional jobs that require more power, torque and cutting depth, can only be achieved by a handheld power cutter. They are usually petrol powered, but are also available in electric and even battery powered variants.


Husqvarna K770 Handheld Power Cutter


Construction Equipment - Husqvarna K770 Handheld Power Cutter



Wall Saws


Wall saws are ideal for all types of openings in almost all building materials,such as brick and reinforced concrete. This construction equipment is modular in design, with power and saw units separated to allow the contractor to work faster and make the job easier.They are available in an electric high frequency option which provides increased power to the cutting process.


Husqvarna WS 220 Wall Saw:



Construction Equipment - Husqvarna WS 220 Wall Saw


Wire Saws


Wire Saws are used to saw large concrete structures, pillars etc. Cutting is done using a cutting rope covered with diamond particles, which is powered by a hydraulic or high frequency electic system via pulleys. The friction applied to the structures being cut, ensures effortless and profitable cutting results.



Husqvarna CS10 Wire Saw:


Construction Equipment - Husqvarna CS10 Wire Saw





When drilling you only need the best in construction equipment. Using core drills for your project ensure you have power and precision when high quality is required. Even if you have a high quality equipment, the quality of your work will also be determined by the quality of your core drill bits. Husqvarna Gold level diamond tools are developed for specialist contractors. They provide maximum speed and wear resistance in heavy drilling applications.


Husqvarna DMS 240 Core Drill:


Construction Equipment - Husqvarna DMS 240 Core Drill




Our wide range of Construction Equipment means you can always find a perfect machine and tool for any challenge, so you can work with high precision, less effort and optimal efficiency. All our equipment is designed for heavy duty continuous operation, and are manufactured from high quality materials in some of the most advanced factories in the world. In line with their specific use they are designed to give a long service life.