Concrete Mixers: What is a Construction Foreman?



No construction project can be completed without the supervision of a construction foreman. A construction foreman performs the critical role of ensuring the construction project is completed on schedule and safely by managing and organising the construction team. If you have never heard of a construction foreman before, we have created a quick guide that covers what a construction foreman is and the various roles and responsibilities they have on a construction site. To pursue a career as a construction foreman, we have additionally outlined the essential skills you must possess and the qualifications and experience you need to become a construction foreman in South Africa. Ensure you have the highest-quality concrete mixers on your construction site when you buy from B&S Commercial Power.




What is a Construction Foreman?


Construction sites are bustling spaces of site managers, construction workers, and heavy machinery. Under one construction plan, there can be multiple different contractors working simultaneously, all with different time schedules and construction workers. For both efficient construction project completion and construction worker safety, the construction site needs to be scrupulously supervised and managed. This is where a construction foreman steps in.


A construction foreman is ultimately in charge of managing, coordinating, and supervising a construction site to ensure the project is completed on schedule and the construction workers have a safe workplace. The construction foreman will be positioned below the project managers and construction superintendent but above the general contractors and construction workers. This positioning places them in the middle ground, allowing them to work alongside both management and the construction workers.




Roles and Responsibilities of a Construction Foreman:


Construction foremen perform many important tasks that ultimately lead to the efficient completion of the building project, while also ensuring the hazards that construction workers face are reduced. Construction workers perform their duties both on-site and off-site. We dive deeper into a construction foreman position by highlighting a few of the important roles and responsibilities a construction foreman will perform for a construction site.


Schedule Preparation: The construction foreman will need to create a viable schedule for the completion of the construction project. This schedule will be based on the project plans and specifications. This schedule will cover everything from the determined working hours of the construction workers to the ordering of materials. This schedule will also need to be correctly adjusted throughout the construction project if there are delays or problems arise.


Enforcing OSHA Regulations: As one of the most dangerous workplaces, safety is imperative on construction sites. A construction foreman must ensure that the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OSHA) regulations are enforced on their construction site.


Hire, Train, and Supervise Construction Workers: The construction foreman will be tasked with hiring the best team of contractors or construction workers for the construction project, which means being able to assess their qualifications and skills in relation to the required tasks. A construction foreman will be an expert in their trade, so will therefore be required to train any construction workers with less experience. Supervision of the construction workers will include the monitoring of the arrival and leaving of the construction workers, ensuring the construction workers are following safety regulations, and monitoring that the performance of the construction workers is aligned with the schedule.


Ensure Sufficient Materials and Machinery: The construction foreman will be tasked with ensuring that the correct heavy machinery and materials are available as needed on the construction site. Alongside ensuring there the correct machinery is on the construction site, the construction foreman will also need to ensure the machinery is adequately stored and maintained throughout the project.


Keep to the Budget: The construction foreman will work closely with the allocated budget for the construction project. They will need to ensure that the construction workers, materials, and heavy machinery on the construction site are within the budget of the project and monitor the expenditure on these aspects. When a problem arises on the construction site, the solution the construction foreman comes up with needs to also be aligned with the allocated budget for the project. This responsibility then demonstrates that maths and budgeting are important roles that a construction foreman must perform on a daily basis.


Report Progress: The construction foreman must create progress reports on the construction project. These reports must then be presented to the project managers, superintendent, and possibly the clients.


Ensure Successful Completion: The ultimate responsibility of the construction foreman is the successful completion of the construction project within the allocated time frame. This means that every day, the construction foreman must allocate tasks, coordinate teams, calculate productivity rates, and make schedule adjustments to keep the project on track.




Essential Skills for a Construction Foreman:


To adequately perform the roles and responsibilities of a construction foreman, you must possess essential skills. While a construction foreman role requires numerous skills in order to perform their job optimally, we have outlined the five essential skills you must have to pursue this job career.


Communication: The construction foreman is the bridge between upper management and the construction workers. This means that in order for everything on the construction site to go to plan, the construction foreman must be able to communicate clearly with both teams. The construction foreman must be able to provide the construction workers with detailed daily instructions, inform the construction workers of any changes, and then report to the project managers and superintendent. Construction foremen must also be able to communicate any problems the construction workers have to the upper management team.


Leadership: A professional construction foreman must be a born leader. They must be able to take charge and confidently issue orders on a daily basis. They must be able to motivate and inspire the construction workers to perform their jobs correctly and safely. They must also be balanced in their leadership approach and be open to construction workers approaching them with any problems that they face. With a leadership role, there is also the essential skill of being able to correctly discipline construction workers when necessary.


Construction Knowledge: As the construction foreman is in charge of supervising the construction site, they need to have an in-depth understanding of all the facets of a construction site. This includes the different types of materials, how to operate necessary heavy machinery, and the types of skills construction workers must possess for the different aspects of the construction project.


Problem-solving Abilities: From slow construction worker performance to delayed delivery of materials to the theft of machinery, many problems can arise during a construction project. When something goes wrong on the construction site, the construction foreman will be the person to go. This means that a construction worker needs to possess excellent problem-solving skills to keep the construction project running smoothly and safely.


Good Physical Condition: Construction foremen must be physically healthy, strong, and have good stamina. Good physical condition ensures that the construction foreman is physically able to perform their daily tasks and can avoid any injury if a hazardous situation occurs on the construction site.


What You Need to Become a Construction Foreman:


The drive toward development in South Africa has transpired into numerous construction projects across the provinces. With ever-increasing construction projects, there is an ever-increasing need for professional construction foremen, making this a viable career to pursue. If you are interested in becoming a construction foreman, we have highlighted the qualifications and experience you need to ensure that you will be hired.


1) Qualifications:


The most basic qualification you will need is a Grade 10 or National Senior Certificate, depending on the specific job requirements, with core mathematics being an essential subject and physical science and economics being beneficial subjects. You will then need a trade qualification, whether that is in concrete work, electrical, plumbing, or carpentry. A degree or diploma is not necessary but can put you ahead when applying for a construction foreman position as some construction projects prefer hiring a qualified construction foreman.


As safety is important on a construction site, you will need to possess an in-depth understanding of the South African OSHA regulations. This can be demonstrated by a valid OHS Act course completion certificate issued by an authorised health and safety training facility. Additional certificate qualifications may be needed depending on the specific scope of the construction project.


2) Experience:


Experience is highly prioritised by employers when selecting a construction foreman for their construction project. As a base amount of experience, construction foremen need to demonstrate years of experience in their specific trade to highlight their expertise. Additionally, a prospective construction foreman should showcase experience in a management position to highlight that they have the leadership skills that are essential for the job.


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