Concrete Mixers: Top Eight Concrete Hardscaping Ideas


Hardscaping is an element of landscaping where the use of either natural or man-made non-living materials is cohesively incorporated into a garden. The benefits of low maintenance, increased property value, and added outdoor living makes it easy to understand why hardscaping is so widely popular in home gardens. When it comes to selecting the best hardscaping material for aesthetics and functionality, concrete hardscaping is the best choice. Peruse our top eight concrete hardscaping ideas for inspiration and get your concrete hardscaping project completed with concrete mixers from B&S Commercial Power.




Top Eight Concrete Hardscaping Ideas:


Hardscaping and softscaping go hand-in-hand when achieving a cohesive, functional, and aesthetic landscaping design in your garden. Concrete hardscaping offers beauty, durability, and is easy to create at home to transform your garden into a landscaped dream. We have highlighted our top concrete hardscaping ideas as inspiration to turn your garden into a practical and glorious sanctuary.


1) Patio:


This simple concrete hardscaping project will be a massive hit with friends and family. A concrete patio allows for endless opportunities for enjoying your garden space. Whether you place a few deck chairs and a pergola on your concrete patio for summertime enjoyment or an outdoor table for evening dinners, this concrete hardscaping is a must for adding outdoor living to your home.


2) Fire Pit and Seating:


The quintessential concrete hardscaping has to be a fire pit surrounded by seating. Perfect for winter festivities, cuddling with a loved one underneath the stars, or roasting marshmallows with your children, this concrete hardscaping will be the evening family hot spot in your garden. Concrete is a non-flammable material, making it the perfect choice for your fire pit base and surrounding seating around this exceptional garden hardscaping.


3) Outdoor Kitchen:


There is a major reason why South Africa’s Heritage Day is referred to as Braai Day. Create the space for Heritage Day, every Friday afternoon, and holiday celebrations with a concrete outdoor kitchen fitted with a braai, sink, and storage. A concrete island or cooking station fitted with kitchen amenities will be the perfect excuse to have your friends over to admire your new hardscaping.




4) Steppingstones:


Concrete steppingstones are easy hardscaping to create durable pathways throughout your garden. Simple, effective, and easy to craft into the ideal size and shape, concrete steppingstones are the perfect hardscaping for any garden. Guide your guests around your newly landscaped garden with concrete steppingstones and enjoy their floods of praise.


5) Elevated Plant Beds:


Concrete blocks make easy work of creating elevated plant beds in your garden. Whether you are striving to create an elevated outdoor herb garden, a three-tier planter to reduce the steepness of your garden, or simply highlight your prized collection of Proteas, concrete blocks make it easy to achieve this elegant and easy hardscaping.


6) Chessboard:


Let the family fun begin with a large garden chessboard! Chessboards are a fantastic concrete hardscaping idea as they allow you to spend more time outdoors whilst playing chess in your garden. To create a chessboard concrete hardscape, you simply need to pour a concrete slab and then paint the alternating black and white blocks. You can then purchase moulds to create concrete chess pieces or purchase them ready-made.


7) Garden Sculptures:


Concrete sculptures that are hardscaping that can create points of interest and sophistication in your landscaping design. Garden sculptures can be made by you at home using concrete mixers and moulds or you can select a local artist to create the concrete sculpture of your artistic desires. The diversity of concrete colours and aggregates allows for the opportunity to create sculptures that will be a statement hardscaping piece.


8) Water Feature:


If you are looking for a concrete hardscaping idea that will bring a restful and soothing environment into your garden, a concrete water feature is an ideal choice. Not only will you enjoy the trickling backdrop of flowing water, but a concrete water feature can also be created to suit the design style of your home. Whether your style is modern or ornate, you can craft or purchase a concrete water feature that will be the focal point of your garden style.




Why Concrete is The Best For Hardscaping:


Beginning the process of selecting the perfect hardscaping for your needs, aesthetic style, and budget can be overwhelming due to the numerous hardscaping materials to choose between. Concrete hardscaping offers an exceptional base to create a hardscaped garden that will have your friends wowed and your neighbours envious. We have highlighted why concrete hardscaping is our top choice for garden hardscaping to make the decision process easier for you.


1) Durable:


Concrete is an excellent material choice for hardscaping as it is exceptionally strong and durable. If the concrete has been correctly installed, cured, and sealed with the best sealant for outdoors, your concrete will have superior longevity in outdoor conditions. The durability of concrete hardscaping means that the time, energy, and effort that you put into creating a gorgeous garden with hardscaping will not go to waste.


2) Easy to Clean:


Hardscaping is generally low maintenance, but concrete hardscaping is top of the choices when it comes to keeping your hardscaping clean and aesthetically appealing. Concrete hardscaping only needs to be cleaned thoroughly once a year to keep the concrete maintained. This process can be quickly achieved using a pressure washer, or with a hosepipe and scrubbing brush using a non-corrosive cleaning solution. The only regular maintenance you will need to do is sweeping fallen leaves or plant debris from your concrete patio, fireplace, steppingstones, or chessboard.


3) Multiple Hardscaping Opportunities:


Concrete is a superb material choice for hardscaping due to the diversity of the material. From creating concrete steps for a pathway to pouring concrete into a mould to craft abstract garden sculptures, concrete allows for multiple hardscaping opportunities. You can create the garden of your dreams with concrete hardscaping.


4) Budget Friendly:


Concrete is an affordable material choice for hardscaping. If you have a limited budget or a large garden space that you want to transform into an oasis with hardscaping, concrete hardscaping is the most cost-effective option. With concrete hardscaping being budget-friendly, this also allows for you to do more hardscaping projects than you could with another more expensive hardscaping material.




Create Your Concrete Hardscaping with Concrete Mixers From B&S Commercial Power:


From creating concrete blocks for an elevated flower bed to pouring a concrete slab for your outdoor patio or fire pit, many of our top concrete hardscaping ideas can be done by you at home. When considering any concrete hardscaping project, concrete mixers make the process simple, efficient, and easy. A portable concrete mixer from B&S Commercial Power will reduce the time and effort required to mix perfectly mixed concrete for your concrete hardscaping, allowing you to start enjoying your transformed garden space sooner.


Achieving the functional and aesthetic garden of your dreams with concrete hardscaping is easy with the concrete mixers available at B&S Commercial Power. B&S Commercial Power is a proud supplier of the internationally renowned Baumax concrete mixers that are known for their quality performance, quick mixing speed, and safety. We have these Baumax concrete mixers readily available that will be the perfect choice for your concrete hardscaping.


Baumax BS360L Concrete Mixer: The Baumax BS360L Concrete mixer, fitted with Baumax RX200 2:1 engine, is our smallest drum-size concrete mixer. This concrete mixer is superbly suited to smaller hardscaping projects, such as creating concrete steppingstones or concrete blocks for a planter.


Baumax 400L Concrete Mixer: We would highly recommend the Baumax 400L Concrete Mixer fitted with Baumax RX200 2:1 engine for homeowners. The medium-sized drum allows for perfectly mixed concrete for small to medium-sized concrete hardscaping projects and is therefore suitable for a wider range of hardscaping ideas.


Baumax BS500 500L Concrete Mixer: The Baumax BS500 500L Concrete mixer, fitted with Baumax RX200 2:1 engine, is the largest drum size out of all our concrete mixers. Despite the size, this concrete mixer is still easy to move around due to its specifically designed portability. If you are adding a concrete patio, concrete slab for a fireplace, or chessboard into your garden as hardscaping, the Baumax BS500 500L Concrete Mixer is your best choice out of our concrete mixers.




Benefits of Hardscaping:


Hardscaping is highly popular in all landscaping designs. From business owners increasing the outdoor aesthetic of their business to homeowners improving the functionality of their garden, you will find the use of hardscaping in many outdoor spaces. We have briefly highlighted the benefits of hardscaping to demonstrate why you will find concrete planters, concrete step pathways, or an outdoor patio in many homes.


Low Maintenance: Many homeowners are deterred from putting any time or effort into landscaping their garden due to the high maintenance required to keep the garden looking well-kept. Hardscaping offers the aesthetic value and wow-factor many homeowners desire from their garden without the high maintenance. A simple sweep of the patio to remove fallen leaves and a plump of a cushion placed on your outdoor seating and your hardscaping is returned to its functional and aesthetic glory.


Increase Outdoor Living: Considerate hardscaping offers an opportunity for increased outdoor living. A fireplace in your garden can offer a space for evening drinks with friends or a patio off your backdoor can allow for Sunday breakfasts with family. The opportunities with hardscaping to create more memorable experiences in your garden are endless.


Increase Property Value: Hardscaping adds aesthetic appeal and increased functionality to your garden space. This can then contribute to increasing the value of your property as you will have additional space for outdoor living or beautiful elements which will make your garden breath-taking.


Add Aesthetic Dimension: The main reason why you will find hardscaping in many gardens is that it offers an elegant contrast against the natural vegetation in your garden. Depth, texture, and scale are critical to a cohesive landscaping design, and hardscaping allows you to achieve these landscaping elements effortlessly.


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