Concrete Mixers: The Complicated Construction Of The Hoover Dam



The Hoover Dam is a staggering concrete structure located on the Colorado River. This courageous attempt at construction sought to tame the flood-prone river and provide electricity for Southeast Las Vegas. Built during the Great Depression, the concrete monument provided much-needed jobs to the masses and served to modernize Southeast American cities.


With the help of concrete mixers and master architects of the time, the Hoover Dam has become a staggering tourist attraction and an ode to human ingenuity. We have listed some interesting facts about the ambitious construction of the Hoover Dam. If you want to build your own concrete structures, BS Powers has you covered. BS Powers supplies affordable and reliable concrete mixers to help you get the job done




4 Facts About The Construction Of The Hoover Dam:


The Hoover Dam is fondly known as a wonder of the modern industrial world. While constructing this massive cement monument came with certain challenges, the results were impressive, to say the least. From concrete mixers to steel beams, the construction of the Hoover Dam required a plethora of materials and dedicated effort. Take a look at our list of the top 4 facts to know about the construction of the Hoover Dam.


1)America’s Megaproject:


The Hoover Dam was a massive project to manage during the Great Depression, and building it took far more effort than many thought possible. When construction first began on the project, neither the companies, government, nor architects themselves had any idea just how big the eventual damn would be. The goal was simply to tame the damn and construct something both magnificent and effective. By the time the dam has finally reached completion, the builders of the Hoover dam had unintentionally created a concrete monument that had been the tallest dam in the world at the time.


Cement mixers churned out 5 million barrels of cement by the time the dam was completed. It’s speculated that if all that cement was used to pave a road, builders would be able to connect New York City to San Francisco. The dreams of the engineers were most certainly achieved, as the cement monument was a massive success and catapulted the American Southwest into the modern era.


2)Jobs Galore:


Aside from the overall significance of the Hoover Dam to urbanized North America, one of the major benefits of the Hoover Dam’s complicated construction was the multitude of jobs it provided. During the great depression, thousands of American civilians were in desperate need of work. The global economic catastrophe had left millions jobless and the American population was rearing to find a solution.


Construction of the massive cement monument began two years into the Great Depression and required dozens of builders. A plethora of aspiring workers was drawn to large infrastructure projects like this one during a time when well-paying jobs were scarce. It has even been reported that people from all over the world were flocking to work on this massive cement dam.


3)Preposterous Proportions:


While today the Hoover dam has been surpassed as the tallest dam in the world, the astounding proportions of the structure cannot be denied. The Hoover Dam is 221 meters high and 379 meters long. Over the years, it has seen multiple renovations and additions as the popularity of the now famous tourist attraction began to increase. After both the Hoover Dam and the surrounding area began to grow in popularity, traffic issues too began to rise. In response to this, the Hoover Dam Bypass Project began, and not long after that, a massive concrete arch bridge was erected within view of the dam.


The Dam is revered as mankind’s biggest masonry structure since the Great Pyramids. It’s also believed to be the first large-scale construction job where every worker on site was required to wear a hard hat at all times.




4)Sealed In Cement:


In order to build the dam as quickly and efficiently as possible, concrete mixers mixed the cement onsite so it could be immediately placed into position. Entire sections of prepared concrete had to be hoisted into place via large cableways.


Thanks to these pulley systems, workers were able to get their hands on freshly-mixed cement in as little as 78 seconds. Between pouring cement straight from the cement mixers, to combatting the unforgiving weather conditions, builders had their work cut out for them when it came to constructing the gargantuan Hoover Dam.


Furthermore, miles and miles of piping had to be run through the structure of the dam, both to cool the setting concrete as well as to combat the sweltering heat of the desert Summer. Alongside these struggles, workers were sometimes suspended high in the air with jackhammers to prepare the surface of the cliff walls for construction. With falling equipment and tumbling rocks, it’s no wonder that wearing a hard hat was made mandatory.




Why Concrete Is So Important For Urban Construction:


Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in construction for multiple reasons. This durable building material comes with benefits for both construction workers and contractors alike. Mixed in cement mixers, concrete has been an asset to urban construction for decades.


In terms of strength, costs, and sustainability, concrete is almost always the most viable option for urban construction projects. If you’re thinking of using concrete for your next building project, you’re going to need the right equipment. BS Powers offers reliable concrete mixers for all your construction needs. Take a look at our list of reasons why concrete is so important for urban construction projects.


1)Resilience And Durability:


The most important aspect of concrete is that it’s built to last. Concrete was designed to last centuries and multiple concrete buildings have stood the test of time as proof of that. Concrete mixed in a concrete mixer is known to last at least three years longer than other building materials.


This longstanding durability is one of the major reasons as to why concrete is so important for urban construction. Much like the Hoover Dam, structures built of concrete will last for ages, which is beneficial to the residents of urban environments. Reliable structures are necessary for building stability and concrete is the core of many cityscapes for this very reason.


Unlike other materials, concrete will not erode nearly as quickly. Building structures out of concrete is also a great way to save money in the long run. Not only is concrete accessible and affordable, but its high durability makes it very low maintenance with no need for regular rehabilitation or major reconstructions. Structures made of concrete will neither rot nor burn. In the case of the Hoover Dam, concrete is water-resistant, making it the perfect material for regulating the flow of the great Colorado River.


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2)Extremely Energy Efficient:


Not only is it extremely durable, but concrete also serves as a good insulator. This ability to store energy means that concrete structures can be both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This too reduces strain on heating systems and saves on energy in general. By regulating interior temperature conditions, concrete sets itself as the perfect material for building low-cost, comfortable urban housing. From apartment blocks to storefronts, this versatile material saves time and energy in the long run.


The bulk of this energy-efficient quality comes from the thermal mass of concrete. Once it has been mixed in a concrete mixer and set to harden, concrete is able to harvest natural energy from the sun as well as from lighting systems within the structure itself. This useful attribute could potentially slice through the power consumption needs of entire cityscapes.


3)Low Maintenance:


As mentioned above, concrete as a structural material is incredibly low-maintenance. This proves useful in urban landscapes where funding has to be split across multiple avenues. By building with concrete mixers and concrete, whole areas are able to cut down on maintenance costs. Once mixed, poured, and set, concrete requires almost no further maintenance or revamping. Needing no protective coats or varnishing, raw concrete is able to maintain its integrity through the years with very little wear or tear.


4)Cost-Effective Construction:


The low operational costs of building with concrete make it the perfect material for urban landscapes. Not only does concrete require little to no maintenance after the initial construction, but even with disaster damage, is incredibly affordable to fix. Concrete structures are a reliable investment in terms of continuous pay-off.


Concrete pavements are also favored over asphalt pavements for similar reasons. The material means the urban pavements are far more weather-resistant and require less maintenance and services. On top of all that, the insurance costs for concrete are far lower than that of other building materials. Seeing as concrete is not prone to fire and water damage, insurance costs are significantly diminished. Concrete and concrete mixers are also far more affordable than materials like steel and are widely available. You can even mix your own concrete at home with one of BS Power’s reliable concrete mixers.




5)Versatile And Adaptive:


Concrete is hardy and tough when hardened which is one of the reasons it’s so widely praised. However, another favorable attribute is the adaptable versatility of freshly mixed concrete. Concrete mixed in a concrete mixer is malleable and able to adapt to a variety of surfaces with varying textures. This is partially why concrete was used in constructing the Hoover Dam. When wet, concrete can be morphed into various shapes making it perfect for creative ingenuity. Thanks to this flexibility, concrete is favored by architects and even utilized in mimicking other materials such as brickwork or even wood.


Another versatile attribute of concrete is its use in both underwater construction and its resistance to heat. Concrete is used to build many underwater constructions like canals, pipelines, and the Hoover Dam. Without the adaptability of concrete, these structures might not have been possible. Waterways and dams are integral to thriving urban landscapes, which is why concrete is so essential to the construction of these regions.


Concrete can also be used in high-temperature constructions. In places where wood might burn and steal might melt, concrete as a building material shines the brightest. It has been used in the construction of panic rooms for its ability to withstand high temperatures. Furthermore, people living within concrete buildings are recorded to have a higher chance of handling a fire outbreak thanks to the durability of concrete.


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