Concrete Mixers: The Benefits of Reusing Old Cement on New Projects


One of the first major problems that practically any construction worker or architect has to face before starting on a new project would be the immense costs involved. Not only are you forced to spend exorbitant amounts of money to hire skilled crew members, but you also need to consider the time and costs involved with hiring the necessary high-power tools, such as concrete mixers and chainsaws for starters, as well as when you purchase all of the needed building materials too. If you are not careful during these beginning stages of any construction project, then you run the risk of haemorrhaging your budget in a severe manner, so carry on reading this brief article to find out how you can start saving time and money where it matters the most!




Should You Consider Reusing Old and Unused Concrete for Your Projects?


Constructing a building of practically any size can see you spending exorbitant amounts of money as well as time. In our modern-day, it has become crucial to keep these two factors in mind when starting on any construction, as wasting either can see your project or company becoming doomed to fail, which is something that has already, unfortunately, happened to so many other companies in the past. This is precisely why modern construction workers and engineers have begun to make it their top priority to seek out ways in which allows them to reduce the costs involved with purchasing building supplies while still allowing them to save time once having reached the construction site, all while sustaining the exact same level of quality and support that is needed.


This may seem like an incredibly tall order for even the most experienced of construction workers when using conventional methods, but can actually be achieved with ease when taking a more conscious approach to building. One of the main questions that are asked when it comes to almost any medium to large construction project would be how much cement is needed? The answer is, in fact, so excessive that it is estimated that 1.56 billion tonnes of cement were produced throughout the world during the year of 2000, a third of which was solely produced in China.


Considering how far our global society has come within just 20 years since then, while impressive and incredibly beneficial in an innumerable number of ways, it is also easy to imagine how unsustainable this practice is. This is precisely why many construction companies from around the world have begun to take a far eco-friendlier approach to complete their projects, all without needing to replace or throw out their current concrete mixers and other high-performance power tools.




This approach sees already used chunks of concrete of all sizes being crushed and then recycled using large, industrial-level crushing machines. Once this concrete has been broken up into small enough pieces, it would then be sent through another machine that is used to remove any unwanted materials such as dirt and is then separated into larger or smaller aggregates. As this secondary machine may not be able to separate the concrete from these contaminants perfectly, additional machines are often used, including separators, magnets, and even water flotation too. Another method of doing so, which does save time but makes it more difficult to separate unwanted materials, is to simply just pulverize the concrete in one go entirely.


What Can Old and Recycled Concrete be Used for?


What is often news to well-experienced architects and construction workers, due to how slowly this concept is being introduced and implemented across the world, is that recycled concrete can still be just as useful as its fresher counterparts. When your old concrete aggregate, as well as your other ingredients, is properly introduced into your concrete mixers, your new solution is able to sustain the exact same level of strength and durability as you would otherwise expect from new concrete. Here are some ways in which you could start reusing old concrete, and its benefits:


Old concrete can still be used as permeable paving for driveways, walkways, roads, and many other hard outdoor surfaces. When laid out carefully, old concrete is able to create an incredibly stable surface that is strong enough for heavy foot and car traffic to pass through while still allowing for water to pass through too. This provides the benefit of taking stress off of underground storm sewer systems while also allowing the groundwater underneath to be replenished.


Another use for old concrete that actually works as a cheaper alternative to gravel would be for bed foundations that are placed over trenches that hold underground utility lines. Providing the same level of strength provided by gravel, this method also helps to assist with drainage too.


  • When placed along any vulnerable gullies or steam banks, larger pieces of crushed concrete can help prevent and control the erosion of steam banks.
  • When crushed properly, recycled concrete aggregate can be mixed to create new concrete by replacing some of the newer aggregate that is used in ready-mix concrete.
  • Crushed gravel and concrete can also be used to fill wire cages, otherwise referred to as gabions, which come with the added benefit of serving as a functional privacy screen or retaining walls with a decorative edge.
  • Similar to controlled steam banks, adequately crushed concrete can actually be used as ground covers and mulch when replacing river rock and other forms of gravel.
  • What may actually be the most globally beneficial use for old concrete is that it can help build new and rebuild old oceanic reef habitats. This is because large pieces of concrete, when placed correctly, can help to form a foundation that allows and supports coral when starting to build new reefs.
  • Old concrete waste can even be utilized towards making pots, paving blocks, and even benches in home or community settings too.


With all this in mind, amongst the countless other uses that old concrete is still able to possess, it is becoming clear to many experienced construction workers as to why these concepts are becoming more accepted and even sought-after in the industry with each passing year.




What Are Some of the Additional Benefits to Using Old Concrete?


The benefits of reusing old chunks of concrete on your construction sites would be able to touch not only the environment around you but also yourself, your company as well as the greater community for years to come. It is a practice that should be seriously considered and implemented, as its use brings up very few negatives while still allowing companies to save ample amounts of time and money. It is a win/win situation for those that consider this approach within their construction sites.


For instance, reusing concrete will help to reduce the construction waste that is accumulated over the course of your project, which dramatically helps to extend the lifetime of landfills to a large degree. As landfills can now be mostly avoided, landfill tax, as well as tip fees, can also be avoided, decreasing your expenses greatly over a long-term period. Alongside this, recycled concrete also helps to reduce the environmental cost that construction sites often have on, sometimes already dwindling, natural resources in the area.


Due to concrete often being able to be recycled on the construction site, or even in urban areas nearby that would need it, transportation costs can be greatly reduced from the get go. This factor on its own can help save time and money, as well as reduce the emissions caused by the use of large cement trucks and other forms of transportation. Recycled concrete can even be used as an exceptional aggregate for slope protection, earth retaining structures, and even for road bases too.


By using any of the methods mentioned above, or by seeking out new methods of building consciously for your own projects when on the construction site, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System would become more than happy to provide you with points towards your certification. Not only this, but your greener approach to construction also allows for additional employment opportunities to arise within the recycling industry too!




Who Can Get You Started with Concrete Mixers on the Construction Site?


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