Concrete Mixers: Speed-Building a Residential Complex


Concrete mixers play a vital role in modern urban landscaping. Nowadays, it is far more common for us to see residential properties being constructed in the form of townhouses and flats. The leading cause of this is due to foreign buyers and emigrants eager to access South Africa’s luxury property market. This is because South Africa is widely renowned for its natural beauty and rather warm winters in comparison to the snowy northern hemisphere.


These buyers are in search of properties that offer exceptional views, high-end architectural designs, and top-notch security systems. Providing residents with safety and security is highly prioritised by property investors, thus townhouses, flats and secure complexes have become more popular.


However, building a residential complex requires property owners to not only invest their money but also to invest a large portion of their time. As they say, time means money. Therefore, if you would like to build a residential complex while saving yourself time and earning money in larger increments, read this article on how concrete mixers can help the speed-building of residential complexes.




Why invest in building a residential complex with concrete mixers?


More and more people have been buying empty land plots for the purpose of developing residential complexes and apartment buildings. The reason for this investment is that owning such properties provides you with a steadier, larger source of income. Thus, if you are eager to finish your building and want to start making a profit, a concrete mixer may be a necessary investment.


Apartments and complex buildings can also be a more affordable housing option. There is a large difference in the amount paid for rent and the amount paid for a mortgage which is why most people tend to rent rather than buy.


For you as a property developer or construction company owner, investing in land for the purpose of building residential complexes means that you will have a steady source of income which will be highly beneficial in the long run.


Furthermore, property value is always on the rise. This would mean that you would have to constantly expand and tend to your complexes so you would be increasing the property value on a constant basis. As you would constantly need to renovate or add windows and carpets to a building, concrete mixers would be an appreciated helper when it comes to keeping the property up to date.


How are residential complexes built with concrete mixers?


Concrete mixers are a must-have for any construction worker. A concrete mixer’s primary purpose is to mix concrete with the right consistency. As a construction worker, your pride lies in the buildings you build and as a property owner, you value the architectural beauty of your property. Thus, it would be best to make use of concrete mixers to ensure that properties are built on a sturdy and reliable foundation.


There are various types of concrete mixers all of which provide quality concrete mixtures, however, some may be more effective in certain situations than others. For example, standing concrete mixers work the same as a concrete mixing truck. However, in times when concrete needs to be transported to different locations several times, the truck may be more sufficient.




You may be considering buying a concrete mixer to aid your building needs. However,you need to understand the workings of a concrete mixer before purchasing your own. A standing mixer and a concrete mixing truck both have an oval-shaped drum which is constantly rotating to ensure cement is sufficiently mixed and kept moist. For everyday building sites, a standing mixer may be more affordable and still highly effective in nature.


Steps in using concrete mixers for buildings:


When using a mixer, it’s important to get the recipe right. For you to create the best concrete suitable for your building, you need to get the recipe mixed perfectly. This means you need to add the right amount of each of your ingredients.


Concrete is made up of 50 Kg of cement, 90l of building sand, 90l of stone, and 36l of water. Of course, the measure may vary depending on drum volume and the amount of cement you require thus you need to double-check the consistency needed for your cement mixture.


Once you have all the ingredients you need for the concrete you can add them to the mixer. First, you should add 90l of stone while the mixer is running. Then add half of the water needed, allowing the mixer one minute afterwards to mix everything together thoroughly before adding the other half water. The mixing process is crucial as it determines the manageability and usability of the concrete for the building.


When using the concrete mixer, you need to keep the drum tilting. The mixer’s drum should be kept in a tilted position so that all the added ingredients are combined properly. If the drum is kept at an appropriate angle on the tilting wheel the contents will not be spilt unintentionally.


When using the concrete mixer, it is best to not become impatient. The mixer will provide concrete in double the time than if you were to manually mix the concrete. Therefore, you should be patient and allow the machine to mix everything together well to ensure the best outcome of concrete for building your luxurious residential complex.




How are concrete mixers beneficial for building?


Concrete mixers get the job done quickly and easily. When you are in the process of building a complete residential complex, time is of the essence as you would most probably like to earn money by renting out the properties as soon as possible. If you purchase a concrete mixer, you will have more time to prioritise other tasks in the building process as you would not have to ensure that concrete was manually mixed.


On-site concrete is there whenever you need it. If you are a builder, it is likely that you have made use of concrete before, and oftentimes you might have just called for someone to deliver the concrete you need. By investing in a concrete mixer, you avoid having to wait on deliveries or risk waiting for ready-mixed cement to be sent from a remote location.


This may risk you not knowing the quality of concrete you will be receiving for your build, thus having your own onsite mixer allows you to have more control over your construction site.


Reduced payroll recipients. If you had people manually mixing cement for the building of a residential complex you would need more than ten people just for the mixing, whereas if you had a cement mixer they would reduce your labour costs. This would mean that you will be able to place your money to better use such as buying higher-quality materials and other equipment you will need for your desired build.


Improve the health and safety of your workers. Manual mixing takes a toll on the physical state of your workers as they over-exert their muscles making themselves prone to injury thus the risk factor for health and safety rises.


If you were to add a concrete mixer to your construction work site the requirement of workers exhausting themselves through manual mixing is lessened thus health and safety are improved.


Keep your site tidy. A concrete mixer will allow for less clutter on the building site, making clean-up time take up less time and increase positive workmanship. Having positive workmanship will increase productivity on site therefore it may be in your and your workers’ best interest to purchase a concrete mixer.


Buying a concrete mixer clearly provides you with an abundance of benefits in terms of constructing buildings in a timely and profit focussed manner. Therefore, when you decide to commence building your residential complex a concrete mixer is a necessity.




Concrete Mixers most suitable for building residential complexes


To build a residential complex means many townhouses need to be built within a short period of time. What further complicates this task is that all these houses need to look the same and also be of the same quality.


Thus, the construction builder should always ensure that the quality of the cement he uses to build the houses is of high standards. As you can see through the benefits of the concrete mixer, concrete mixers are sufficient in providing their owners with strong concrete to ensure the buildings are safe and secure.


There are different classes when it comes to the building of residential complexes. The class status of the residential complex determines the amount of time and money which would need to be spent on building and equipment.


For example, an economy-class complex building is more limited in parameters which would mean the time spent building the houses would be less. However, the equipment needed may still be the same as those you would need for an Elite-class residential complex even though you might need more of the equipment available and perhaps have some special tools in place for certain builds.


A cement mixer is a requirement for building elite and economy-class residential complexes because you would still need to get the buildings done within a specific time frame. You might not need as many cement mixers as you would need for an Elite class build though.


Modern residential complexes seem to be a city within a city. Have you ever driven into a modern residential complex and felt as if you were entering a little town? You may see an ark on your right-hand side and a laundromat on your left.


That is because a lot more time and effort is placed into determining the security and safety precautions when building these new complexes. Builders and architects want to provide their clients with only the best. That is why we are sure that if you too are planning on building some parks and laundromats within your little town you might just need a concrete mixer.


These additions of parks, laundromats, education centres and restaurants within residential complexes require a lot of articulate planning. The addition of all these extra functions may require you to add more builders on-site so that your work can be executed accurately and professionally without exhausting your workers.




Here is where the concrete mixer comes in again, if you are adding all these extra functional buildings into your complex building you will be needing a lot of concrete and you won’t have the time to send builders from current tasks to mix concrete. Thus, when building a residential building you will need to ensure that you have the best and most affordable concrete mixer on site.


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