Concrete Mixers: Pros and Cons of Concrete Bathroom Floors



A bathroom renovation allows you to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary designed specifically to your needs and taste. With the unlimited options for your bathroom finishes, you have numerous choices to make, including what flooring material you would prefer for your bathroom. We have outlined the pros and cons of concrete bathroom floors to help you decide whether this will be a good choice for your requirements and style. To create concrete bathroom floors, you will need concrete mixers to produce homogeneously mixed concrete in the perfect quantity. You can find the ideal concrete mixer for your concrete bathroom floor project at B&S Commercial Power.


Pros of Concrete Bathroom Floors:


Concrete bathroom floors have quickly become a popular flooring option in many homes across South Africa. The strength, stylish finish, and cost-effectiveness of concrete floors make it easy to see why you will find this flooring option so widely chosen. We have highlighted all the pros of concrete floors to demonstrate how this will be a beneficial flooring option for your bathroom remodel.


1) Durable Flooring Option:


Concrete is a highly strong material. For a bathroom that will experience consistent use, it makes for the ideal flooring material option as it will be highly durable against regular wear and tear. The longevity of concrete means that you will be able to enjoy your concrete bathroom floor for at least 20 years and if regularly maintained, up to a lifetime.


2) Protected Against Water Damage:


Concrete floors can absorb water if you leave them unsealed, but if your concrete bathroom floor is sealed, it will be impermeable. The sealing of your concrete bathroom floor will keep it protected against water damage. This allows you to walk with wet feet or allow your kids to splash in the bath without any worries about damage to your concrete floor.


3) Cost-Effective Choice:


Concrete bathroom floors will provide an element of luxurious style to your bathroom at an affordable cost. Concrete is an inexpensive material, making it the ideal bathroom floor choice for larger bathrooms. With a concrete bathroom floor, you can afford to splurge on other bathroom remodel details, such as a chandelier above your standalone bathtub or on-trend brass fixtures.


4) Unique Design:


Concrete bathroom floors allow for unlimited creativity in the finish. You can have various textures on your concrete bathroom floor, such as smooth and polished or textured and raw. You can have exposed aggregate in your concrete bathroom floor that adds pops of colour and intrigue to the grey surface. You can step outside of the grey concrete mould altogether by colouring your concrete with pigments or stains. You can craft a personalised and unique concrete bathroom floor that will provide the perfect design base for the rest of the style of your bathroom remodel.




5) Easy to Clean:


Things can get messy in bathrooms, such as soapy sprays all over the floor when washing your dog or your children trailing muddy footsteps along the floor after playing outside. Luckily, your concrete bathroom floor will be a breeze to clean. You can easily sweep and mop your concrete bathroom floor to return it to sparkling cleanliness. Unlike other flooring materials, you do not need to clean your concrete bathroom floor consistently to prevent damages or stains as long as it is correctly sealed.


6) Maintenance is Simple:


Concrete floors do require maintenance, but it is simple and easy to do yourself. Maintaining your concrete bathroom floor requires the periodic resealing of the surface, but this can be done every 1-3 years depending on the sealant you have chosen. You can alternatively hire a professional company to reseal your concrete floors to make this process effortless.


7) Modern Aesthetic:




Concrete bathroom floors are the perfect choice for achieving a modern aesthetic in your bathroom remodel. Modern design is simplistic, makes use of industrial materials in innovative ways, and strives for functionality whilst still upholding a beautiful design. Concrete floors in your bathroom will capture these qualities of modern design and enhance your overall modern aesthetic in your bathroom remodel.


Cons of Concrete Bathroom Floors:


As with all bathroom flooring options, there are some downsides to choosing concrete as the material for your bathroom floors. We have highlighted the cons of concrete bathroom floors. With most of the cons to concrete bathroom floors, there is an easy fix, making it a suitable flooring option for your bathroom remodel.


1) Waiting Period Before You Can Use the Bathroom:


Once your concrete floor has been poured, compacted, and finished, you will need to allow the concrete floor adequate time to cure. The downside to the curing process is that this will delay the time that you can use your bathroom. While it will take some time before you can use your new bathroom, the curing process for concrete is imperative as it allows the concrete to harden sufficiently and develop its durable and crack-free qualities.


The curing time frame depends on many different factors, such as the curing method used and any potential rapid changes in temperature. On average, concrete needs to cure for at least 24 – 48 hours before it is safe to walk on. You should allow for at least 1 week for sufficient concrete curing.


2) Cold Feet:


One downside to using concrete as your flooring material in your bathroom is that the floor will generally be cold to stand on. This can be beneficial in the warmer seasons, but in Winter it can be unpleasant to step out of a steamy shower onto a cold bathroom floor.


There is an easy fix for preventing cold feet with your concrete bathroom floor. Concrete floors allow for the installation of underfloor heating systems. To combat the downside of cold feet on your concrete bathroom floor, simply include the installation of underfloor heating when installing your concrete floor to keep your toes toasty when walking around your bathroom.




3) Potential For Stains if Untreated:


You may love the aesthetic of raw concrete for your bathroom remodel, but this can result in some problems with the look of your concrete over time. Untreated concrete stains fairly easily. A dropped bottle of hair dye or a splash of wine whilst soaking in the bathtub can be catastrophic for the look of your concrete bathroom floor.


Stain prevention is simple if you treat your concrete with a sealant. Concrete sealants protect your concrete bathroom floors from any stains, as well as increase the durability and water-repelling capabilities. There is a wide range of concrete sealants available, which you can read about in our article Concrete Mixers: Different Concrete Floor Sealers to discover which type of concrete floor sealants is best for your concrete bathroom floor.


4) Slippery Surface:


If you have chosen a smooth, polished finish for your concrete bathroom floor, there is a potential for slipping. The moisture generated in your bathroom will collect on the concrete floor, and one misstep can have you crashing to the floor. When you pair a slippery surface with how hard your concrete bathroom floor is, a slip can result in serious injuries.


One way to avoid any injuries from slipping on your concrete bathroom floor is to avoid the glossy, polished finish. Ask your contractors to leave an element of traction to your concrete floor to provide your bare feet with grip when walking around your bathroom. While it is aesthetically beautiful, a glossy finish to your concrete bathroom floor is not worth the risk of injury.


5) Potential Cracks:


With all concrete surfaces, there is a potential for cracking. Concrete cracks can result from improper water ratio used in the mixing of the concrete, incorrect concrete floor installation, inadequate concrete curing, or extreme fluctuations in temperature that causes the concrete to expand and contract rapidly. Cracks in your concrete bathroom floor will immediately bring down the value and your enjoyment of your chosen flooring material.


Your first step to reducing the risk of cracks in your concrete floor is to hire a professional concrete floor installation company. Cracks in your concrete bathroom floor can be prevented by sealing your concrete floor and by keeping your concrete floor maintained. If cracks do occur, there are a variety of concrete crack repair methods that can return your concrete bathroom floor to its original standard.




Concrete Mixers for Your Concrete Bathroom Flooring from B&S Commercial Power:


The advantages of concrete bathroom floors and the easy ways to fix the cons make concrete an excellent flooring material for your bathroom remodel. Once you have decided that you are going to have a concrete bathroom floor, you are going to need to acquire concrete mixers. Concrete mixers are the speedy, efficient, and cost-effective solution to producing the perfect quantity of homogeneously mixed concrete for your bathroom floor.


You can find a range of concrete mixers readily available at B&S Commercial Power. We provide easy access to purchasing our concrete mixers and speedy delivery of your purchased concrete mixers so that you can immediately get started on your concrete bathroom floor project. At B&S Commercial Power, you will find this range of Baumax concrete mixers that you can use to begin your concrete floor in your bathroom remodel.


  • Baumax BS360L Concrete Mixer fitted with Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine.
  • Baumax 400L Concrete Mixer fitted with Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine.
  • Baumax BS500 500L Concrete Mixer fitted with Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine.


Baumax concrete mixers are known for their superiority in performance, mixing speed, and longevity. Baumax concrete mixers are also designed with the operator’s safety in mind with the additional features of a ring gear cover and enclosed cabin engine. A Baumax concrete mixer for your concrete bathroom floors will be the ideal investment for this current concrete project and any future concrete projects around your home.


At B&S Commercial Power, you will find international brands like our Baumax concrete mixers at affordable prices. Our Baumax concrete mixers are budget-friendly for both commercial and residential use. Acquiring your high-quality and affordable Baumax concrete mixer is your first step towards having a beautiful concrete floor in your bathroom remodel.




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Enjoy a concrete bathroom floor in your bathroom remodel with concrete mixers from B&S Commercial Power.