Concrete Mixers: Incorporating Modern Concrete Design In Your Home


For many people, building or renovating your dream home is something to strive for. The entire creative process can be extremely rewarding, and you get to add your own unique flare and loving touch to your design choices. Concrete mixers take up space on any building site, and you can get explorative with the range of modern and stylish concrete design ideas that are taking home renovations by storm.


When you think of concrete and concrete mixers you may immediately think of the dull, grey material as something purely functional, used for its strengthening properties on buildings. But recently it has become a material that is being praised for its aesthetic value more and more. If you are drawn to the artistic value of concrete when building your home or renovating, then continue reading for some great design ideas to incorporate concrete into your home building.


Concrete Mixers And Modern Design


Concrete is made up of mixing two components, a paste and an aggregate. The aggregate is either sand, gravel or stone, and the paste is made of cement and water. The aggregate works to bind the cement and aid the curing process, creating a material that is strong and durable when it hardens. In large quantities, it is mixed using industrial concrete mixers.


Due to its long-lasting, durable and versatile properties, it has been a favourite material used in architectural design and can be easily incorporated into your home building with concrete mixers. Recently, new technology has been developed to create concrete that is lighter, or can better withstand harsh weather conditions such as freezing temperatures.


Its function is versatile, but it also suits just about any design choice, whether you want a minimalistic, country style or industrial home. Concrete can stand out boldly, or even blend into a neutral background depending on your preference. It can be incorporated as the main centrepiece, making up walls and floors, or you can even add smaller accents to your home design if you don’t want the concrete look to be too overwhelming. The following are a few ideas on how you can incorporate concrete into your home-building projects.


Concrete Mixers: How To Incorporate Concrete In Your Kitchen


Concrete surfaces are becoming extremely trendy, and the texture is easy to adjust depending on your preference. You can incorporate concrete and concrete mixers almost anywhere in your kitchen, from walls to floors, but the following are a few favourites.


Pour countertops with concrete mixers during the building process


When pouring concrete worktops during your kitchen renovations you can create any size worktop you need, giving you the flexibility to design your kitchen layout however you like. A smooth surface for a kitchen countertop is often recommended as it is easily sealed, making your countertops easy to clean and polish. It also allows you to incorporate other materials such as wooden cabinets or built-in solid wood cutting planks which complement the concrete.


Incorporate concrete into your cabinet designs


This may seem far-fetched, but it’s now possible to create beautiful concrete cabinets that are sturdy and functional while adding a unique touch to your kitchen design. With new concrete technology, it can be poured as a thin slab so there is no need to worry about the cabinet being too bulky and heavy. These cabinets create a spacious and minimalistic feeling to your kitchen design and add a modern look to your home. It is an ageless material that will add a stylish aspect to your entire kitchen.


Install a backsplash with concrete mixers


If you’re as in love with this material as we are, you might not want to stop at your kitchen countertops. A great way to add to your countertops is to match them with a concrete backsplash. It is decorative but also easy to install and easy to maintain and clean. Concrete backsplashes are also an ideal option for anyone doing renovations on their home as they easily coordinate with a wide range of materials. If you have existing countertops such as tile or granite, adding a concrete backsplash will surely work well with these other features.




Concrete Mixers And Bathroom Design


Perhaps you’ve added concrete accents to your kitchen and now you’re ready to take on other areas of your home. Whether you’re planning on incorporating concrete into your design cohesively throughout your home or just in certain places, it’s sure to stand out as a creative design choice on your side. `the following are a few popular ways designers and homeowners are merging concrete and bathroom design.


Switch the bathroom tiles for concrete


Bathroom floors made with concrete mixers can be polished to a shine for a clean and finished look. It creates a seamless feel to your bathroom design and can be extremely easy to install, especially if you have concrete floors in the rest of your home. It is also one of the easiest floors to clean, and you won’t need to worry about moisture damage at all.


Countertops made with concrete mixers


If you’re looking for something different to surround your basin or vanity mirror, concrete countertops can fit perfectly and can suit a modern-looking basin, or even something more traditional. Add space and contrast the weight of your concrete countertops by incorporating large mirrors above your basin.


Go all out with concrete walls


It’s possible to incorporate concrete walls into your bathroom renovations and you can alter the texture completely to your preference, whether you prefer smooth and glossy or something more roughly textured. It creates a lovely monochromatic bathroom in shades of grey. You may choose to be bolder and have both concrete walls and floors, which can give your bathroom a highly architectural look.




Concrete Mixers And Living Room Design


Your living room is a space of comfort and can often be the cosiest place in your home, yet it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for concrete. Concrete furniture and stools can be covered with soft cushions, which adds to a soft seating arrangement and incorporates brighter colours into your interior. This raw material can add a sense of balance to your living room when displayed against softer fabrics, textures and indoor plants. The following are a few fun and creative ways to include concrete in your living room design and layout.


Build a concrete fireplace with concrete mixers


What better way to incorporate industrial materials with warmth than building a fireplace using concrete mixers? It is modern and minimalistic and can stand out as the centrepiece of your living room. This material is a great choice for fireplaces due to its ability to retain heat and withstand high temperatures. It will keep the room warm for longer in winter and is a great addition to any home.


Get trendy with decor made with concrete mixers


The wonderful thing about concrete decor is that it isn’t permanent, so it can feel less risky. If you’re worried about going all out at the beginning, adding a few concrete pieces to your home can be a great place to start. You can have small concrete decor pieces such as pot plants and light fittings, or go bigger with furniture and side tables. It’s a creative way to add some modern industrial flare to your designs without overpowering the room.




Concrete Mixers And Home Building


The design options are endless when it comes to building with concrete mixers and cement, but there are many advantages of this material when it comes to home building. Entire concrete homes are becoming a popular architectural choice for many, and it’s not without reason. The following are a few of the top advantages of concrete mixers for home building and renovation.


It is environmentally friendly: Concrete uses less energy than other building materials to produce, making it a greener choice for the environment. When concrete is used correctly it is a sustainable resource, eco-conscious companies are also able to recycle concrete before it has cured. Over time it is also biodegradable making it much more environmentally friendly than other materials.


It is extremely strong: Concrete and concrete mixers have become essential building tools due to their immense strength and durability. Concrete can withstand extreme temperatures, wind, heat, and other damaging environmental conditions. Many architects use this material for difficult construction plans due to its ability to act as a strong foundation and building material for difficult construction.


It is a low-maintenance material: Concrete requires very little maintenance once it has cured. It can be used without any extra finishes or varnishes and you don’t need to worry about cleaning it with chemicals. It requires very little upkeep, which makes it a popular option for many builders, especially for outdoor use. When compared to other materials such as wood and steel, which require a lot more protective maintenance, concrete is your most convenient option.


It is cheaper and more cost-effective than other building materials: Because concrete is extremely long lasting you will save money on repairs, and the low maintenance nature of this material can also save you money over time. Building a house with concrete mixers may seem more expensive than other materials such as wood as it’s usually around 4% more expensive. Although, your long-term savings will outweigh your costs quickly, as you won’t spend money on maintenance and replacements, making concrete a cheaper option in the long run.


It is a great material to use when building near a coast: Concrete is weather resistant and it can handle water and high moisture conditions very well. It doesn’t rot or break down the same way wood does, making it the best option for home building in coastal areas.


It has great insulation and reduces noise pollution: The insulation that concrete offers will keep your home cooler in the warmer months and warmer in the cooler months. This insulation can help you save costs on air conditioning and heating systems. It is also a highly efficient sound barrier and will keep out unwanted noise from neighbours’ busy streets.


Concrete is easier to build with and construction is quick: Building with concrete mixers is often a much faster process than other materials, saving you time and money during the building process. Many larger developments opt for concrete when time is a necessity.




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