Concrete Mixers: Guide to Concrete Pools



If you are looking to add a concrete pool to your home to make better use of your garden or to allow for more fun memories with friends and family, we have you covered with our complete guide to concrete pools. We cover the different types of pools you can choose between and then highlight the advantages of concrete pools to demonstrate why concrete pools are the best option for South African homes. Know what to expect when you choose a concrete pool for your home with our quick outline of concrete pool construction. B&S Commercial Power is a proud supplier of Baumax concrete mixers for commercial use.




Different Types of Pools:


When you decide to install a pool in your garden, you may be shocked by the different material options you have for the type of pool you can have in your garden. Installing a pool is a big financial commitment, and we want to ensure you have all your material options covered before you dive into your decision. We have listed the most common materials used for the construction of pools that you can choose between.


Concrete Pools: Concrete pools are pools made from concrete and steel reinforcement. You can have a concrete pool that is either above-ground or below-ground, although you will most likely find below-ground concrete pools.


Fiberglass Pools: Fiberglass pools are pre-fabricated pool shells made from fiberglass. The fiberglass pool will arrive at your home and will be inserted into your excavated hole. Fiberglass pools, due to being ready-made, are generally only available in select styles and it can be an expensive option to custom design a fiberglass pool.


Vinyl-liner Pools: Vinyl-liner pools will have a metal or plastic frame with supportive panelling set into an excavated hole or erected above the ground. The frame will then be lined with a heavy vinyl liner to create the pool shell. Vinyl-liner pools are generally cheaper and quicker to install, but you may need to replace the vinyl liner every few years and the vinyl liner may become slippery if the pool water chemistry is not correct.


Shipping Container Pool: A fairly new addition to the pool material options is shipping container pools. A shipping container will be transformed into a pool by being waterproofed with either waterproof paint, a vinyl liner, or a fiberglass insert. Shipping containers have risen in popularity due to their modern design and ability to be moved to another home should you wish to sell your house in the future.




Advantages of a Concrete Pool:


Nothing beats the memories made from a day lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the splashes. When it comes to selecting the best pool material for a South African home, our top choice is a concrete pool. From durability to various style options to low maintenance, you can simply get your concrete pool installed and begin making memories in it for years to come. We highlight the advantages of a concrete pool to demonstrate why concrete pools are our first choice for a pool.


1) Durability:


Concrete pools are the most durable out of all your pool material options. Fiberglass pools can deteriorate after years of exposure to sun and chemicals, vinyl-liner pools will also deteriorate over time, and the waterproofing of your shipping container pool can often crack. Concrete is a strong and durable material, and ensuring that the concrete is thick and correctly reinforced, you will be able to enjoy swimming in your concrete pool without any issues for years.


2) Versatile Design:


Concrete pools allow for unlimited options when it comes to the design of your pool. Unlike pre-fabricated fiberglass pools or shipping container pools which come in limited design styles, you can choose the exact design you like with a concrete pool. From a standard rectangular pool to a sophisticated infinity pool to a unique heart-shaped pool, you can create the pool design of your dreams. The versatility of concrete pool designs also makes a concrete pool the first choice if you have limited space in your garden or have a difficult landscape to work with.




3) South African Climate:


The durability of concrete pools also makes them ideal for South African climates. Whether you are based in the warmer or cooler regions, your concrete pool will be able to withstand the baking heat of summer or the icy temperatures of winter. Although concrete pools will be initially more expensive than prefabricated fiberglass pools or vinyl-liner pools, the durability for the range of climates in South Africa ensures that they are the best choice for any South African home.


4) Your Style:


Not only can you achieve any design with your concrete pool, but you can also choose between a wide variety of finish styles. From smooth plaster to paint to tiles to colourful aggregates, a concrete pool allows for freedom of choice when it comes to selecting customised finishes. You can create a space for fun and laughter that is also aesthetically eye-catching in your garden with a stylish concrete pool.




5) Maintenance:


If concrete pools are correctly maintained, they will have longevity. Luckily, the maintenance of a concrete pool is easy. If you have a solid surface concrete pool, such as without any plaster or tiles, you will simply need to scrub the concrete surface to remove any bacteria or algae and then allow your pool vacuum to flush out the sediment. If you keep your pool water correctly chemically balanced, your concrete surface will not be affected by chemical damage.


Constructing a Concrete Pool:


When it comes to constructing a concrete pool, we always recommend that you hire a professional concrete pool company. The last thing you need after the time and costs that go into installing a concrete pool at your home is for there to be expensive problems to fix due to installation errors. We have outlined the concrete pool construction steps so that you know what to expect during the process.


1) Choose Location and Design:


The location of your pool is the first decision you need to make. The ideal location for a pool is on flat terrain, away from any trees to avoid leaves falling in your pool, in the sun, accessible from the house, and allows for easy placement of your filtration system. Once you have selected the location, you can then decide on a suitable size, shape, and depth for your pool.


2) Find a Reputable Concrete Pool Construction Company:


Once you have decided on the location and design of your pool, you can then find a suitable concrete pool construction company. If you are concerned about the location or cost of your design, your pool construction company will be able to advise you on the best options. If you are set on designing a unique concrete pool, we recommend finding a pool construction company with experience in alternative concrete pool styles.


3) Excavation:


Once you have selected your concrete pool company, you can then begin the process of getting your concrete pool constructed. The first step your concrete pool company will take is excavating a hole in the ground for your concrete pool. The time this process takes depends on the size, depth, and soil composition of the location of your concrete pool.




4) Pool Base Construction:


Once the hole for your concrete pool has been excavated, your concrete pool company will begin pool base construction which involves the compacting of the soil. If the soil of your location is loose or does not incorporate aggregates, additional soil and aggregates may need to be compacted into your soil base. The compaction process will also ensure that there is an adequate gradient in your pool for easy water filtration.


5) Reinforcement:


The next step involves adding in reinforcement. The reinforcement is typically steel bars that are constructed in a grid structure on the floor and walls of your concrete pool. The reinforcement is critical for the longevity and durability of your concrete pool as the steel reinforcement provides your concrete with strength.


6) Pump and Filtration System:


Before the concrete is applied to the floor and walls of your concrete pool, you need to have the pump and filtration system correctly placed. The plumbing system is essential for the maintenance of your pool, and thus this step needs to be performed professionally and according to approved regulations.


7) Shotcrete:


Most concrete pool companies use the shotcrete process to apply the concrete to the walls and floors. Shotcrete involves the projection of concrete at a high velocity through a delivery hose onto the walls and floor. Once the shotcrete is applied, the surface will be smoothed and the concrete will be allowed to cure.


The shotcrete process is the best for concrete pools as the velocity of the shotcrete creates a strong impact which enhances the bonding and strength of the concrete. It is also a faster method of applying the concrete to your concrete pool and thus saves you time and labour costs. The shotcrete process is also easier for curves or irregular shapes, thus being the perfect option for applying concrete to a pool.


8) Waterproofing:


Once the concrete is cured, a waterproofing membrane is applied to the concrete surface. This will ensure that there are no leaks or damages caused by the water to your concrete pool. Once the waterproofing is applied and dried, you can then fill your pool and begin enjoying swimming in your new concrete pool.


Concrete Mixers at B&S Commercial Power:


No concrete pool can be created without the use of a concrete mixer. Concrete mixers provide large quantities of homogeneously mixed concrete that will be the durable and strong base of your concrete pool. Not only will concrete mixers prevent any cracks or failures that result from poorly mixed concrete, but concrete mixers will also save time and effort for mixing concrete.


B&S Commercial Power is a proud supplier of Baumax concrete mixers. Suitable for either residential or commercial purposes, our range of Baumax concrete mixers will provide you with perfectly mixed concrete for any project. The strength, affordability, and high performance of Baumax concrete mixers make them the best choice for your next concrete project.




About B&S Commercial Power:


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Enjoy the sunshine and time with friends and family in your new concrete pool.