Concrete Mixers: From Marble to Concrete – Guide to Different Kitchen Countertops



A kitchen remodel is both an exciting and daunting project as it includes numerous design and practical decisions that you need to make. One of the important decisions you will need to make in your kitchen remodel is choosing the kitchen countertops. Apart from their functionality, the kitchen countertops you choose will balance the entire design style of your kitchen. To assist you in this exciting step in your kitchen remodel, we have created a guide to the different kitchen countertop materials with their pros and cons. If concrete kitchen countertops are what you picture in your dream kitchen, you can create them with the efficiency of concrete mixers from B&S Commercial Power.




Guide to Different Kitchen Countertops:


The highlight of any kitchen remodel is the selected kitchen countertops. Your kitchen countertops need to be harmoniously practical and beautiful so that you enjoy using your new kitchen every day. We have outlined the most popular kitchen countertop materials with their associated design styles and their various advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which countertop material is best for your kitchen remodel.


1) Marble:


Marble kitchen countertops are the epitome of luxury and elegance. This classic and timeless stone will always be a superb choice for kitchen countertops. The beauty and sophistication of marble with its variety of hues and veining balanced against the white stone allow it to blend seamlessly into any kitchen design style, making it an effortless material choice.


With luxury comes a steep price tag, making marble kitchen countertops one of the most expensive materials you can choose. The price is generally dependent on where the marble is sourced and the uniqueness of the marble, so you can shop around to find marble countertops that are better suited to your budget. The other downside to marble kitchen countertops is that they are not highly durable and can stain over time.




2) Granite:


Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials, and we can understand why. The diversity of colours, unique speckles, and spreading veins in granite countertops makes it an easy countertop to match any kitchen design style. Due to the high popularity and durability of granite, homes with granite kitchen countertops have a great resale rate.


While granite countertops are easy to clean, they do require maintenance. Over time, the granite countertop surface will become permeable to liquids, fats, and oils. This can be combatted by resealing the granite countertop. If you do decide on granite kitchen countertops, you need to ensure that the heavy weight of this stone countertop can be supported by your selected kitchen cabernets.




3) Soapstone:


If a natural stone countertop is on your dream kitchen wish list, soapstone is a brilliant material choice. Soapstone offers a unique touch to your kitchen countertops with its dark, moody tones, swirls of white or grey veins, and slight hints of green hues. The depth and character of this kitchen countertop is ideally suited to a Modern or contemporary kitchen design style. As a stone, soapstone is extremely dense, making it an excellent choice for easy cleaning and bacteria resistance.


The unique style of soapstone kitchen countertops means that they can cost a pretty penny. The surface of a soapstone kitchen countertop can be prone to scratches, which can be disheartening after you have spent a large sum of money on these countertops. Soapstone kitchen countertops also require regular oiling as maintenance to ensure their longevity.


4) Stainless Steel:


Stainless steel kitchen countertops are stepping out of commercial kitchens and into modern and stylish home kitchens. The sleek style and glossy sheen of stainless steel make for a unique and distinct kitchen countertop material. Stainless steel is resistant to heat, stains, water damage, and rust, making them a highly durable kitchen countertop choice.


The downside to stainless steel kitchen countertops is that they require vigilant cleaning. The shiny surface tends to show every fingerprint, dust particle, and food splatter, requiring that you constantly wipe and scrub the surface. A kitchen with stainless steel kitchen countertops can also appear sterile and hard, requiring that you practice caution when selecting this countertop for your kitchen design style.


5) Butcher Block:


Butcher block kitchen countertops are synonymous with warmth and cosiness, making them the perfect countertop choice for a Scandinavian, Farmhouse, and even a contemporary-inspired kitchen design style. You can choose between various woods laid out in an edge grain, face grain, or end grain pattern to craft the exact design you require for your kitchen style. The cost of a butcher block countertop depends on the wood you select, meaning that you can customise this countertop to your budget.


Maintenance is essential to retain the durability, integrity, and cleanliness of your butcher block kitchen countertop. You will need to rub the surface with an oil every few months to prevent splitting, bacteria harbouring, and mould growth in the crevices. Wood is also more susceptible to cuts, gauges, stains, burns, and chips, meaning that the overall aesthetic can degrade over time if you are not cautious with your butcher block kitchen countertops.




6) Concrete:


Nothing can quite compare to the sleek grey tone of concrete countertops. Concrete is a highly malleable material, meaning that you can shape it into the exact kitchen countertop shape that you desire. The cheap cost of concrete makes this countertop material perfectly suited to smaller budgets. Polished or textured, solid concrete or decorated with glass or stone fragments, you have unlimited options with the finishing style of your concrete kitchen countertops. The industrial aesthetic and extreme functionality make concrete countertops a perfect choice for Modern kitchen design styles.


Although concrete countertops will be a strong and durable material choice, there are some disadvantages. Concrete is porous, which can become problematic on a kitchen surface. You can reduce the absorption by sealing your concrete kitchen countertops and maintaining them regularly.


Tips For Choosing Kitchen Countertops:


With so many kitchen countertop materials and associated colours to choose between, it can quickly become overwhelming to decide which is best suited to your lifestyle and your kitchen design style. We have highlighted some top tips for choosing kitchen countertops to help you make this decision and ensure that you fall in love with your kitchen every time you walk through the door.


1) Focus on Liveability:


Your kitchen is going to be one of the most used spaces in your home, which means you need to ensure that the material you choose for your kitchen countertops is suitable for your lifestyle. If you have children eating at your kitchen countertop every night or often have friends over for glasses of wine around the kitchen island, then you may want to avoid any kitchen countertops that stain easily. Also bear in mind how regularly you will need to maintain your kitchen countertops to ensure their durability as this will impact how much time you will need to spend on your countertops.


2) Mix and Match:


With so many kitchen countertop materials to choose from, why not choose more than one? Mixing and matching kitchen countertops is an easy way to bring an interesting design style to the space and allows you to save money or splash out on beautiful countertop materials. For example, you can have an expensive, eye-catching countertop material on your island for a statement piece in your kitchen and a more durable, neutral countertop on your remaining kitchen countertops where your food preparation and cooking takes place.


Balance is essential when you are mixing kitchen countertops. Try and strive to use the same materials, such as two different types of stones, that still complement each other in colouring. In some cases, you can also beautifully balance a stone with the warmth and character of a wood kitchen countertop to bring a new dimension of design to your kitchen countertops.


3) Bring Samples Into Your Kitchen Space:


Before purchasing your desired kitchen countertop material, bring a small sample of the stone, wood, steel, or concrete into your kitchen space. This way you can see exactly how the kitchen countertop material will blend with your selected kitchen cabernet colours or wood tones. You will also see how the material works in the lighting of your kitchen and if there are any hues you did not notice before that might impact the design style of your kitchen. We recommend bringing a few samples so that you have options before making this exciting decision.




Create Concrete Kitchen Countertops with B&S Commercial Power Concrete Mixers:


The simplicity, functionality, and overall Modern aesthetic of concrete kitchen countertops have made this a widely popular material choice for homeowners. If you have fallen in love with concrete kitchen countertops, you can easily have them in your kitchen with concrete mixers. B&S Commercial Power is a proud supplier of Baumax concrete mixers that will be the perfect companion to your concrete kitchen countertops in your kitchen remodel.


Concrete mixers are essential for kitchen countertops. You need to ensure that the concrete you pour into your countertop mould is homogenously mixed to avoid any cracking, dips in the surface, or holes. The Baumax concrete mixers at B&S Commercial Power are designed to produce perfectly mixed concrete quickly, ensuring that you have smooth kitchen countertops without any of the back-breaking efforts of mixing the concrete by hand.


One major benefit to concrete kitchen countertops is that they are an affordable countertop material. When you purchase concrete mixers from B&S Commercial Power, you get the added benefit of affordably priced concrete mixers. Together, the overall affordability of concrete and concrete mixers from B&S Commercial Power makes concrete kitchen countertops the perfect solution for a large kitchen remodel or a tight remodel budget.


We are ready to assist you to create your concrete kitchen countertops no matter where you are in Southern Africa. We offer nationwide delivery of our concrete mixers directly to your home. Starting your concrete kitchen countertop project is effortless with our quick and reliable delivery service of your purchased concrete mixers.


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