Concrete Mixers: Exceptional Concrete Homes from Around the World



Concrete has been a building material of choice for centuries. The durability and strength ensure that the homes built will last for lifetimes. Concrete as a building material has an additional benefit, extreme versatility. In this quick guide to concrete homes, we have highlighted how concrete has been used in innovative designs in contemporary-style homes from around the world. If you are starting a project to create an inspiring concrete home, B&S Commercial Power has concrete mixers perfectly suited to bringing your concrete design to life.


8 Exceptional Concrete Homes from Around the World:


Concrete is an excellent material for creating strong, long-lasting buildings. When your home is built from a material that will stand the tests of time, why not craft an exceptional design that will be memorable and inspiring? We explore 8 exceptional concrete homes from around the world to demonstrate the versatility of concrete.


1) Katz’s Cradle:


Right on our doorstep in Johannesburg lies three exceptional Katz’s Cradle concrete homes. Designed by architect Gregory Katz, he decided to challenge the commercial use and design of industrial concrete buildings and bring the style into a residential setting. Concrete has been creatively embraced as a material worth celebrating in Katz’s Cradle.


Geometric and contemporary in the design style, Katz has embraced experimentation with his concrete homes in Katz’s Cradle. From the outside, you will see a trio of concrete box homes with black steel-frame square windows inserted into the upper walls. These two-storey homes are minimalist in design but still make a striking statement.


The three identical concrete homes in Katz’s Cradle are all open-plan designs with concrete from floor to ceiling. The spaciousness of the home is elevated with glass sliding doors that allow light to flood into the concrete space and highlight the textures of the off-shutter concrete. The true concrete feature of the living space is the free-standing concrete staircase in charcoal that descend into the airy space.


2) Konieczny’s Ark:


Located on a rolling green hill in Kraków, Poland is the mesmerising Konieczny’s Ark. Designed by architect Robert Konieczny, this concrete home is a true example of the exceptional designs that can be achieved with concrete. The contemporary design of the home resembles the shape of an Ark with a sea of green grass at its sturdy base.


The inverted base gives the concrete home the appearance to be hanging over the hill. Upon the base sits a rectangular concrete box flanked with large glass panels to provide uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape. The concrete A-frame roof elevates the eye upwards to craft a connection between the Ark and the sky.


Walking over a wooden draw bridge, you enter into the concrete marvel of the interior of Konieczny’s Ark. The concrete surfaces are covered in Microtopping, a cementitious material that leaves a sophisticatedly smooth finish. The minimalist interior design and large windows allow for the concrete and the pristine Polish landscape to be the stylistic guide.




3) Anako Concrete House:


The Anako concrete house situated in the idyllic Savièse, Switzerland, is a concrete marvel. This inspiring concrete home was designed by Anako Architects who crafted a striking style that blends modern and medieval design. Designed around the concept of a fortress, this impressive concrete home will be a permanent feature of its natural surroundings.


The raw concrete façade of the home sets the tone of strength, durability, and security inherent in the design of the home. The slanting lines of the concrete roof are inspired by the silhouettes of the Alps that provide the backdrop to this concrete home. A large, black steel door at the entrance creates a dynamic contrast between the soft grey hues of the exterior concrete.


While the entrance side to the home does not allow any visual access into the interior of the home, the front-side of the home boasts wall-to-ceiling glass doors that allow light and nature to seep in. The solid concrete structure is balanced against the rolling greenery of the landscape beyond the concrete walls.


4) Brutalist Concrete Home:


A true ode to Brutalist Architecture is the Brutalist concrete home in Tel Aviv, Israel. Brutalist Architecture, which emerged in Britain in the 1950s, is an architectural style that embraces rough surfaces, raw materials, jagged lines, and disorder. This architectural style has been beautifully captured in the modern Brutalist concrete home.


Designed by architect Pitsou Kedem, this rectangular family home celebrates raw concrete and minimalist design. The façade of the home is comprised of stacked concrete bars that create variation in the concrete colouring and texture. A mixture of rectangular and unsystematically placed circular shapes clash to evoke beautiful chaos in the exterior design.




5) Ha Long Villa Concrete House:


Located in Ha Long, Vietnam is the Ha Long Villa concrete house. This large residential home was designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects as a part of the House for Trees series. The inner-city areas of Vietnam have become stripped of any natural greenery, and the House for Trees series is aiming to merge architecture and greenery to bring natural life back to these spaces.


The architectural design is simple, geometric, and elegant. The pentagon-shaped home features numerous rectangular cut-outs from which trees grow. The roof-top garden creates a halo of greenery around the contemporary concrete home.


The blending of nature and man-made was the design inspiration for the Ha Long Villa.


Concrete was integral to the design plan of integrating the home into the natural surroundings. The location of the home features rocky outcrops that are mimicked in the texture and style of the concrete home.


The Ha Long Villa concrete house has elevated concrete to a luxurious standard. Within this six-bedroom home, you will be encased in cool concrete walls and ceilings paired with warm wood flooring. The trees that are emersed into the design create an encapsulating experience of nature and modern style.


6) Pink Concrete House:


Concrete and colour are the stars of this unique home in Argentina. Designed by architect Alarcia Ferrer, concrete is transformed into a contemporary sanctuary nestled into the slopes that overlook the Calamuchita Valley. What makes this concrete home memorable is the pink tint of the external and internal concrete walls, floors, and ceilings.


Rather than simply painting the house pink, the concrete was dyed pink to allow this bare material to still be the dominant feature of the home. The pink colouring is not merely a colour-preference but is rather inspired by the hues of the natural minerals found in the area. The pink concrete house elegantly merges into the breath-taking landscape.




7) Crystal Shaped Concrete Home:


A concrete home that is imposing, angular, and at one with its surroundings is the Crystal Shaped concrete home in Pliezhausen, Germany. Steimle Architekten was inspired by the geometric shapes of a crystal and transformed this inspiration into a functional concrete home.


The exterior home is geometric with strong, rigid lines and varying shaped niches for windows and doors. Concrete bars are stacked on top of each other to create varying textures in the grey façade. Light catches the concrete and adds a lively element to the crystalline structure of this concrete home.


The geometric shape continues into the internal spaces of the home. Each of the three-storeys blend sharp lines and minimalist design to allow for the surroundings to be seamlessly brought inside. The contrast between raw concrete on the walls and warm oak finishes crafts a balance between the warm interior and the crisp outdoors.


8) Jellyfish House:


The Jellyfish House in Marbella, Spain, is a breathtaking concrete home. The design was crafted by Wiel Arets Architects who used concrete as the material to bring their inspiring vision to life. With the Mediterranean sea as the backdrop to this spectacular four-storey home, you are bound to marvel at both the setting and the use of concrete in this home.


The modular exterior of this home is comprised of sweeping lines and wall-to-floor white concrete. The Spanish sun bounces off the white concrete and captures the bright beauty of the setting. This contemporary concrete home both blends into the surroundings and makes a memorable statement.




The most inspiring feature of this concrete home is the pool set into the concrete roof. The glass bottom of the pool covers the bottom levels in a turquoise shimmer that then reflects throughout the rest of the home. Modern and minimalist, this concrete home is a true example of the exceptional designs that can be achieved with concrete.


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