Concrete Mixers: Different Concrete Floor Sealers



Concrete is an excellent choice for your floors in your home or workplace. Concrete floors are functional and add a unique design element to a space. Creating concrete floors is easy when you use Baumax concrete mixers from B&S Commercial Power. Ensure your concrete floors are long-lasting by protecting them with a concrete sealer that suits your needs and design style.


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If you are looking to add concrete flooring to your home or workspace and are in the market for concrete mixers, B&S Commercial Power has you covered.


Concrete Mixers:


B&S Commercial Power supplies Baumax concrete mixers. The Baumax concrete mixers are suitable for commercial and at-home use. The Baumax concrete mixers are high quality, robust, and provide you with perfectly mixed concrete every time.


There are three available Baumax concrete mixers available at B&S Commercial Power.


  • 400L concrete mixer with B&S engine.
  • Baumax BS500 500L concrete mixer fitted with Baumax RX200 2:1 engine.
  • Baumax BS360L concrete mixer fitted with RX200 2:1 engine.


The concrete mixers range in drum size, concrete output, and power. The various sizes of the Baumax concrete mixers mean you can find a concrete mixer suitable to the scale of your project.


The Baumax concrete mixers are safe to use. The concrete mixers come with a ring gear cover and an enclosed engine cabin so that you are not at risk of injury when using the Baumax concrete mixers. The Baumax concrete mixers from B&S Commercial Power are the ideal concrete mixers for creating concrete flooring.




Concrete Floors:


Concrete floors are trending, and we can understand why. Concrete is a practical choice for flooring as it is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Concrete, therefore, makes an excellent flooring option for busy workspaces, shopping centres, and factories.


It is suggested to use concrete mixers for your concrete flooring as it would be difficult and time-consuming to mix the needed amount of concrete by hand. Using concrete mixers to mix the concrete saves you time, labour, and avoids possible costly mistakes. Concrete mixers make easy work of creating a concrete floor.


Concrete floors are also becoming a design element. Concrete floors can add an industrial style to your home or office. Concrete flooring is an inexpensive flooring option that can immediately add a stylish touch to any space.


Concrete mixers produce homogenously mixed concrete. This ensures that there are no pockets of cement or water in your new concrete floors which can result in cracking, chipping, or damage. Concrete mixers will ensure your concrete flooring is durable and continues to add visual appeal to your home or workspace.


Once you have used your concrete mixers to create the perfect concrete floors, you need to consider a sealer for your concrete floor. Concrete floor sealers are important for ensuring longevity and continued enjoyment of your concrete flooring.




Benefits of Sealing Concrete Floors:


There are numerous benefits to sealing your concrete floor with a quality concrete sealer.


Durability: A quality sealer creates a protective layer over your concrete flooring which then enhances the durability.


Easy to Clean: Unsealed concrete floors can trap dirt on the floor surface. Adding a concrete sealer will make the concrete floors easy to clean and keep maintained.


Water-repelling: Concrete is porous and therefore protecting it from water damage is critical to ensure your concrete flooring lasts. Many concrete sealers repel water to protect the concrete flooring. Because water is repelled, this also prevents the growth of mould and mildew in your concrete flooring. This is especially important if your concrete flooring is around a pool, in a bathroom, or in other places exposed to water or the elements.


Stain Prevention: Concrete flooring is durable, but the spilling of chemicals in your warehouse or the splash of wine in your kitchen can damage or stain your flooring. Many concrete sealers will protect your concrete floors from stains.


Enrich Colour: Concrete floors can lose their colouring through excessive wear from foot traffic or the elements. Concrete sealers can enrich the colouring of the concrete floor, add a gloss finish, or add extra colour to your floor.


Different Concrete Floor Sealers:


There are numerous concrete floor sealers available for your concrete flooring. Read through this quick guide on the various types of concrete sealers to find one which will suit the concrete flooring in your home or workspace.


1) Penetrating Sealers:


Penetrating sealers are absorbed into the surface of your concrete flooring. Penetrating sealers are excellent concrete floor protectors as they prevent damage from the elements, staining, and ultraviolet rays. Penetrating sealers can only be used on exterior concrete floors, such as your driveway, pathway, or patio.


Often, we choose concrete flooring for the unique aesthetic of concrete. Many concrete sealers will add a gloss finish or change the colour of your concrete floor. Penetrating sealers do not change the surface of the concrete flooring and thus retain the original visual appeal.


Silicate, silicone, and silane are types of penetrable concrete sealers. Silicate will harden your concrete flooring surface but not protect the concrete floor against water. Silicone is used only as a temporary sealer and thus requires regular reapplication. Silicone also does not protect concrete from ultraviolet rays. Silane is highly protective but can darken the concrete flooring.




2) Acrylic Concrete Sealers:


Acrylic concrete sealers are the most widely used concrete sealer. Acrylic concrete sealers can be used for interior or exterior concrete floors. Acrylic concrete sealers protect your concrete flooring from water, chemicals, and damage from foot traffic.


Acrylic concrete sealers can be applied almost immediately after you have finished creating your concrete flooring. Simply pour the concrete from your concrete mixers, allow it to cure, and then apply the acrylic concrete sealer. Acrylic concrete sealers also dry quickly so you get to enjoy your concrete flooring sooner.


Acrylic concrete sealers have the option for a low or high gloss finish. This allows you the option to choose what type of aesthetic you would prefer for your concrete flooring.


There are two main types of acrylic concrete sealers. Water-based acrylic sealers have the acrylic sealer suspended in water. Water-based acrylic sealers are a great option if you are sealing the concrete floor yourself. They are easy to apply and do not leave roller marks or bubbles.


The downside to water-based acrylic concrete sealers is that they cannot be removed once they are applied. You need to follow the application instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes which cannot be fixed.


Solvent-based acrylic sealers have the acrylic sealer suspended in a solvent. Solvent-based acrylic sealers can be recoated without any preparation to your concrete floor and enhance the colour of your concrete floor.




3) Epoxy Sealers:


Epoxy sealers create an excellent protective layer on your concrete floors. The epoxy sealer dries to a hard finish offering greater protection against damage than an acrylic concrete sealer. Epoxy sealers are best suited to indoor concrete floors as exposure to sunlight can yellow the epoxy.


Epoxy sealers are highly resistant to scratching, erosion, and wear. Epoxy sealers repel water and will protect your concrete floor from water damage or mould. This makes the epoxy sealer ideal for concrete floors in workplaces, garages, and kitchens.


Epoxy sealers are available as clear or slightly coloured. This allows you to either highlight the natural concrete colour or enhance it to suit your space. All epoxy sealers have a glossy finish.




4) Polyaspartic Sealers:


Polyaspartic sealers are a typically solvent-based sealer that offers lasting protection to your concrete floors. Polyaspartic sealers will leave a clear protective film on the surface of your concrete flooring. Polyaspartic sealers are fairly new to the market and are quickly becoming the concrete floor sealer of choice.


Polyaspartic sealers dry to a hard finish. This protects your concrete flooring from any abrasion. The hard polyaspartic seal is also an excellent water and chemical repellent. Polyaspartic sealers are ultraviolet resistant and thus can be used for interior or exterior concrete floors. Polyaspartic sealers exceed all other concrete sealer qualities.


Polyaspartic sealers are an excellent sealer choice for older concrete flooring. You can apply the polyaspartic sealer over most sealed floors that have become damaged over years of use and wear.


The bonus to polyaspartic sealers is that they have an incredibly fast drying time. Depending on the environment when you are applying the polyaspartic sealer, it can dry between five minutes to an hour. This is excellent for concrete floors which need to be available for use immediately.


 5) Polyurethane Sealers:


Polyurethane sealers are thick, surface-level protection for your concrete floors. Polyurethane sealers can be used on interior and exterior concrete floors. Polyurethane sealers also come as either water-based or solvent-based.


Polyurethane sealers are durable, abrasion-resistant, and will protect your concrete floors from staining. Depending on the amount of wear the polyurethane sealed concrete floors experience, you will need to recoat the concrete floors every four to eight years.


Polyurethane sealers protect concrete from water and moisture, but they must remain completely dry until they have cured. Exposure to water whilst the polyurethane sealer is curing will cause bubbles and affect the finished appearance.


Polyurethane sealers range from a low gloss to a high gloss finish. This gives you the flexibility to match your polyurethane sealed concrete floor to your design style.


Polyurethane sealers contain volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds are exceptionally toxic to humans and the environment. It is suggested to allow a professional to apply the polyurethane sealer to your concrete floors as there are protective steps that need to take place.




Create the perfect concrete floor with concrete mixers and enhance the durability and aesthetic with a quality concrete sealer.